Saint Charles,IL 
  • 48m
  • 2500.00 yards
  • 01m 55s /100 yards

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull with paddles
200 drill
200 IM (2 x 100)
200 swim
8 x 50
1) :20
2) :15
3) :10
4) :10
5) :05 (x2)
2 x 400 @ 85% (:15)
100 easy

Short swimmy. Swam it outside. Wonderful. VEEEEEEERRRRRYYYY windy, though, and it kept looking like it was going to storm. Never did. Not til I got out of the pool... :)

Sun is shining again, though and I bet I can find a rainbow if I look. It's been raining and sunny all day long. Humid. Like living in a terrarium, but the rainbows are cool.

6:37 AM: So... I meant to get up early and swim this morning... and I actually did get up early... I just didn't swim. I went back to bed. Early AM txt msg from dumpster saying he was going to sleep... an assessment of how I felt... and the knowledge that I should be getting out of work a bit early today... all led me to jump back into bed and pull the covers up over my head. Racing tomorrow. EEEEEK! I might just swim the short set tonight. 2400-2500. That should be enough.

Now, I'm going to make good use of my time and gather all my stuff together for the race. I don't want to forget some essential item (like, say, my bike... Wink) because I'm rushing around in a last minute frantic frenzy.

Speaking of swimming:

It appears as though I've never stopped. Notice everyone else is wearing clothes, and standing fashionably around the pool. I obviously just crawled out.
11:09AM: Just spoke with the other facilitator for today's BUSINESS WRITING BASICS class. She has a migraine and took off abruptly from my desk to go vomit in the bathroom. Ummmmm. OK. I imagine this session will go even faster than originally planned. I might be in the pool swimming by 4!


  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 2h 05m 52s
  • 35.26 miles
  • 16.81 Mi/hr

Hmmmm, thought this would be faster. HOT! HUMID! HEADWIND! But at least it was flat.


Going to be in an all day meeting in Downers Grove today... 9-3:30... hopefully I'll get out on time and get home early because I've got a 2:10 bike ride on the sked. Yay! Laughing The highlight of the day will be driving the Company car. I can save on gas! Miles! I'm giddy with delight!

Have a splendid day, everyone!

5:08 PM Home a smidge early. Will be able to do my 2:10 ride and still have time to relax a bit and be human afterwards. Hoooray! Since I'm not at my desk and I don't have the photo flipper available, I'm going to scan in a real wiener... The date was 1994... presumably June. My sister's HS graduation. That's me, my sister and my Dad... Don't we all look enthused? I look constipated.

  • 45m 24s
  • 3.82 miles
  • 11m 53s /Mi

Lap 1: 10m 00s, 0.89 miles, 11m 11s /mile, Max HR 146, Avg HR 134
Lap 2: 10m 00s, 0.70 miles, 14m 14s /mile, Max HR 144, Avg HR 129
Lap 3: 00m 30s, 0.06 miles, 08m 53s /mile, Max HR 140, Avg HR 121
Lap 4: 01m 00s, 0.05 miles, 19m 20s /mile, Max HR 144, Avg HR 131
Lap 5: 00m 30s, 0.06 miles, 07m 50s /mile, Max HR 144, Avg HR 126
Lap 6: 01m 00s, 0.05 miles, 18m 59s /mile, Max HR 150, Avg HR 139
Lap 7: 00m 30s, 0.06 miles, 07m 43s /mile, Max HR 150, Avg HR 133
Lap 8: 01m 00s, 0.05 miles, 19m 28s /mile, Max HR 153, Avg HR 140
Lap 9: 00m 30s, 0.06 miles, 08m 04s /mile, Max HR 149, Avg HR 134
Lap 10: 01m 00s, 0.05 miles, 19m 53s /mile, Max HR 153, Avg HR 142
Lap 11: 09m 24s, 1.00 miles, 09m 24s /mile, Max HR 169, Avg HR 159

Lap 12: 10m 00s, 0.77 miles, 13m /mile, Max HR 167, Avg HR 145

A new mile PR for me. Although I wanted to DIE right there in the forest preserve. I don't know how people are able to MOVE faster than that. Really.

  • 20m


2 x 15 hip lifts off edge of steps
4 x 25 fitness ball situps
3 x 15 around the world on balance plate
4 x 20 vertical leg situps w/ weights
2 x 10 Statue of Liberty

A run on the sked today. And I've already done my corework. I'm oh-so-efficient and such. A slight risk of severe storms this afternoon... hopefully I won't have to run in them.

