Saint Charles,IL 

Molly had another seizure on Saturday night. Saturday morning we found a puddle of pee in the kitchen. So... I don't know if that means she had 2 seizures on Saturday or... what. I am not sure when the pee got there... it was under the table and I didn't notice it until Saturday around 11 AM.

I have been feeding her meat. Chicken. Steak. Whatever she wants to eat... so she can put on a little weight. Today she seems to have more energy. She's been on a full protein/human diet + peanut butter + heavy cream. Anything to add calories and fat. She's loving it and it appears to be working.

Nevertheless, I think it's probably time to start her on the seizure meds. This is an unwelcome development because we have been having a HORRIBLE TIME getting Freddie to take his various medications. We tried to add a specially formulated salmon flavored drug-suspension to his wet food and he hates it. (For the record it does have a chemical fish smell to it.) For a couple of weeks he was getting about 50-60% of his prescribed medications as he would spit them out or refuse to eat them entirely. We'd find wet partially dissolved pills around the house. We were sometimes successful in hiding pills in his food, but not always.

Well yesterday he had a panting/coughing flare up (as if a seizing Molly, nationwide riots, systemic racism, a 92 year old mother, a full time job and a contagious virus weren't enough for me to handle at once) so we decided we're not playing around anymore. That cat is getting a pill forced down the hatch and a squirt of fish chemical juice from us 2x daily. I don't care if it traumatizes him. He quite clearly needs his bronchodilators.

Anyway, long story short, the very last thing we need is another cat on medications, but it looks like we're headed that way.

Thank you for coming to my TED TALK.

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I had to get out of the house and clear my head.

My major event today was an outing to Target. 

Our local Target looks like it hasn't been restocked in months. No real selection. If you want toothpaste, you take what's leftover. Chris wanted his Old Spice anti perspirant, but they only had "deodorant" left. No normal dishwashing liquid (I usually get the METHOD refills... ?) and literally no selection at all for women's T shirts. I was looking for something plain-ish and casual and the normally packed clothing section was wide open and basically devoid of... everything. 

Nevertheless, I managed to spend $242.00. 

How's that for "rising to the challenge" ? 

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With Trudy and Scotty. A really crappy headwind on the way back. Great ride. Was so nice to get out with pals. Had Poke for dinner afterwards.

Trudy and Scotty are coming over to do a little gravel ride. Probably going to do the 26 mile route. Then we're gonna go get some Poke, bring it back to our house and eat it on the deck.

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OTF at home workout from 5/25/2020. With Chris.

OK. New goal.

30 min of sweaty movement each day. I don't want to commit to a full hour because I want to give myself a chance to succeed. If this goes well, maybe eventually I will up it to an hour.

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With Dara. Lots of chatting. Still, this felt like WORK, not a leisurely stroll and I was sweating when it was over. Dear God.

Am considering joining bod-E talk. I have a couple of friends that have had some pretty measurable successes with it and I need accountability. Chris needs accountability. If we keep eating the way we're eating we will be 300 pounds a piece by fall. 

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