• Crossfit
  • 15m

I redid the same set on did on Friday - 6 x [10 pushups, 10 squats, 10 situps]

This time it was 11:40, so a bit faster. The extra 3+ minutes was the cool down walking/stretching.

  • Plyometrics
  • 20m

Scupt 2 dvd

I am really sore from yesterday, particularly the pecs. I really didn't want to do this, but I did.

Sport #1
  • Crossfit
  • 12m 17s

This was labeled as a "No Equipment Crossfit Workout" so I'm logging it as Crossfit.

[10 push ups, 10 air squats, 10 sit ups] x 6 for time

Sport #2
  • Elliptical Training
  • 10m

5 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down

Apparently the downstairs workout room is the place to be at 2:30 on a Friday afternoon. I went down there thinking no one would be there, but I was wrong. Almost every machine was in use and there were four of us doing some manner of non-machine workout. I didn't really want my pale chubby self to be gasping for air in front of all those co-workers, but I did it anyway. 

(The workout room here is about the size of your average hotel workout room, but with more machines. Crowded!)

  • Walking
  • 20m

Skyways in St Paul at lunch

Not exactly speed walking, but nonstop walking nonetheless. I can't believe I'm even logging this, but that's where things are at the moment.


So, about eating better. I have such a terrible time doing this. A constant struggle. These are my issues (not excuses):

1) I have to limit carb intake due to PCOS. That means very little fruit, for one thing.

2) I don't like the following staples of many eating plans that I would like to follow: avocado, all squash except spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes/yams, shrimp, seafood in general (except fish), zucchini, eggplant. I've tried them all, more than once. I just don't like them. It's primarily a texture thing.

3) The boyfriend has the worst diet I've ever seen. It would be fast food and frozen pizza every meal if it were up to him. He has zero interest in eating healthy. All kinds of junk finds it's way into our house, and thus far I haven't had the will power to resist most of it. (Nutty Bars. GAH.)

4) Money. It can be expensive to eat well.

There are more, I'm sure. At least writing them down gives me a place to start with identifying solutions.

Every day I wake up and tell myself I will eat better and work out. Almost every day I fail. :( Sigh.

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