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Maybe trainer tonight? I'm feeling a great deal better. We'll see. 

I think I'm going to sign up for Orange Theory. There's one close by and I think having an appointment time would be good for me. I also need to lift. Wasn't I supposed to be lifting all year long? Can you guess how many times I actually lifted this year? 






OK, feeling much better today. I haven't taken any drugs yet. Feeling a little hungover after last night's wine dinner, tho. Amazing food and exotic wines from Baja California Norte. We met a really fun couple from a couple of suburbs over. Got to shake hands with Rick Bayless, but didn't bother him for a photo. 

For our next trick, the Parkers will be going on a relaxational retreat-vacation to La Republica Dominicana in December for 3 days and a weekend. That will be the absolute end of my vacation time for 2018. 

Not too bad,  we went to:

  • Cabo in January (not a great use of the vacation time. Burned 5 days. We left on a Monday and returned on a Friday; should have used the weekends.) 
  • New Orleans in April (Super quick trip) 
  • DR with the girls in April 
  • Italy in Aug/Sept (Gone 2 weeks, but Labor Day was a free day) 
  • Hawaii in October (Used 3 vacation days) 
  • Dominican Republic in December (Using the remaining 3 days) 

I will have used 25 of 25 vacation days. 5 full weeks! 

Intended to ride the trainer tonight, but instead decided to rest, and go to bed early. Today was my first day off the DayQuil juice. Want to go to bed at a decent hour and kick this stupid phlegm/cold/whatever. 

So that's Rick Bayless. ^^^^

 The Parkers all hopped up on DayQuil and Mexican wines. ^^^

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10

Plans tonight in the city after work @ Lena Brava for the Baja Uncorked wine dinner event. Am excited! I still feel sorta shitty, but I'm taking DayQuil, so hopefully that will end up helping. 

Also I took a shower for the first time today since Saturday. SATURDAY???!?!??!?! 

Today's work outfit: 

Black wrap dress. Kendra Scott on the neck ears and wrist. Blue Suede shooz. Can't see the earrings. 

Booked my travel plans to Bozeman MT later this month. Will be there 10/31 thru 11/2, sitting in courtroom and monitoring a trial. 


  • Health data: Hours slept: 9



THANK GOD I'M NOT RACING party. (TGINR) Hosted by Bob Babbitt and Michellie Jones. 

Cute outfit try #2. Lasted precisely 14 minutes. We took photos right away before we did this: 

Swim 0.0, Bike 0.0, Run 0.0 Brag for the rest of your life! 

And a special blinky light medal, which weighed about 2 lbs and had spinners on it. 

Back to LoseIt. 


  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

Sat on a plane over night. Could not sleep. Watched 4 episodes of the Marvelous Mrs Maisel and a bunch of Modern Family reruns. Now back home with a cat on my lap and 2 Advil Sinus Decongestants on board, trying to slog through work until it's "acceptable" to sign off for today. I have 2 calls after lunch, and a bunch of other stuff to sift through and prioritize for the rest of the week, which needs to be a kick ass work week. (Like ME kicking the ass, instead of ME getting the ass kicked. You know?)

Random Hawaii photo(s): 

Those shoes gave me blisters. I bought them for Hawaii last year, and I think I may sell them on eBay. I don't remember them being SO uncomfortable, but man alive, THEY WERE SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE. 

The TRUCKER HAT is king in Kona. I packed a couple of cute dresses and shorts outfits, etc etc and literally wore nothing but wicking fabrics and hats. It's hot. Like unreal hot. We "dressed up" for the TGINR party and we looked cute for about 14 minutes until the humidity got ahold of our hair and the sweat soaked through our shirts. I gave up and put on my trucker hat half way through the party.  I don't know why I this catches me by surprise? 

Also, in an effort to be cute (see above... why???)  I bought a romper. I haven't been on the romper bandwagon because most rompers are made for people with shorter torsos. But this particular romper happened to fit. It's a little on the short side but I decided I didn't care. If I can't wear a kind-of-short-tropical-print-romper in Kona, then there's literally no place where it could be appropriate to wear a kind-of-short-tropical-print-romper. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 5
  • Walking
  • 1h 00m

Airports. Here and there. 7217 steps or 3.49 miles of walking.

Feel like shit. Couldn't sleep last night and I am mouth breathing. Feels like a sinus infection... or something that could become a sinus infection. 

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