Took off work to hunt and fish.  Only killed one scoter, but we knocked the rockfish pretty good again. 
Crazy weekend.  I was off work on Friday and went fishing in the Choptank.  We caught somewhere in the range of 80-100 rockfish and ended up with a limit in the box that were all 24-28".  Saturday morning was too windy to hunt in the Bay we put over at the ramp where the Eagleman swim exit is and killed a limit of scoters off Castle Haven.  Definitely a fun morning, then we spent the rest of the weekend cleaning, packing and moving a few truckloads of boxes.  That type of work doesn't leave much energy for training which I badly need.
I'm really putting in some solid training and nutrition here recently for the bf challenge.  Ice cream last night and I met a friend for breakfast this morning at IHOP and had biscuits and gravy with sausage and eggs.  Yeahhhh Buddy!
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Trainer. Didn't have a game plan so I figured I'd just do an easy z2 ride. Well that got boring after the first 5 minutes so I just made up some intervals. Ended up being a good workout
WU: 5'
30" intervals w/ 30" rest. Increasing gear on each interval through the entire cassette on the 39 ring.
5' easy
1' standing intervals starting in 53x11 and decreasing one gear each interval through the entire cassette.
5' cooldown

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