Saint Charles,IL 

Vacuum arrived. I am in love.

It was delivered right after the cleaning lady left. She vacuumed the whole house with her vacuum. Whatever brand it is. She did get a canister full of cat hair and other misc crap.

I vacuumed again with the Dyson and got ALMOST ANOTHER WHOLE canister full of cat hair. And misc dirt/stuff. Granted, we did buy the top of the line Dyson with every attachment fathomable, made specifically for pet owners. BUT STILL!

And OMG I did make the house sound filthy. I promise, our house is not gross. We do not wear shoes in the house, and we have only 2 cats! This was merely a testament to our new vacuum!

  • Health data: Injury: 2 Hours slept: 9
  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 00m

All of the usual exercises except I requested I go up in difficulty and weight. And resistance on the bike. So this was at least a little more like a very light, very lame workout. A little sweat occurred on the stationary bike.

Vacuum will not arrive today. I am crestfallen. 


  • Health data: Injury: 2

Today we decided it was time to buy some new front pots and plant some new plants. Our front pots were sad and cracked and housing dead withered plants, so we pulled them up, recycled the pots, and planted some new ones. We spent $360 at the nursery, (but that included the pots). Looks more like 2 adults live in our house now instead of 2 college kids.

We need a new welcome mat. That thing has been sitting on our door step for 7 years.

  • Health data: Injury: 2 Hours slept: 9

So Chris wasn't really feelin' HHH, so he bailed. Of course I bailed in the beginning of May when I injured my knee. The grand plan was to stay home, sleep in, get up and go ride our CX bikes on the path, but the weather was shit, so we watched the Criterium du Dauphine and miscellaneous episodes of The Office. FOR LIKE 6-7 HOURS.

In other news, I broke the paper shredder, so I bought a new one today and I shredded the shit out of a pile of documents. It was like Watergate here at Chez Parker.

The cleaning lady dropped our vacuum down the stairs and it broke a couple of weeks ago, so we finally got around to researching a replacement part... but of course the broken piece is not sold as a replacement part. Our vacuum was a hybrid of Chris' old vacuum and my old vacuum (they were the same, and have served us in some capacity since at least 2005) so we decided to buy a new one. Our brand new Dyson arrives Monday and I am abnormally excited about this.

But in terms of exercise?

  • Health data: Injury: 2 Hours slept: 10
  • Walking
  • 1h 00m

Airports and stuff.

Flight was at 7:45 AM ET, got home around 8:30 AM CST, drove home, and immediately went to bed. Slept like shit last night and was up super duper early. Worked the afternoon from 12-7.



  • Health data: Injury: 2
  • Walking
  • 2h 00m

Garmin said 11,800 steps which it translated to 5.72 miles. I walked to mediation and then walked afterwards down to the National Mall, and then back to the hotel and then to dinner.

Knee is performing pretty well.

Today I am in my nation's capitol, likely spending all day in a federal courthouse, trying to settle a claim arising out of the use of a Segway!


  • Health data: Injury: 2

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