• 25m
  • 2.53 miles
  • 09m 53s /Mi

really easy run the day before my first ironman.

  • 30m
  • 9.24 miles
  • 18.48 Mi/hr
  • 08m 32s
  • 0.88 miles
  • 09m 42s /Mi

Easy bike and run. Felt great. Really relaxed and fresh.

I just hate the fact that I know the annoying dull pain in my shoulder when I run is going to be so freakin annoying during the IM.

I read some more BT IMLP RRs while I was on the bike and found myself getting teary eyed a couple of times. I can't believe it's finally here. Leaving for Lake Placid in a few hours.

  • 29m 13s
  • 1443.00 yards
  • 02m 01s /100 yards

OWS with the wetsuit with Bobby. All systems are a go. The shoulder hurt some, but nothing unbearable.

  • 48m 46s
  • 14.84 miles
  • 18.26 Mi/hr

Really easy, relaxed ride. I had to get in one more ride outside on this bike since it was repaired. There's no way I was going to find out there was something wrong on the bike course at LP. Resting the rest of the day today. Easy, relaxed short swim tomorrow and possibly a day off on Wednesday.

  • 1h 15m 49s
  • 7.50 miles
  • 10m 07s /Mi

In the past, I have done these runs in the very early mornings... like, 4am. Today I decided to wait until it got much warmer out, and in the open areas, it was a scorcher, and humid. I also decided that I shouldn't run an easy 1-1.5 miles on flat roads to get to hills. Today, I drove to the hills and ran the hilliest roads I can find north of 25a and to the sound. Al in all, the combination of the weather and the terrain made this a very tough run.

Easy ows tomorrow, first swim in the wetsuit since the bike accident. I may do an easy ride in the mid-afternoon also, before I say goodbye to my bike Tuesday night.

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