Saint Charles,IL 
  • 1h 08m
  • 3608.92 yards
  • 01m 53s /100 yards

600 warm up (Every 4th stroke)
8 x 50 (fly/back, back/breast, breast/free, free/fly)
4 x 100
1) 1:40
2) 1:39
3) 1:41
4) 1:40
2 x 200 (didn't time these)
3 x 400 (descend)
1) 7:19
2) didn't press button
3) 7:14
8 x 25 (fast/easy, easy/fast, easy, fast)
100 cool down

Swimmyswimmyswimmyswimmyswimmy. (early!) Later. 4:55 AM txt message from dumpster... he slept like crap... so we're going to have a swim date tonight instead of Masters-in-the-morning. I took off my swimsuit, put down my bag, and went back to bed!
Boo. Just found out one of my ((non BT)) friends that was training for CdA fell off her bike and broke her collar bone. She's out. Bummer. I think she's still gonna come out to Idaho to help us jockstrap, though. Her husband is still doing the race, as well as one of their other friends.

IN THE PHOTO FLIPPER: (this photo was already in my albums, so the quality is better...)

This is me and my friend Pete, November of 2005. We rode our mountain bikes with a group of pals. Got mud in my eyes, mouth, ears, under my helmet. Everywhere.
4:35 PM: I just ate a Ding Dong. Dirt in the engine. Couldn't help myself. *Sigh* (It was really Ding Dong good... I must say...) Laughing

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8.5
  • 20m


Meant to do these last night after my run. Got distracted patting myself on the back, and then went to bed!

Fitness ball situps
Straight leg crunches w/weight (wall)
R/L crunches with weight
Hip lifts off edge of steps
Side leg lifts.

Rejuvenate! Recharge!

What a wonderful way to start MAY! Kiss


It appears as though the Photo Flipper has picked up a following... so I will continue with the grainy reproduction of the daily photo that appears on my desk @ work. Today we have....
HAPPY 18th birthday to me! This was the summer before I left for college. My friends made me a cake and we had a teeny tiny party. August of 1988.

3:32 PM: I just got back from giving my triathlon presentation. WOW. I had no idea (no one told me) this was going to be such a big deal. My Company has partnered with Dr. Ian from Celebrity Fit Club to promote weightloss and healthy lifestyle changes in the African American Community and beyond. My little portion of the event going on today was videotaped and photographed. To be preserved for posterity. I'm not sure where it will resurface, but Jeez am I glad I wore some lipstick and a cute dress. There were 2 other employees there speaking... one on weight training, and another other on healthy eating. It was an awesome experience and I bumped into a couple of influential & high level people within the Company.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 45m 49s
  • 3.77 miles
  • 12m 09s /Mi

THIS is what I've been waiting for. :) :) :)

Was supposed to be:

10' Z1
4 x 30" strides + 1' recover
5 x (.25 @ 9:41 + 2' recover)
10' Z1

And it was this:

10' Z1 A137 (yes!)
4 x strides + 1' recover
1) 6:34
2) 6:50
3) 6:37
4) 6:30
Now for the good stuff:
5 x .25 @ 9:41
1) 9:08 A158 (too fast)
2) 9:39 A150 (Yay!)
3) 9:42 A151 (not bad, working on pacing...)
4) 9:28 A152 (started counting in my head)
5) 9:38 A153
OK, I've NEVER completely hit each one of those intervals. I'm usually gasping for air trying not to fly off the back of the treadmill. This was the first time I tried them outside. Am happy with the results!!!
10' Z1 A151

I don't know what to say. I'm happy with how this went tonight. Felt good.

The customary Wednesday night treadmill interval session is in store for this evening. I think I'm going to try this outside on the path tonight! I figured out the intervals to be .25 in 2:25. I can handle that. Lots of 2's and 5's. Wink

Cats woke me up around 4am. I must be in some sort of Animal Hell. I shooed them out the door and locked them out of my room, only to be awakened later by the plaintive cries and furtive scratches of MOLLY THE FREAK wanting to present me with a gift. (She brings me a little something from around the house every night before bed...sponges, Hangloose's glove, dry erase board erasers, small pillows, paint rollers...) this morning she had my freshly washed and rolled DEATH MARCH cycling socks. And she was not going to quit crying or scratching until I acknowledged and accepted her offering.

I just don't know about that cat. Strange. Strange. Strange.

