Saint Charles,IL 

Rest Day. 

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Sunday morning OTF! This was a power day. Usually my fave, but this had some Endurance Undertones to it that sort of screwed me up.

The Endurance Undertones could be a name for a new band. Any takers?

Watched a disproportionate amount of TV and then started gathering my stuff to pack up for Hawaii. Put away the laundry. Next week at this time we will be lounging like lizards on the Big Island. 

Spent all day with my Mom... taking her around to different banks, trying to close down some of her CDs that are rolling over and over and over with little to no interest. Also closed a couple of errant checking accounts that she signed up for in order to get better interest rates on the CDs. Her money is squirrelled all over the western suburbs. 

Then we had brunch and went back to her new place and played 2 games of RummiKube. We hadn't played in a couple of months so there was a really steep RE-LEARNING curve for all of us.  Chris won both games. Sounds like the birthday fix is in, if you ask me. Hahaha. 


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Chris got like 27 "splat" points and the coach had to do 27 full burpees with the push up and the jump at the end. LOL. It was horrible... (for him).

Today is Chris' 46th birthday! We made reservations at Bien Trucha, a place we've been meaning to go to  for 9 years. They never took reservations until COVID happened; people would wait outside for hours upon hours to get a seat. Now, you make a reservation for 1.5 hours and then they boot you out. I like this arrangement much better than standing outside in the weather for 4 hours... I suppose this right here is a positive COVID development. 

It's amazing what a shower, a hairdo, some makeup and normal clothes can do. 

Didn't go out to dinner with the HS girls, but I had an impromptu opportunity to see Dara (who I see all the time) and Kim (who I haven't seen in years). Dara and I both had returns to make at Soma. (see below) Then we had a couple of beers at a new brewery. Didn't have time to take a shower, so I slapped on a dress and a jacket and put my hair up and that was that. 

This dress didn't make the cut. It's cute enough, but HOW MANY PALM PRINTS CAN ONE PERSON HAVE? So...back you go. Love the built in bra aspect of this dress, however I just don't need ANOTHER dress and I wasn't super excited about the colors. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • 45m

Upper body Lift 45. Woke up late, barely made it to class. I don't know why it's harder to get up for a 7:45 class than it is for a 6:30?? My upper back and biceps/triceps are going to be crying tomorrow. Am taking Thursday off workouts and then I have OTF on Friday afternoon with Chris for his birthday!

Featured Photo:

Here we are on St. John, celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary. We were so HOT. Look at Chris sweating! I will share another photo... this is specifically why I consider my wardrobe when we travel... I don't want my memories to look like this... 

Socks + Merrells. (nothing against either one...just not... together) Ill fitting shorts. Chris' t shirt that I have rigged as a Daisy Duke top. Backpack entangled in same. Red face. Hat. OMG. 

Not all photos are for posting or framing, I understand that... but looking back at this, all I can do is stare at my weird outfit.

"Never mind those ancient etchings in the rocks, we have a present day fashion emergency!" 

This was our honeymoon. The last day. I don't know what I am wearing (I literally have no recollection of this outfit) but the short sleeved sunburn is terrifying. (Sunscreen much? Apparently not.) Coupled with my still-wet hair and the extreme backlight...

I know better than to attempt this photo now. I would have had us stand up and move to a place that didn't require the waiter (or whoever took this photo) to shoot directly into the sun. Then I would make sure my farmer-tan sunburned arm wasn't smashed across my body in that unflattering way. Long story short, I would do this photo 100 ways differently. I guess Instagram has turned us all into amateur photographers.  The only thing I would keep would be Chris! He looks adorable, however I look like a hot mess. (Probably literally!) All of my honeymoon photos are questionable like this. 

Maybe we go back to St. John for our 10 year anniversary and try again with better clothes and equipment. 

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Strength Day! Again! It seems I keep getting a lot of these. I am lifting heavier than before, this is good.

90 lbs (2x45) on the deadlifts and 2x25's on the seated chest press.

Featured Photo: 

Chris and Me, The Buena Vista, San Francisco, December 8, 2014. 

I am supposed to go out to dinner with the HS girls on Thursday. The problem is...2 of them are not vaccinated and it's supposed to be rainy and a bit chilly. Not ideal for outdoor dining. I agreed to meet them outdoors. I don't want to: 

  • Catch Covid and pass it to my Mom
  • Catch Covid, have an asymptomatic case and test positive before we leave for Hawaii
  • Think about Covid anymore. 

As such, I canceled. 


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