I've been asked to log something so here's a picture of my bro chillin' out and drinking some java on Saturday morning sea duck hunting....



  • 40m
  • 1500.00 yards
  • -----

WU: 300
Drills: 600

Lots of work on Bobby's house and a little fun too.  Got blown out Friday so we didn't get to fish but we had a blast on Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, we had to quit just went the ducks were starting to fly.  If we could have waited on them another hour we would have definitely had a limit. We killed two singles and Bobby and I each killed a drake out of a toll of about 15 surfs.  Definitely a fun morning.  They were still landing in the rig when we were picking up...that was torture!

Here's my weigh in.....

Age: 31
Height: 69 inches
Weight: 168 lbs
Neck: 15.25 inches
Abdomen: 35 inches
% body fat: 19.4%
body fat: 32.59 lbs.
I have absolutely no desire to train.  Not good being the body fat challenge just started.

Fun afternoon yesterday and made good progress on fattening up for the weigh-in this weekend.  Had an office party at Cantler's and went over by boat.  We left  Spa Creek and cruised up the Severn (dodging all the YP boats that are clueless about anything around them) then over to Cantlers.  Our manager lined up all you can eat crabs and beer - gotta like that.  They have the best onion rings there...they're as thick as donuts!

No training for the next several days probably.  Fishing this afternoon, hunting tomorrow morning then putting in a big weekend helping Bobby.  Hardwood floors should be finished today so we'll have a couple solid days of putting down shoe moulding and that will basically be it.

  • 41m 45s
  • 4.70 miles
  • 08m 53s /Mi

Tough run this morning. Just one of those days when you know in the first 10 seconds it's going to be a tough one. Form was sloppy, had a couple side stitches and I had a need for a cornfield about halfway into the run and their ain't no corn around anymore.

I'm rethinking my training plans for the next two months.  I had planned on starting focused training blocks November 1, but I think I need a little more unstructured time to just concentrate on weight training, hunting and fishing.   November and December are just going to be maintenance and strength training.  I think I'm going to start the focused training January 1st.

Had an evening meeting in Cleveland last night so I didn't get home until midnight.  I guess I'll be fueled by caffeine today instead of endorphins.  Solid pre-challenge nutrition yesterday....starved myself for breakfast then ate some kind of big cheese laden sub at Quiznos, Ben & Jerry's in the afternoon, then a big burger, fries and beer for dinner at 9pm.

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