Busy day in store... I have to testify at a trial at 10... then a meeting at 1. Tomorrow I'm giving a teeny tiny presentation on triathlon to a group of people wanting to get healthy. Any ideas? I'm trying to think of all the things I wished someone had told me... and all of the questions I had... But this has to be SHORT. Like no more than 10 minutes, and geared to people who have never heard of triathlon. I'll take any and all ideas... Kiss
2:50 PM: I just spent the last 4 hours or so sitting in the court house. Reported there at 10, but my testimony wasn't needed until 2. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. No lunch. No 1 pm meeting. I was so hungry I was about to take a bite out of one of the chubbier members of the jury. Stomach was making audible gurgles. I ususally snack all day long...

Today in the photo flipper:

A bunch of us girls at the Phi Mu reunion in August of 2000. That's me and my college room mate Whitney in the front row. I think I was trying to be seductive. Or sassy. Or something. Got my face all smushed up. I remember it was REALLY hot that night and there was no A/C at the house...

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 1h 03m
  • 3200.00 yards
  • 01m 58s /100 yards

300 warm up
8 x 125 (50 back + 75 free)
4 x 350 (25 sprint + 300 @ 80% + 25 sprint)
8 x 50 (25 dolphin kick/25 free)
100 cool down

This would have been 3500 but Jana didn't show up again and the lanes were all messed up and I missed 300 worth of drills. That's OK.

Got to swim with a Speedo-clad dumpster in the end lane, jammed up against the wall.


  • 26m
  • 2.15 miles
  • 12m 05s /Mi

Treadmill @ 2%

No HRM, ran by RPE

10' Z1 (Felt very Z1ish.)
4 x 30' strides + 1 min recovery
1) 8:00
2) 8:00
3) 7:54
4) 7:54
10' Z1 (Also very Z1ish)

A simply delightful little jaunt on the treddy this AM.

Hooray for me.

5:13 AM: Up up up up up and at 'em. I'm up. I did it. Now must drag ass to Masters. Step One --- check! Step Two --- pending. DONE!!!

10:49 AM: In the photo flipper today....

It's Katie Rose! The Bichon Frise from my youth! She was such a cute little Spurtle. My Dad fed her salami and mayonnaise sandwiches and she became quite overweight, however.... Little chubby fluffball. -- Woof!
1:32 PM: Here's something to avoid in the future.... O'Soy yogurt. The peach flavor. Gross-o-Rama. Would rather eat the real stuff and fart all day. Just sayin'.



  • Health data: Hours slept: 6.75

Recovery Day!

And I need it more than I usually do. ART appointment tonight after work.

Restless sleep last night.

Chris got home late. Glad he's back. Really really glad he's back. Laughing

12:12 PM: Oh how cute. It's %*#)&^$()&(&()&(_&_%(# SNOWING.
2:35 PM: Glory be! It's a recovery week. Yay! I need to get my head screwed back on straight.

7:41 PM: Back from ART. Strange and wonderful voodoo majik. Wow. My knee feels great. It *does* hurt while he's "treating" it, but afterwards, I feel awesome. No swelling, no pain. Amazing.

Going to make myself some dinner, vacuum around the Palace and call it a night. Work is extremely busy and there's no sign of it letting up. Ever. I can't believe they are expecting me to work. At work. I mean... really. Wink

Now watching INTERVENTION with a glass of wine. Here am I, watching these people battle alcohol and drug addiction and sitting captivated, sipping on a glass of wine... Just doesn't seem right. I feel awfully guilty for someone who gave up being Catholic. Of course, that makes me feel guilty too... but that's beside the point, and a whole different discussion. Now step aside as I obsessively vacuum and exercise....

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6
  • 1h 00m 43s
  • 5.10 miles
  • 11m 55s /Mi


Garmin only says 4.96, but it was still "LOCATING SATELLITES" while I was almost all the way down Cobblestone Drive. I gave myself an extra .14. So there.

This was supposed to be:
4 x 30" stride + 1' walk
35' @ 10:45

This actually WAS
10'Z1 A133! Yay me!
4 x 30' stride + 1' walk
1)8:14 A146
2)7:30 A137
3)7:07 A139
4)7:07 A138
So things started out promisingly... then there was this...
35' @ 11:28 AVG PACE
AHR 152
10' Z1

43 SECONDS OFF ON THE 10:45 MILE PART. I just couldn't "hold" it. I did fairly well for about 13 minutes. After that it was a straight plummet down hill. Running fast(er) is hard.

  • 25m

Core Exercises

PT type stuff from ART doctor
PT bands for L knee extension
3 x 25 Straight legged situps against wall w/6lb weight
2 x 10 Statue of Liberty
3 x 20 fitness ball situps
2 x 15 hip lifts of side of stair
2 x 10 side leg lifts.

