The following equipment is nearing replacement:
  • 1h 10m
  • 15.48 miles
  • 13.27 Mi/hr

didn't go for speed today. Went for enjoyment

Sunrise over the Charles River

Baby geese

Just purchased my Road ID today.  I figure if I get into a crash (god forbid) chances are my cell phone with all the important numbers in it wouldn't survive.  

I had purchased a Terry saddle last week with a cut out in the middle.   Just wanted to say this seat rocks!

Race Report is up:

  • Stretching
  • 20m
Feelin' pretty good today!   Leg cramps have got me though, especially the right calf.  So I am taking another rest day, then will hit it again tomorrow with either a bike or a swim.  I am going to wait a few more days til I start running again. 

Album is up but its not in order.  I thought I could organize once everything was facebook lets you do.

Still shivering today!   Woke up to frost outside.  Isn't this May?  Wearing fleece and got the heat turned up.   I think I am going to take a couple of days off here.  Its a month to my next race so I am going to try to get out and connect more with nature.    Beach (if it ever warms up!) hiking, biking for pleasure, etc......

There are a couple of members from the Dreamfar Team that meet up at the Belmont Track at 5AM on Tuesdays.  Perfect!   I'm going start next Tuesday after I try to heal all these cramps.

Here's a link to the epic swim conditions of yesterday's  race as reported  by the news!
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  • 440.00 yards
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treading water waiting to go - wave got cancelled!

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"Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about." - Lisa Buohler

Well this race definitely challenged me!   I will write up a more detailed race report a little later but I will give the highlights here.   It was a frosty morning to say the least.  Air temp 39F, wind at 30mph, water temp 62.  Yes it was warmer in the water than out.    After standing on the beach, no longer able to feel my toes, my wave went into the water to wait...& wait....& wait.....& wait.     Buoys weren't anchored to anything and kept moving so the race route kept changing.  Finally we were called back in and the swim was cancelled.  Turns out 6 people almost drowned and one of the rescue boats flipped over in the wind and needed to be rescued!   Operator taken to hospital!  

Got back to transition...fingers not working.  Another athlete had to undo my velcro on the wetsuit.   Probably took 8 minutes in that T1...but they didn't count it.     Couldn't feel fingers or toes as I got on the bike.  Hilly start.  Couldn't shift fast enough - remember my fingers don't really work here.    Feel that this ride took longer than it should have.  Fingers did start to warm on the ride - but then they stung really bad!

T2 - 3 minutes - UGH!   Feet felt like 2 bricks...pound, pound, pound on the pavement.  Started to feel them again around mile 2 but by then my calf and thigh cramp were kicking in and I had a side stitch!   OMG!   But I had I stretch of open sunlit road and just closed my eyes and ran.   It felt good...almost like there wasn;t a race going on.   I ran for a bit for the pure pleasure and warmth!   

I heard people cheering me on, saw Michael taking pics but I was sooooo cold, I just didn't care.  I never saw Josh, met Nick briefly and heard the other BT'ers and Dreamfar Team cheering.  But  I stayed focused on the task at hand.   Michael  and I left as soon as I was done.    I couldn't stop shivering no matter what I did.   It took coming home to the hot tub and staying in there for about 30 minutes before I stopped. 

Ranking Overall: 141/215    and age group 13/13  - So much for that 10% 

  • Chiropractic
  • 20m

according to the chiro, when I fell in my last race, I pushed my whole right side out of alignment which left it susceptible to these cramps. Great!!!!!

picked up my race packet tonight.  Bib #117   My last race I was #7.  So it would seem the 7 is my lucky number!   All packed, transitions practice, new seat on the bike.    I still feel the cramp in the thigh and calf but I trust the compression.     I am super charged!

  • Stretching
  • 10m

intermitten light stretching thru out the day

Woke up today feeling OK.  I can walk around w/o limping and w/o pain.  Every now and again I can feel the cramp deep in the muscle.    So since compression worked so well for my calf cramp last race, I am going to go get compression shorts to hold me together.    Man this is a tough sport!   
Still haven't attached the new bike seat.  It requires the one tool I don't have, a star wrench!   Will pick one up when I pick up the compression shorts.  Sooooo, I couldn't just but shorts...I had to get a new shirt too.    Even with the DreamFar discount I dropped $200 today.

  • 04m 41s
  • 0.50 miles
  • 09m 22s /Mi
Major thigh cramp during track repeats today. Yes I actually found a track! But the cramp laid me out flat. Had to limp back to the car and somehow drive home. the smallest amount of pressure had me crying like a little baby. Had to call out of work today coz I was supposed to do a lot of driving. Why does this sort of thing always seem to happen 3 days before a race? Alright let's look at the positive.... Michael is making me breakfast in bed and I don't have to work today. Hopefully this will calm down and I can actually get some stuff down around the house

Update:  Been lying in bed all day with heat.  At least I can now walk around without crying

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