• 52m
  • 16.50 miles
  • 19.04 Mi/hr

Just a nice post-season ride out Corsica Neck. Lots of geese and deer.

  • 40m
  • 1400.00 yards
  • -----

WU: 300
200 side kick
200 one-arm
200 fist

I wanted to do it earlier this year but I didn't, so today is the first day of flip turns for the rest of my life. I don't care how slow I have to swim in the short term to get them done, but I'm going to stick to it. Glenn - if you see me doing open turns on anything but drills, you have permission to blow your whistle or yell at me. They actually went pretty well although I'm definitely more winded than when I use open turns and get that nice extra breath. Had planned on doing a few 200s and a kick set, but they were late opening the pool so I didn't get wet until almost 0645. I was very focused on the drills this morning for some reason.

Lots of driving and meetings in PA and Baw-mer all day.

Here's a few pictures from our ride to see the alpacas yesterday.  It's easy to forget how nice of an area we have to ride - these pictures reminded me. 


Coming up on Ruthsburg


Marianne dropping the hammer!


This one came running over to us as soon as we stopped.


Cute jacket on this little guy.


Glenn's favorite road.....Route 309.

  • 1h 30m
  • 25.00 miles
  • 16.67 Mi/hr

Rode out to see the alpacas with Marianne via Ruthsburg then came home on 309 and Rolling Bridge Road. I had Sherry's digital camera so I took it along and got some pictures of our ride. I'll try to get a few posted up later.

Took off work to spend some time with Marianne since she had off for Columbus Day.  Did nothing but read, sleep, eat and ride.  Doesn't get any better than that. 

  • 44m 43s
  • 15.00 miles
  • 20.13 Mi/hr
  • 24m 31s
  • 3.10 miles
  • 07m 55s /Mi
  • 08m 02s
  • 550.00 yards
  • 01m 28s /100 yards
Osprey Sprint Triathlon - race was moved to today due to weather.  This was my best race ever!

This weather forecast for today and tomorrow is friggin' unbelievable.  3"+ of rain, coastal flooding and 30 mph winds (20-30 mph tomorrow).  Great triathlon weather. 

Didn't really feel like running so I just cleaned and lubed the bike last night.  My seatpost has been squeaking so I took the whole thing apart, cleaned and greased everything which did the trick.  For the life of me, I don't understand why Cervelo makes the seat post and clamp so complicated.  There were parts and inserts and crap in there for which I have no idea what their purpose is.


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