  • Walking
  • 30m

Taetum walks x2.

We all slept like rocks last night. Me, Taetum, the two cats... all out like lights. For a total of 13 hours. Nice. Slightly interrupted because we all got up at 7 to give Taetum her medication. But then we all went right back into coma-sleep. Molly-the-cat has been extremely clingy since Taetum has been here. She started out very hostile toward Taetum, swatting and hissing and even jumping and SPITTING!!! But that has subsided, and now she's just ALL OVER me, all the time. She slept on my chest. This is unusual. And warm. Like sweaty hot warm. She's wedged herself between the keyboard and me as I type this.

Today was supposed to be rainy, windy, cloudy and cold. It's cloudy. Impossible to plan a bike ride around here, when the weather report is almost always wrong. Today appears to be the better of the two days for riding. Meh. Whatever. I'll run outside at least... stay off the treadmill.

Until then, the animals and I will clean the first floor. And change the sheets on my bed. And just pick up around this place. Since I rode so late yesterday, I have to give myself enough time to recover between workouts. Going to run around 3. Then T and I will head over to Chris' house and wait for him to come home. Kiss


  • 3h 14m 09s
  • 46.81 miles
  • 14.47 Mi/hr


Wind. Wind. Wind. Wind. Wind.

A steady 22 mph WSW cross wind with gusts that were (according to Schmize) up to 40 mph.

Slow going. But I got it done. For the most part, at least.

Second only in windy horror to the 2007 Joliet Sudden Monsoon Century. This was a very close runner up.

And not flat, either. According to Garmin: Elev Gain = 2,321.2 ft

I wore my DEATH MARCH cycling socks. How appropriate!

Rough night last night. Picked Taetum up from the Pet Hotel and she seemed pretty stressed out. Went to Chris' house to check on Orbit and she took a huge poop right in the middle of his livingroom. Cleaned that up, fed and played with Orbit, came home, let Taetum pee outside, and started to make dinner. Taetum then peed right on my carpet right in front of me. Cleaned that up too... and figured she's just a bit confused because she's on this new drug and she's had a couple of strange days that are out of her routine...

Went to bed around 10:20... she wouldn't lie on her dog bed. She sniffed it, but wouldn't actually lie on it. (they washed it at the Pet hotel... don't know if that's why or not...) so I laid out a couple of towels for her to lie on, and she ultimately did... but she got up a number of times looking around. Very strange. We fell asleep finally.

Woke up at 1230-1ish AM to the sound of something rattling. I thought Taetum had gotten up again so I got up and looked for her... she wasn't on her bed... she had squirmed and somehow wedged herself under my bed. And she couldn't get out. My bed is fairly high, but Taetum has a broad chest. She was totally stuck. I had to call the FIRE DEPARTMENT to lift the bed (it's big) so I could call her out.

Called the Emergency vet. Basically the Phenobarbitol is a very strong sedative. It's not unusual for animals that are just starting out to feel really WEEEEIIIIIIIRRRRDDDD on it, and do odd things. They may also appear unsteady in the hind quarters, or walk around like they are lost or drunk. This will all level out eventually, once the drug reaches a certain threshold in the body. But right now, all of this is "normal".

Taetum and I spent the rest of the evening in the TV room, me on the couch, and she on the floor. Couch is low enough that she can't crawl underneath. (!!!)

Took her for a walk this morning and she did pretty well. I'm exhausted, though and I'm supposed to either ride or run today... the weekend is shaping up to be a disaster weather wise. It's 37 degrees right now and 25 mph varying winds. I hardly want to do anything outside in that crap. I'm going back to bed. Might just stick to the original plan and run (on the freaking treadmill) today and ride (on the trainer) tomorrow. It's supposed to rain on top of it all tomorrow. I can't wait.

2:17 PM: It's still very windy but it's warmed up to 55 degrees. I'm going to ride my bike. I don't care. I need to do something and an outside bike ride tomorrow is pretty much out of the question. So I'll try it today. I think I will stick to the path, though... just so I don't get blown into traffic. Because that would be par for the course, the way things have been going lately.

So far today I've :

  • Cleaned my fridge. (Threw away all old stuff... Like from 2006! Ice Cream sandwiches that expired in June 2007! I also wiped down all the shelves)
  • Put all my laundry away from the past several laundry loads
  • Consulted with the vet
  • Dropped off clothes to the dry cleaners from like... October.
  • Spent $170 in groceries @ Dominicks.
  • Cleaned up pee 2x. I think Taetum is notsomuch for the outside bathroom anymore.
  • Considered riding my bike.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 2

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