• 32m 39s
  • 3.15 miles
  • 10m 22s /Mi

Race Judica 5K
PR 32:39

550 cal run.....

Had a good run today and was over 6 mph through the 1st mile and half and knew I could have a good run. The last mile was a bit tough but I was mentally tough today and pushed through it. The last hill to the finished sucked but I sprinted to the finish to get in under 33 min. I know after today that a sub 30 min 5K is within reach.

  • 2h 13m 27s
  • 38.55 miles
  • 17.33 Mi/hr

First Wave 40 mile ride to Carefree Hwy and back.

2030 cal bike....

40 mile ride with First Wave (Thanks Neil). The pace was very good for me except the Eastern trip down Happy Valley was a bit fast (25 mph) but I kept up. Once we hit Nortera Pkwy I kept pushing to keep up until about 1/2 way to Carefree and I was at 168 bpm and had to shut it down a bit. I finished about a minute behind the leaders at the 1/2 way point. The pace back down Nortera was very fast and I dropped very quickly but once I caught up I was fine with the pace the rest of the ride. Didn't do great on nutrition but I wasn't hungry or lacking in energy. If I'm going to go 56 miles I will have to be a lot better with my nutrition though. Good day out on the roads.

Rest day. Going to have a couple big days coming up.

  • 17m 50s
  • 1.54 miles
  • 11m 35s /Mi

Did on on the road brick after my Stationary bike.
Modified arrowhead loop

  • 52m 57s
  • 17.00 miles
  • 19.26 Mi/hr

Stationary Bike
Random Hill 5-20
Avg Rpm 91
Avg Watts 122

407 cal bike....269 cal run....676 cal total.

Went to LA Fitness tonight but the A/C was out. I saw that they were changing out units today and they had 3 huge A/C units going on the roof. Wasn't that hot in there though. It was after 11pm so I knew I was only going to get in about 50 min. The bike actually was very good. Had strong legs tonight and averaged 122 watts. On the way home I felt good so I thought I would do a brick. I didn't want to go too far so I just did a little over a mile and a half. Legs felt good to begin with but quickly got tired. I think my legs are in shock from all this running. I'm going to take a little time off of running over the next few days to rest then for the 5K.

  • 41m
  • 3.28 miles
  • 12m 30s /Mi

3.3 mile arrowhead loop
Ran the whole thing (1st time)

640 cal run.....

I ran the whole 3.3 miles tonight for the first time. This is the longest continuous run I have done since I started in January. It shows how much I have neglected on the run that in 9 months, I have only worked up to 3.3 miles. I am going to continue to focus on the run until PF Changs and then work on my OWS a lot after that. My bike miles will probably stay the same except I will be lengthening my long ride to at least 70 miles by early March. I am slower running the 3.3 miles when I run continuously but I kept my HR right at 150 and that's where I wanted it to be tonight. I just need to keep doing it to get better. My run training in the last 9 months has been inadequate to get better.

  • 1h 38m 44s
  • 25.80 miles
  • 15.68 Mi/hr

3 mile loop
59th ave hill
Happy Valley to 99th ave
and back w/ 3 mile loop

1443 cal bike.....

Did my usual bike but at rush hour. There was a ton of traffic on Happy Valley and it was super slow crossing over onto the Westbound side. My speed was average but I wasn't trying to kill it. I was just getting some road mileage in. It was 95 when I left and 90 when I got home but it didn't feel super hot. I brought my garmin but forgot to start it. I noticed that at about mile 23. Oh well, I had my bike computer and previous trips of the same route.

  • 42m 47s
  • 3.29 miles
  • 13m /Mi
  • 1h 00m
  • 18.30 miles
  • 18.30 Mi/hr

Stationary Bike
Random Hill
18 miles in 1 hr
Avg rpm 91
Avg Watts 110

617 cal run.....435 cal bike....1052 cal total.

Miki and I went for a run tonight around the neighborhood. The pace was a little bit slower than last night but I was fine with that. I wanted to keep my HR under 150 and it was 145-149 for most of the run. Walked less tonight than last night. Need to get some intervals in sometime this week.

Bike was fine after my run but I was bored. I have watched Wedding Crashers about a thousand times now. Need something new to watch.

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