Saint Charles,IL 
  • 1h 29m 09s
  • 26.73 miles
  • 17.99 Mi/hr

Felt fast today. :)

Probably would have averaged over 18, but I slowed down in one spot to send dumpster a text message. Hmmmpf. ;)

  • 15m


3 x 30 situps on fb
3 x 15 hip lifts off edge of step
3 x :30 planks
2 x 15 gluteal kickbacks

7:14 AM: Goooooooood Morning! I can tell you I'm feeling much more rested. My house is a little more in order, and I had a chance last night, after my run, to finally clean out the interior of my car. Hooooray!

In the photo flipper yesterday, actually:

That's my Mom and Dad @ their wedding. My Mom was 27 and my Dad was 28. It was my Mom's second marriage, as her first husband died of a heart attack... when she was just 24! Imagine. My Dad was from Luxembourg. I'd love to see how how thrilled he'd be to know that Franck Schleck was in the yellow jersey for even a moment of this TdF.  

Today's photo flipper photo is nothing exciting. So I saved yesterday for today.

On the workout docket... I have a 1:30 bike ride. Mostly in Z3. We'll see how the legs feel. I also have some core work that I'm going to do this morning...

9:50 PM: I'm excited! I just ordered a new wetsuit. Xterra was having a sale. I got the Vortex 2 long john for 50% off. Even if it sucks rocks it's got to be better than what I've been using... and it was a bargain, to boot! Durable and flexible according to the website... sounds just like what I need. I've been putting this off for years. Am glad I did it. Now, let's hope it fits.

I can't wait to pee in it!

  • 24m 30s
  • 2.05 miles
  • 11m 57s /Mi

Leisurely. :) A happy run.

(Yes, I know I just said that.)

Unusual, I know. But I did just say that.

Oh my. I just slept for 9 hours. Glory be. Got clearance from the tower to NIX my OWS this morning in favor of sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I needed it. Am almost caught up from this wacky weekend. Am happy to report THIS weekend is a rather leisurely one... with a 4 hour brick on Saturday and a REST day on Sunday. Whatever will I do with myself with a FULL SUNDAY rest day? I'll probably sleep til noon. Laughing

Then I get a weekish taper to Steelhead. I've found I do better with a shorter taper.

More Spirit of Racine photos available... click the photo!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • Walking
  • 30m

Tromping around Chicago from the train station and back. In the rain. You should see my hair. The term "FRIZZBALL" comes to mind.

6:07 AM: Been up for about 20 minutes and I need a nap. Surprised

2:14 PM: Am home! What a waste of time! I dragged my ass all the way to the Daley Center only to be told the defendant didn't show up, and we were going to take a Non-Suit. AAARRRGGGHHHHH. To add insult to injury, I misread the train schedule and could have slept an extra hour or so this morning... I did get to walk around the city in the rain, though, so, you know that was a bonus. Tongue out Now I have to figure out how to hook up the Company computer to my home cable connection... and work for a moment or two. I placed 13/28 yesterday. A little better than upper 50%. My transition was 4:49. Jeez. Race Report to come. Eventually.
For your reading pleasure. Here is a teeny tiny RACE REPORT 

8:46 PM: Watching Intervention and CLEANING my house. There's stuff strewn everywhere. I can't handle it. 

  • 2h 42m 20s
  • 56.00 miles
  • 20.70 Mi/hr

About 3 minutes better than last year.

  • 30m 43s
  • 2111.99 yards
  • 01m 27s /100 yards

Hammered. It. Total time for a 1.2 mile swim (shortish, though) and a 56 mile bike ride = 3:17 & some change. No data from me or my bike. Pending official results. Had a wonky transition. Put my flip flops on instead of my bike shoes... (WTF?)

More later, as right now I'm exceptionally tired. And there's no relief in sight. Working from home tomorrow, but not before a 9:30 AM court appearance downtown. Which means a 7 AM train ride. Which means getting up EARLY again. Boo.

  • 2h 02m 50s
  • 9.98 miles
  • 12m 19s /Mi

Nearly died of sweatiness, if that's possible. Ran @ MHSP and there were, as always, several large INSECTS circling my sweaty head for most of this run. It's distracting and gross. BLAH!

Really slowed down toward the end. Started with a bang, but ended with a whimper.

I'm tired.

  • Race Volunteering
  • 2h 30m
Presented myself at 4:45 AM for volunteer duty @ the LITH Triathlon. Weather was rainy and stormy, but the race went on anyway! Reminded me a bit of Pleasant Prairie last year. Now, I must change clothes, make my bottles, fill up my Fuel Belt and head off to Moraine for a 2 hour run. YaaaHooo.

  • 33m 09s
  • 3.11 miles
  • 10m 40s /Mi

BT Run for Rusher.

I have a Garmin file. I will upload it when I have a free moment. Like in October.


Today in the photo flipper:

August 29, 1996. My friend Sharon gave birth to her daughter MaryKate. She was about 4-5 hours old in this photo. I'd never held such a new baby before. The circle of life.

So apparently I've misread my training for the week. In the beginning of every week, I read the whole week, and then I get updates daily. So, when I read the week on Monday I saw a recovery day on Monday AND a recovery day on Friday (Hoooray!). My update today says Master's Swim. (and I've already slept through that.) GRRRRRR.

I'm not used to venturing outside of my plan... I feel a little guilty... and I don't want to tick off my coach...but I'm going to run the 5K tonight. VERY VERY easily. Some things are bigger and more important than my training plan.  I will not be breaking the 30 minute barrier though. And if running 3x in a row incapacitates me and is detrimental to my long term plan, maybe I don't belong in this sport to begin with.

Onto tomorrow! I will rise before the asscrack to volunteer at the LITH sprint, bodymarking @ 4:45 AM, and directing an intersection until about 7:30ish. Then, I will run for 2 hours, shower, gather myself and my stuff together, drive to Racine, check my bike, locate the expo, locate MissKelly et al, eat dinner at the Chancery with the BT gang, and promptly collapse into bed. I will awaken on Sunday and perform an Aquabike. And only after that, will I rest.  I feel the need for a nap after just writing about this weekend's activities.

  • RACE DAY: Hit the Trails XC Classic
  • 1h 06m 30s
  • 5.81 miles
  • 11m 27s /Mi

Oh! Misery.

I just don't like running. I'm not very good at it and it doesn't bring me joy. I don't know why I insist on slogging around day after day. I don't get it.

Edited to add: (splits aren't as bad as I thought they'd be... hmmmm, perhaps I'm bad at running, but not superbad at it. I suppose there's hope. It felt a lot slower and a lot worse)

Welcome to Thursday.

Work has been an endurance event all week. An exercise in mental and physical stamina. Am happy this week is almost over. It's been a long one. Onto the weekend! Tomorrow, that is.

Goodbye Christine.  And Godspeed.....

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8.3

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