• 1h 28m 17s
  • 26.00 miles
  • 17.67 Mi/hr


Nice group ride. The Hammer Heads took off and then there was everyone else. Normally there is a Hammer Head group and then a B group. Anyway, I road with "everyone else." There were six of us. Three turned back early and three others continued on until the turnaround time and we headed back. There were too many lights/traffic on the way out so we ended up getting done well before sunset. Could have gotten a few more miles in.

√ Ride tonight!

Huh.  My run from last night disappeared.  I must not have saved it.  Putting it in now...

It's about time to replace my running shoes.  I went to Fleet Feet and asked when the Ghost 7s are expected to be out.  June.  Well, I can't wait that long so I got another pair of Ghost 6s.  I loved the 4s, liked the 5s and just not in love with the 6s.  I'll start breaking them in with the orthotics next week.

    • 1h 14m 19s
    • 2800.00 yards
    • -----

    100 w/u
    800 w/u as 200 drill (by 50)/200 swim/200 drill/200 swim (catch up, 1 arm, 1 arm, finger tip drag, 6-3-6, catch up, 1 arm, FTD)
    400 pull
    50 kick
    50 fast
    300 swim (fins)
    50 kick
    100 fast
    100 faster
    200 pull
    100 kick
    150 fast
    100 pull (no paddles)
    200 fast
    100 c/d
    = 2800 yards (SCY)

    • 46m 11s
    • 5.19 miles
    • 08m 53s /Mi


    What a gorgeous evening for a run! 67 with practically no wind and very comfortable humidity. Loved it! Today's run included 2x 1/2 mile @ half marathon pace with 1/2 mile easy between

    • Stretching
    • 10m

    stretching/planks/sit ups

    √ Run tonight!

    • 46m 12s
    • 1859.14 yards
    • -----

    Recovery swim at Lifetime. The water quality there makes me appreciate the aquatic center!
    400 swim
    400 pull
    400 swim
    400 pull, no buoy
    100 drill, distance per stroke down, 6-3-6 back. Manuel had me trying to time the kick with the arm during DPS last week and I wanted to give that a whirl with fins to see if that would help.
    = 1700 meters

    • Yoga
    • 1h 00m

    slow burn vinyasa

    Last night I debated going to the pool for the optional recovery swim or skipping it.  Obviously I decided to go.  The main factors were (1) new goggles to adjust.  I didn't want to mess with them during masters. (2) Rain in the forecast so the morning walk was questionable at best.

    Regarding the goggles, I've been using Aqua Sphere Kaiman Ladies (does "lady" equal size small?) but I wanted to try the Aqua Sphere K-180s so I got one of each.  Today I tried the K-180s.  My cheek bones feel a little bit puffy from pollen overload but I think that they might be good?  We'll see.

    • 1h 04m 55s
    • 17.97 miles
    • 16.61 Mi/hr

    1010 to Lake Wheeler and back

    Breezy Z1-Z2 ride before the run. Both yesterday and today my eyes teared and my nose ran throughout the ride. Pollen overload.

    Slow/indoor transition

    • 54m
    • 6.01 miles
    • 08m 59s /Mi

    Haddon Hall

    Run after the ride including 2x1 mile @ 1/2 marathon pace with 1/2 mile between mid run.

    • 2h 30m 07s
    • 43.06 miles
    • 17.21 Mi/hr

    Beaver Creek-Carpenter Firestation

    Another windy spring day! I took Old 1 to Beaver Creek then continue past Martha's Chapel to the Lystra gas station and decided that I really need to get out of the headwind (I had been considering going up to Mt. Carmel Church), went back to Martha's Chapel and continue to Green Level but went the long way on Carpenter Firestation. Overall, I enjoyed the ride. Other riders were saying blah blah blah The Wind blah blah at Wilsonville so it wasn't just me!

    Sport #1
    • Device Upload
    • 38m

    Imported from API

    Sport #2
    • Walking
    • 38m 32s

    early morning walk with Emma

    Pendula weeping Fuji cherry weeping cherry

    Betsy Ross hybrid lilac

    Floating Clouds eastern variegated redbud

    Lunchtime walk at the NCSU arboretum next door to my office

    • 1h 14m 20s
    • 2650.00 yards
    • -----

    300 w/u
    4 x 100 as 50 drill/50 swim (drill = catch up/finger tip drag)
    4 x 50 distance per stroke
    3 x 50 kick (no board) (should have been 4 but I miscounted) = 1050
    3 x 200 (100 pull/100 swim)
    2 x 150 (ez/fast/faster)
    2 x 200 (100 pull/100 swim)
    2 x 150 (ez/fast/faster)
    = 2650

    • 1h 33m 55s
    • 26.91 miles
    • 17.19 Mi/hr

    Olive Chapel-Tody Goodwin

    Decent ride with 2x8 min @ TT pace with 7 min easy between. I started the interval on Olive Chapel Extension at the Chatham county line. Heavy legs today.

    √ Ride tonight!

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