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today was a good day. i got a lot of sleep last night and wanted to do a bike ride today. I did a duathlon a few weeks ago and it has a nice course with a good hill in it. I wanted to ride the course 2 times and get in a nice 28 miler. Got into the ride and noticed I forgot where to go. Only took one wrong turn but it is a big wrong turn and ended up a couple miles away from where I needed to go so i turned around and went the right way. This ride was more for my mental toughness. The hill is big and I needed to get up it. I did and felt good. Did find it hard to ride alone and not be pushed by other riders. Still felt good. Also did not take the down hills as fast today. Lots of traffic and the side of the road was dirty with limbs and other stuff so i took it easy. Tonight I hope to get a good run in 8 to 10 miles after work. 
I am at the cross road of wanting to work hard to get better, and then I have a marathon this weekend to cap off 4 weeks of races. If I work hard in the week I might not have the energy for the run, but then I can use it all for training and rest next week. If anyone reads this let me know what you think.

Hello all on BT. I am still trying to figure this site out and what all it has. I am on a rest day today. Did a race the other day and noticed my body was real tired today. It should be I did a marathon last week and the tri two days ago and will do another race this weekend. I have a couple questions for anyone who might be able to answer them.

First I have a tri top but it rubs under my arm real bad to the point it is raw. Are there any good tops out there that have a nice seem in the under arm area that might not rub so bad?
Also I notice my bike is quick but feel I can get more out of it. I have a Cervelo P1 with the stock options. What is the best way to help me make the bike itself faster? I know I need to work hard and loose some weight and gain some strength. but would new rims, or crank set be a wise buy or just live with what I have and train harder. bang for buck kind of thing. is it worth my money?
Thank you all for the help and good luck in your races.

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