Saint Charles,IL 

Hung out by the pool, fixed a door lock, watched Muriel's Wedding and then out to dinner. In bed earlyish so we could get to the airport and get home tomorrow AM.

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  • 2h 00m

At least. Maybe more. This will also incorporate all of the walking we did today.

Walked all over creation. Then out to dinner, drinks, and dancing in ATL. Met up with our very own LisaC! Photos to follow. My knee is sore from all the dancing.

8 people at the party. I had 4 Cosmopolitans and a McDonald's Cheeseburger. I am a bit hung over today. I was on the 7:40 train which means I was home by 9. I hope when I retire it's a better party than this was.

Worked til noon. Took the afternoon off and am flying to ATL, to hang out with my friend Chrissy. She moved there in 2017, and we haven't been for a visit yet!

Flight was delayed 2 hours. We eventually got there and went out for dinner. Then we went for a couple of drinks and home, and in bed by 11. Long day.

9:54 AM: Went into the office today with the specific idea of attending a retirement party for Ron, one of the old guys that was here when I started. Well, it turns out HE'S not here, NO ONE ELSE is here, and the party may have been rescheduled to next week. My calendar invitation still says it's on for today, though. I am confused. 

Should I be taking this personally?

Raining like crazy today, so if this party does not occur, I will go home and ride the trainer.

10:31 AM: The party is going to take place. The guest of honor just showed up. (I suppose if you're retiring in a week it doesn't matter when you show up to work) My one work friend Jill had a mediation that was canceled, so she's going to come, and apparently there are a couple of other people stopping by later as well. So it may be lame, but not SUPER LAME. This is good.

Today's work outfit. Boden navy Willa dress. Striped long sweater, Boden jewelry, and my new Tory Burch sandals. See how they sort of just blend in? Not too my opinion at least. They seem a little basic bc everyone seems to have a pair, but they are versatile and comfortable, so maybe that's why.

  • Health data: Injury: 1 Hours slept: 8

Today I will go collect my anti inflammatories. TODAY!

Also meeting my friend Jill for lunch.

Not super motivated at work. I have a pile of work to do that is growing. For every couple of things I do, 20 more things take its place. It's horrible. We need more people in our department. Plain and simple.

  • Health data: Injury: 1 Hours slept: 8

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