Will spend the bulk of the day today preparing for a BUSINESS WRITING BASICS class that I'm teaching on Friday. I still have to create the PPT presentation and figure out what I'm going to say. Last minute Laura. That's my name. Don't wear it out.

Oh Lookie: Here's a gem in the photo flipper today. This was my ((now defunct)) wedding shower. The date was 3/11/2002. I was experimenting with hair color right before my ((now defunct)) wedding. This was a reddish brown. Meh, notsomuch. With me, of course, is the ever adorable BFF Rachael. I had several glasses of wine. I suspect I was trying to look sultry. Jury's out.

12:13 PM: I just signed up for the ROCKMAN sprint on Saturday. Yippee. Just for fun. Just to race before July. No pressure. No expectations. No nothing. Tongue out I don't even think I'm going to wear a watch.


  • 1h 05m
  • 3200.00 yards
  • 02m 02s /100 yards

300 Warm up
6 x 50 Misc drill
200 Free
8 x 25 Back
100 Free
3 x(50,100,150,200)(:10)
1) Pull
2) Kick
3) Swim
10 x 50 fast. (:05)
100 Easy

A little chatty today since Jana was back... so that delayed getting into the pool... and getting out. :)

Katie and I wore our matching suits today. Why? Why not?

  • 33m 37s
  • 3.03 miles
  • 11m 05s /Mi

10' Z1
4 x 200 stride + 200 recovery
1) 7:53/149
2) 7:55/154
3) 7:17/153
4) 7:52/154

Not sure what happened with #3 there... it didn't feel any faster than the other 3. Might be a Garmin mistake?

10' Z1

In the photo flipper today...t
he date was 10/4/1998. Me and my friend Jeanne. I'm giving a big old THUMBS UP. We were at my friend Sharon's daughter's birthday party. These are the same girls from the photo flipper a couple of days ago. I swear, this thing is random! But people show up in spurts. Like when your iPod is on "Shuffle" but it keeps hitting on the same artist...
12:12 PM: Somewhere Over the Rainbow is on the radio right now. That new version with the Ukelele. I love it. I just love it. Kiss

5:19 PM: Funky-Town by Lipps, INC is on the radio. I'm having a roller rink flashback. I was a rink rat from age 10-14. Does that make me cool? Or maybe notsomuch? I had a red T-shirt that said "ROLLER DERBY" in glitter iron-on... and my name in green felt letters on the back. All the letters eventually fell off, just leaving the middle "R". Poo.
7:11 PM: Home! Leaving now to go run. A short one. Back in a flash.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8

Recovery Day! And OMG I need it. Am looking forward to doing nothing involving exercise today. I think I may get a pedicure, though... As long as they don't make me move too much. Am recovering. I want to execute this recovery day perfectly. Thankyouverymuch.

I do have ART tonight after work. Will have Dr. Fager look at both knees and finish up the neck/upperback area. That's almost totally better now.

In the photo flipper today:

My dear **DAD** spectating Jim's (my brother in law's) first Ironman, in Madison. They got seats in the bleachers by the finishing line. I didn't go to any of Jim's races because he raced before I knew what triathlon was all about. Before I knew how important having support was. Plus, I had my own deal going on at the time and didn't have much support to give. I needed support myself, in a different way.

I still regret not seeing him race, and am hopeful he'll race again sometime soon! He's talented and quite fast.
10:10 AM: I'm craving fried eggs. The yolks specifically. Hmmmm. Methinks I have some sort of protein deficiency.
4:53 PM: Pedicure done! My toes look much better. Tonight I will trim my own hair and deep condition it, too. A Laura-maintenance day. This is what happens in the summer when there's no time for anything. I cut my own hair. My stylist chick will have to fix it in October, when I have a free moment. Hair is so curly that if I cut it unevenly no one can ever tell. And even if they can... so what. Tongue out I wear a helmet, a visor, a hat, a swimcap or a ponytail 95% of the time anyway.
8:36 PM: Hair, DONE! We'll see what it looks like when it dries. I'm just hoping I got all the gnarly ends cut off. I think I cut off about 2 inches. Tried to give myself layers. We'll see how it looks after swimming tomorrow. *Sigh* Why does a proper haircut/highlight cost $179.00 and take 2.5 hours? WHYYYYY????

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9.5
  • 5h 28m 35s
  • 100.30 miles
  • 18.35 Mi/hr

Udder Century. We hauled ass. No drafting this year, just me and the road, and IP and CindyK for a while. Have photos, will post them later.

Right now I need to take a shower. I'm stinky.

Had been worried about my knees... since they've both been acting up lately. I expect it from the L one, not at all from the R. Watching this closely. Didn't seem to prohibit bike riding today, though, so I'm happy.

