• 1h 00m 05s
  • 13.32 miles
  • 13.30 Mi/hr

Drizzly Umstead gravel ride

√ Ride tonight, hopefully outside

  • 34m 47s
  • 3.51 miles
  • 09m 55s /Mi
  • Hiking
  • 1h 05m 19s

Umstead hike with Zoe

Bike #1
  • 12m 04s
  • 3.89 miles
  • 19.34 Mi/hr

Pace Partner ride on Zwift until the group ride started

Bike #2
  • 55m 45s
  • 18.83 miles
  • 20.27 Mi/hr

Zwift - Group Ride: AHDR Ladies p/b Liv Cycling (E) on Greater London Flat in London

  • Yoga
  • 26m 40s

New cleat day!

My road cleats have desperately needed to be replaced and have been in this sad state for more than a month. I finally took care of it.

When I bought my gravel bike, the LBS had Shimano pedals on backorder. I got the bike with Look X-Track Race pedals.  While very similar to SPD MTB pedals, these have always felt "sticky" to me. I went ahead and got the Shimano pedals that I would have purchased had they been in stock and I asked the shop to replace the cleats so the whole system is matchy. We'll see how things go after I wear in the cleats a bit.

Weird that I am all Shimano on my gravel bike but Garmin + Keo knock-offs on my road bike.

  • 1h 00m 12s
  • 18.13 miles
  • -----

Recovery ride to kick off recovery week

  • Strength
  • 47m 06s

Coach Parry session: single leg squat, renegade push up, hip raise with ball squeeze, crunch,
single leg calf raise. side plank with leg lift and hip flexion

  • 2h 34m 14s
  • 39.77 miles
  • 15.47 Mi/hr

So... we had plans to meet at a LBS. Cold snap overnight -- 48, windy, occasional misty rain -- so I confirmed with the ride leader that we were on. He said yes.

Like Saturday, I was riding to the ride start rather than driving. When I was most of the way to the LBS, my phone started to ping with many incoming texts. New plan, we are meeting at someone's house instead.

This is where I made a mistake. I should hae said, see you next week. Instead, I agreed to meet them. So I rode to Steve's house and waited. and waited. and waited. 35 minutes later, we rolled out.

Another 20 minutes later, it was just me and the ride leader. Steve was waaaayyyy back (busy road so we kept going to a good regroup point). We stopped. Steve said go on. Ride leader said go on. I soloed the second half the ride. ARG!

  • 3h 58m 26s
  • 68.10 miles
  • 17.14 Mi/hr

Links group ride. I needed to go longer than the normal route so I road to and from the park that we meet at. Good ride.

Rest day!

Fingers crossed from some good riding weather this weekend!

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