Saint Charles,IL 
  • 1h 02m 08s
  • 5.31 miles
  • 11m 42s /Mi

That was miserable. Am going to chalk it up to being out of sync lately and on vacation. Also it was REALLY HOT outside.

15' Z1 11:26 pace AHR 139 (Yay!)
3 x 1 mile @ 9:20 + 2' easy
1) 9:35 AHR 160
2) 10:50 AHR 158
3) 11:21 AHR 159
I almost made the first one... but after that I was TOASTED.
10' Z1 13:02 AHR 150

  • 20m

Core Work

3 x 25 fitness ball situps
3 x 15 vertical leg situps w/weights
3 x 15 hip lifts off edge of steps
3 x 20 balance plate around the world

Phew. My legs are tired. Still. From Sunday, I think. (!!!)

Back to semi-reality.

At least I don't have to go to work today. That sort of reality doesn't start again til tomorrow. Today, I have a 1 hour run on the sked featuring 3 x 1 mile repeats @ a 9:20 pace. Hmmmmmm. I suspect I will not be looking at the Garmin, and perhaps running this on the track. I also have some core work.

Appearing on the miscellaneous list of things to do...

  • Upload photos and create a giant photo album from CdA
  • Buy printer cartridge so I can print out a photo or two for the photo flipper...(update! update!)
  • Buy some non rotten produce...and some general foodstuffs. All my fruit is mushy and gross after a week, and the only other things to eat around here are cottage cheese and Kashi cereal... (sans milk, of course)
  • Sleep in!
  • Laundry! Unpack!
  • Nap? This did not occur.

In other news: I'm proud of Chris and his IM CdA accomplishment this weekend. I've known him for so long thru this site (long before we ever started dating....) and it's been such a cool thing to see him really "blossom" as an athlete. I realize this is cheesy, but it's been great to watch. So a special sorta belated CONGRATULATIONS to my dumpster... and to all the BT people that raced CdA this past Sunday. Awesome. Just Awesome.

Some photos from the week... (more to come):

The gang: Q, me, Ovetta, Cathy, Drew, Jess, Chris and Shannon with Luis in front.

Goofing around on the deck.

That hat was MADE for Shannon. Adorable!

The faux-hawk. Nice.

Girls will be girls!

This one is my favorite, I think.

3:29 PM: I'm horrified to admit I've spent the bulk of my day today uploading photos into a BT CdA album. There has GOT to be a better way for us to do this. Ron? Marma? Any help? PLEASE peruse the fruits of my labor here . Now I'm finally going to drag my ass to the track. Back in about an hour.

Travel Day!

Left our pretty little rental house in CdA at around 8:30 this AM.... dropped Dan and Luis off at the airport... then made our way to Seattle, caught our flight back to Chicago, and finally arrived home around 11:50 PM. Lost 2 hours in the process, going from Pacific time to Central time... right now it's 12:56 AM (on Wednesday) and I just got my computer to work... It kept shutting down. I had to do another system restore. AAARRRGGGHHHH.

I've lifted Jess' photos off Facebook... I'm going to compile them with my photos and make a giant album. Anyone else got photos they want me to add? I'm off work tomorrow to do laundry and catch up on miscellaneous tasks... Kiss

The kitties are happy to see me. They were a bit pissed at first, but I suspect they've forgiven me by now.  

One word to describe my CdA experience... Fun. I know that's a ridiculously overused adjective, but I can't think of anything else that would really work in a way that would be as all encompassing as good old F-U-N.

We had fun. Yes we did.  

OMG. I'm tired. Yesterday was supposedly a recovery day. Notsomuch. 20 + hours of walking, screaming, jumping, laughing, crying, not eating or drinking (enough).... and then getting slimed by finishers for 3 hours.... I'm exhausted.

Shannon says she still likes me, though... so that's good. After spending every waking moment with me for almost an entire 24 hour period... We laughed so hard we cried. We cried so hard we laughed. We imitated Paula Newby Frasier. (Actually, we imitated Jeff imitating Paula Newby Frasier)... We pimped Jess out in the kissing booth. (Desiree Ficker looked like she was going to be a taker there for a minute...) We ate wraps, screamed lines from the POWER THIRST commercial, and drank enough coffee to energize an elephant. We were UNCOMFORTABLY ENERGETIC!!!