Moved bike handle bars into some random position and they actually seem to feel pretty good.

Messed up the Garmin. Hit STOP at one of the rest stations and never hit start again til sometime down the road. Like about a half hour later...

All in all I couldn't have hand picked a better day for a Century ride. Wunderbar!

I was one with my bike today. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Me and IP... mile 42 ish.

That would be me, CindyK, MissKelly and StartingToTri  Kiss


  • 1h 18m 50s
  • 6.54 miles
  • 12m 03s /Mi


10'Z1 + 4 x :30 strides + 1:00 recovery.
5 x (1000m @ 10:02 + 2:00 EZ)
4 x (200m @ 8:40 + 200 EZ)
10' Z1


Lap 1: 10m 00s, 0.86 miles, 11m 41s /mile, Max HR 146, Avg HR 133
Lap 2: 00m 30s, 0.07 miles, 07m 01s /mile, Max HR 145, Avg HR 132
Lap 3: 01m 00s, 0.04 miles, 22m 27s /mile, Max HR 149, Avg HR 135
Lap 4: 00m 30s, 0.07 miles, 07m 29s /mile, Max HR 147, Avg HR 131
Lap 5: 01m 00s, 0.05 miles, 18m 34s /mile, Max HR 152, Avg HR 139
Lap 6: 00m 30s, 0.07 miles, 07m 37s /mile, Max HR 147, Avg HR 131
Lap 7: 01m 00s, 0.05 miles, 18m 27s /mile, Max HR 152, Avg HR 140
Lap 8: 00m 30s, 0.07 miles, 07m 24s /mile, Max HR 149, Avg HR 133
Lap 9: 01m 00s, 0.05 miles, 18m 27s /mile, Max HR 153, Avg HR 142
Lap 10: 06m 09s, 0.62 miles, 09m 56s /mile, Max HR 159, Avg HR 154
Lap 11: 02m 00s, 0.11 miles, 17m 41s /mile, Max HR 158, Avg HR 134
Lap 12: 06m 05s, 0.62 miles, 09m 49s /mile, Max HR 161, Avg HR 155
Lap 13: 02m 00s, 0.10 miles, 19m 38s /mile, Max HR 161, Avg HR 134
Lap 14: 06m 11s, 0.62 miles, 09m 59s /mile, Max HR 161, Avg HR 154
Lap 15: 02m 00s, 0.10 miles, 19m 46s /mile, Max HR 161, Avg HR 137
Lap 16: 06m 42s, 0.62 miles, 10m 49s /mile, Max HR 159, Avg HR 152
Lap 17: 02m 00s, 0.11 miles, 17m 48s /mile, Max HR 159, Avg HR 136
Lap 18: 06m 30s, 0.62 miles, 10m 29s /mile, Max HR 160, Avg HR 153
Lap 19: 02m 00s, 0.10 miles, 19m 30s /mile, Max HR 159, Avg HR 138
Lap 20: 01m 09s, 0.13 miles, 08m 52s /mile, Max HR 160, Avg HR 146
Lap 21: 02m 32s, 0.13 miles, 19m 31s /mile, Max HR 160, Avg HR 131
Lap 22: 01m 05s, 0.13 miles, 08m 20s /mile, Max HR 158, Avg HR 142
Lap 23: 02m 24s, 0.13 miles, 18m 29s /mile, Max HR 158, Avg HR 131
Lap 24: 01m 04s, 0.13 miles, 08m 13s /mile, Max HR 157, Avg HR 141
Lap 25: 02m 40s, 0.13 miles, 20m 32s /mile, Max HR 157, Avg HR 129
Lap 26: 01m 08s, 0.13 miles, 08m 44s /mile, Max HR 156, Avg HR 141
Lap 27: 02m 35s, 0.13 miles, 19m 53s /mile, Max HR 156, Avg HR 128
Lap 28: 06m 36s, 0.53 miles, 12m 21s /mile, Max HR 149, Avg HR 144

I walked the recoveries. I don't think I was supposed to, but if there was any hope of hitting the interval I had to.

Sorta fell apart in the 4th 1000, had to walk up a hill...

Tried to slow down a bit on the last one, and pace myself more for the target, but ended up pacing too slowly. (!!)

  • 20m

Core work

Balance plate around the world 2 x 10
Hip lifts off edge of steps 2 x 10
Fitness ball situps 3 x 25
Planks 3 x :45
Hip lifts on floor 3 x 10
Gluteal kickbacks 3 x 10

10:40 AM: Glory Be! I think I've figured out my Garmin! I have "programmed" today's rather complex run workout into it. We shall see how it goes. Kiss

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