Bike #1
  • 1h 00m 05s
  • 20.26 miles
  • 20.23 Mi/hr

Lactate Intervals on Wandering Flats in Makuri Islands

15 min Build at 50-75%
6x 2min at >95% Maintain cadence (95-100 rpm), recover 3 min Rest at less than 65%

Bike #2
  • 20m 54s
  • 7.59 miles
  • 21.79 Mi/hr

Team Valhalla Wake-up North America Ride as extended cool down

  • Yoga
  • 14m 06s

  • 1h 00m 26s
  • 20.21 miles
  • 20.07 Mi/hr

Recovery ride

Zwift - Group Ride: Ascenders - Beanie's Brunch Bunch (D) on Twilight Harbor in Makuri Islands

  • 30m 04s
  • 3.11 miles
  • 09m 40s /Mi
  • Strength
  • 48m 31s

Coach Parry session: single leg squat, renegade push up, hip raise with ball squeeze, crunch,
single leg calf raise. side plank with leg lift and hip flexion

  • 58m 26s
  • 13.36 miles
  • 13.72 Mi/hr

Umstead gravel ride to end recovery week

Dear runners, I like you and all but the park is NOT CLOSED for your event. Please share the trails and do not yell at other park users. You had no signs indicating that you had an event so other park users had no opportunity to make other plans (and it rained all week so there's no single track opened anyway).

  • 2h 31m 15s
  • 44.57 miles
  • 17.68 Mi/hr

Beat the rain group ride

Lots of pre-ride drama beginning with Patricia, a group regular, texting Doug, the group leader at 6am. Patricia said that her husband thought that it was going to rain and said that we should cancel the ride. Doug texted me at 6:45 (it was OK, I was walking Zoe) and asked what I thought. I said that I thought the rain would stay west of us for the morning. Doug said see you at 9.

At 7:30 Patricia texted Doug again. You didn't cancel the ride? No, we are riding at 9. Well, I don't have time to get ready.

Anyway, the ride was fine -- no weather events, nice pace, group worked together well -- until mile 27 when we saw a sign that said Road Closed 1000 feet. Was there a sign stating that there was a closure 3 miles back at the last intersection? Nope. We went up to the closure and saw they were replacing a culvert. We could see "just over there" the road was intact. We can walk this.

Well... Someone did not lift up her bike and got it all muddy. It rained the almost every day the previous well so mud was abundant. Someone else had Speedplay cleats. Most of you will know that if even a speck of dirt gets in them... Well, we had an adventure getting through that.

The rest of the ride was unexceptional. Then we got to the parking lot, put our bikes in our cars, and the skies opened up. Major downpour! We finished in the nick of time!

Rest day

  • 1h 00m 05s
  • 13.32 miles
  • 13.30 Mi/hr

Drizzly Umstead gravel ride

√ Ride tonight, hopefully outside

  • 34m 47s
  • 3.51 miles
  • 09m 55s /Mi
  • Hiking
  • 1h 05m 19s

Umstead hike with Zoe

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