At the finish line I got to see Jeff (Q), Chris, Bonnie (Leopard), Cathy (COgirl), Dan (Crazypop), and my friend Scotty. What a cool experience.  

The house seems empty now since Jess and Drew are gone. Crazypop is packing up, and Shannon leaves later today. Will just wind up being me and Chris and Luis and Jeff... then we all depart for home tomorrow.

Training for this week won't normalize til Wednesday. Sorry Brett. Then I'm back on the wagon. Promise. Tongue out

Sport #1
  • Cheerleading
  • 11h 24m

Yes. I'm logging cheerleading for the entire time Chris was out on the course.
Also logging 3 hours of FINISH LINE volunteering. Sweaty people draped all over us, crying, puking and excreting other "juices". Interesting. Exhausting. The late shift. 9-12.

Sport #2
  • Race Volunteering
  • 3h 00m

Yes. I'm logging cheerleading for the entire time Chris was out on the course.
Also logging 3 hours of FINISH LINE volunteering. Sweaty people draped all over us, crying, puking and excreting other "juices". Interesting. Exhausting. The late shift. 9-12.


5:22 AM Up and at 'em for a little race day action.

We will try to keep you updated.

  • 48m 44s
  • 4.17 miles
  • 11m 41s /Mi

Easy run on part of the run course with Shannon (swgtri)

This includes a couple of stops to drink water... So, our actual pace was probably closer to my target... 11:23/mile.


I have a Garmin file, but I'll have to wait til I get home to upload it. We are all sharing one computer here @ the BT mansion.

Sitting around the kitchen table chatting... thinking I must go for a run before the volunteer meeting at 12.... Chris is still asleep....

I have a camera full of photos. It's going to be a hassle to get them all resized and posted... but I'll do it. When I get home. Laughing

9:49 AM: Us girls (Jess, me and Shannon, Kristen) are going to get a pedicure at 2. The boys are going to drive the bike course. Until then, I must shower. Schweaty mess.
3:58 PM: Our toes are beautiful, our tummies are full of fries and sundaes from McDonalds, and we are happy happy girls.


  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • 1h 04m
  • 14.01 miles
  • 13.13 Mi/hr

Mountain bike on the path. Very scenic and nice. Weather here is awesome.

Drew (drewb8) came with so I could admire his Guru in action... *sigh* I am envious of that bike.

  • 35m 12s
  • 2112.00 yards
  • 01m 40s /100 yards

Another swim this morning. The water is cold, but nothing to get too excited about. Remember that one chick who swam to Antarctica? Well, she didn't even wear a wetsuit.

It's not that cold.


Swam one loop. Didn't mean to, but once I got started I figured why not?

Feeling fast in the water. No one around, no one to get in my way... no one to draft off of either...

  • Walking
  • 2h 00m

To the swim start and back. To the coffee shop and back. To the running store and back. To the expo and back. To and fro, back and forth.

Need to do a mountain bike ride at some point today. That was supposed to happen yesterday. Limited internet + my teeny tiny overstimulated brain = missed and jumbled workouts this week. I **AM** on vacation, you know. :)

  • 22m
  • 1200.00 yards
  • 01m 50s /100 yards

HMFSB that water is cold.

Sleeveless wetsuit. No booties. No cute little neoprene cap. Hard core.


Decided I'd had enough and got out and was immediately dizzy. Strange.

  • Walking
  • 1h 00m

Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.

We made it! Sitting here in an internet cafe sharing a seat with COgirl. Laughing Met MacDaddy, Gearwhore, and himself, too.

I am finished working out for the day, now...nothing but free time... so Jess and I are going to do a bunch of nothing for a while after we pick up our bikes and Chris' packet. And maybe  definitely spend some money at the expo.

6:47 PM: Hanging out at the BT house, having a glass of wine and watching Chris make us dinner. We are having the super secret salmon recipe. Yummmmolicious.


Couer D'Alene is cool. Everyone is here:

  • Shannon (swgtri)
  • Dan (danintx)
  • Dan (Crazypop) He really is crazy... he just bought a bike today, for SUNDAY'S race!
  • Chris (coredump)
  • Me (da Whizzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
  • Jess (TTMA)
  • Jeff (Q)
  • Luis (velasqu7)
  • and Drew (drewb8) is still on his way.

We've had a couple of people drop out (Stacie... *sniff*) We are taking lots of photos for her.

Tomorrow, we might go back to the expo... and buy more stuff....

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