Total rest day - pretty tired.
  • Crossfit
  • 08m

8 min amrap
8 pushups
10 med ball cleans
12 situps

we paired up and had to coach our partner. The guy I had couldn't open his hips on a clean to save his life.

So my thoughts on the class.

Pretty expensive but at least they were very knowledgeable and organized. Trainers travel around as a group so I think that helps provide a consistent message.

We did lots of drills and practice which really helped cement in your mind how you were to do things. I was surprised at the lack of knowledge on movements by some of the people in the training.

There were 60 people in class and for each practice session we would work on a skill and the coaches would correct. They would pick someone to go to the middle for all of us to watch and talk about how to correct them. I didn't have to be in the middle and hardly got any comments which I credit to our great coaching at Crossfit Nittany.

The one thing I was corrected on multiple times was keeping my elbows up on the front squat and thruster. I knew this was a weakness and I am not sure why I can't do it. I am flexible in every aspect but for some reason that one thing is so hard. I can do all these crazy yoga moves and a full squat with my hands held directly overheard. I must ask google why I can't do this.

We don't do medicine ball cleans at our box and I thought they were a little annoying, but I guess it would be good for teaching people.

The lectures were good and if you paid attention to certain things they were saying you knew they were on the test. I liked how when they did the lecture for squat or what ever the movement was. There was always a person in front doing a demo. They would do it correctly and then they would do it with all the different faults and they would show you how to coach it to fix them.

I did learn how to use the GHD. That is one thing I've never been shown. Now that I know the proper way to use it I am scared because they say it is really "potent" on your abs. I can honestly say I've never seen anyone use it correctly.

The test - 55 mult choice questions. Some of the questions were so hard I could narrow it down to two but after that it was a guess. I will know by Friday if I passed.

  • Crossfit
  • 07m

Lots of practice with the pvc through out the day. at the end we had to do
3 rounds
12 thrusters
15 burpees

Crossfit Level 1 class - I hope I pass the test!

  • Crossfit
  • 1h 00m

good class.
Worked on cleans - 1 EMOM increasing weight

5 rounds
6 squat cleans
9 pu
12 box jumps
15 burpees
3 min rest

Shoulder was really achey so after 2 pullups I switched to ring rows. Was a tough little workout.

End of second week of only doing 3x a week crossfit. I want to say I feel a wee bit more energized but I am just finishing my antibiotic so I'll hold off on any judgement.

Running yesterday wasn't stellar but there were a few fleeting moments were it felt kinda nice.

Going to Baltimore for the weekend and hopefully get my level 1 Crossfit cert!

  • 29m 16s
  • 3.00 miles
  • -----

Surprising how many people don't shovel their sidewalks, dodging large puddles or running through snow. It was hot though 40ish degrees, no hat or gloves and only a windbreaker but I was hot! Not used to running in warmer weather.

must resist the oly class and let my shoulder rest. Is is feeling better since I skipped Sat and Tuesday which were both heavy on pullups. Hopefully it is warm (above 30) and I'll run before teaching yoga.

Sport #1
  • Crossfit
  • 1h 00m

Snatches and jerk skill work

at 0:00 row 1000
at 8:00 80 cal AD
at 16:00 row 1000

The AD always makes me sick in the stomach - augh

Sport #2
  • Yoga
  • 30m

nice yoga detox after work - getting some ideas for teaching Thursday night.

  • 30m
  • 3.00 miles
  • -----

gps didn't pick up so I assume 3ish miles. Was sunny and warm 37!

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