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A bit of a busy morning, so I was unable to get my run in early as I wanted. By the time I was ready to get it done my car thermometer said it was 89. Not really ideal temps, and because I didn't want to wait until evening, when it cooled off, to run I settled for the treadmill and Netflix.

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Surprisingly, this didn't suck. I'm still expecting to be in this out-of-shape swimming pain, but it's not really there. Now, I'm not back to my old form and my arms are dead at the end, but otherwise all is good, especially my shoulders which usually tire out fast.

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Out for a run after streaming mass on tv early this morning. Beautiful Sunday morning. A much better performance than last Sunday but, surprisingly, I felt much more worn out today; both during the run and afterwards.

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Swimming! I'm not sure how much I want to linger around the gym, especially the locker room, but I do want to swim. So, I showed up to the gym with my swim suit already on, walked straight to the pool, stripped down, and swam. I then got out, dried off with my own towels and then left with a towel wrapped around my waist to keep my car seat dry as I drove home to change.

I got the pool just before 9 am and snagged one of the three lanes before water aerobics took over the other three. I took it easy and didn't push it too hard which help keep my shoulders from getting too tired and loading up with pain. My arms did start to feel like noodles in the water and felt just as effective in moving water. But, happy to be back in the the water.

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At home alone with just my son, so I kept it in the basement instead of getting outside.

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