Saint Charles,IL 
  • 42m
  • 2500.00 yards
  • 01m 41s /100 yards

Business ONLY! Very focused swim, despite the fact I started out feeling like a beached walrus.

Lame lame lame.

100 Breaststroke

Main Set
800 (every 4th 50 as IM order/scull)
This was totally uncoordinated. I felt like I was partially drowning. Seriously.
400 free with ankle bands
(forgot my paddles)
200 (alt. Per 25 sprint/easy)
5 X 100 (descend 1-3, hold 4 and 5 at fastest pace) (:20)
1) 1:30 (whoops, no place to descend to...?)
2) 1:29 (just barely)
3) 1:30 (nope!)
4) 1:28 (hey! maybe I'm not a walrus after all!)
5) 1:29

That first one was a bit too fast for a descending set. It didn't feel that fast.
100 backstroke
200 (alt. Per 25 sprint/easy)

200 backstroke

Swimmy swimmy swimmy swimmy swimmy swimmy swimmy tonight. My legs feel pretty good... I'm a lot less beat up after almost 12 miles than I was a couple weekends ago after 9ish. I wonder if my new shoes should get the credit for this...? They did give me a blister, though. That was gross. I popped it with a pin and some bloody watery juice came out. Awesome. Tongue out

It just so happens that I did this very same workout EXACTLY a year ago TODAY! 8/4/07. My descending 100's were:


1) 1:40
2) 1:38
3) 1:34
4) 1:34
5) 1:30 WOOO HOO! :)

Interesting.  I was Woo-Hoooing a 1:30. And today I did it accidentally. Heh.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8.5
  • 2h 20m
  • 11.78 miles
  • 11m 53s /Mi

Ha! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Sub 12 min/miles. With a 2:30/1 walk/run combo. I'm thrilled. :)

Felt pretty strong today.

Started to get queezy around 2:00 into it, though, and wound up squatting next to a tree @ 2:05. I got the squirts! I almost made it! Poop (heh, no pun intended!)

Gathered myself together and continued on an additional 15 minutes and got it done.

Had I continued at this pace, I may have had a half marathon PR. This was what I was trying to do @ Steelhead... before I lost my enthusiasm around mile 8ish.

Recoverite + Ice bath

8:41 AM: Took a vacation day today so I could still work my long run into my training and race on Sunday. So, today, I'm charged with the task of running for 2 hours and 20 minutes. Glory be! Supposed to be a very nice day today, so I'm going to head on over to Moraine Hills State Park and amble around for 2:20. First, I need to get all my drinks and fuel stuff together... and have breakfast. Kiss
All right peeps, time to gather the troops...our pal BunnyRunner (TEAM TERRI) needs our strength and support again... the cancer is back. ($%&$%^$%^$#&&#$%%#)  Pop on over and send her a hug....

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10
  • 40m
  • 2400.00 yards
  • 01m 40s /100 yards

Open Water Schwimmen @ Crystal Lake with Jana, Katie, Pete, et al.

For Jana's last day, and for me to finally get my new wetsuit... well, wet.

Memorable quote of this morning:

Jana: Laura, you swim the crookedest straight line I've ever seen!

Me: I know! (As I narrowly miss a head on collision with people swimming in the same direction...?)


5:34 AM: Up early for a little OWS this morning! Jana's official last day. Poop.


In keeping with the Olympics... I give you a couple of my snapshots from Atlanta 1996.  I road tripped there with my friend Amy. We stayed for a week and a half in MACON (80 miles outside of Atlanta) and drove into Atlanta EVERY DAY for events. We had a GREAT time. If the Olympics come to the US again, I'd HIGHLY recommend going. Even for just a couple of events. We saw:

  • Mens' gymnastics individual final
  • Beach volleyball (They served beer. I don't remember who played whom...although I do recall it rained during a match involving Brazil!)
  • Swimming
  • And a bunch of other stuff I don't remember. Mostly beach volleyball and gymnastics, though.
Men's Swimming (Michael Phelps was still in grade school in 1996):

Me and Amy outside the "expo" area. So much stuff to see, do and BUY! Like Ironmanland on STEROIDS! (I still have ((and wear!)) that shirt!)

And here was our view in the gymnastics venue:

The athletes looked like teeny tiny little twirling ants. In an ant farm with bars and mats and vaults.

Back on track this week. Got a big run on Wednesday and a race on Sunday. Miscellaneous other runs and swims mixed throughout. Some core-work, too... but today, NADA!

A couple of photos of me and my family this weekend:

That's everyone, with my Mom in the middle and my sister and BIL on the right. Me and dumpy on the left.

Me, my Mom and sister.

Dumpster and me.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 1h 21m 04s
  • 7.00 miles
  • 11m 35s /Mi

I overachieved by 1 minute and 4 seconds. I wanted to go an even "7" miles.

Beautiful day out there today. Not that much humidity or heat. Not many bugs either... and I ran in a park with plenty of places for them to nest and breed. (!!)

Crushed limestone path all the way around Lippold Park. I have to admit, I got sorta lost a couple of times, not knowing where the different "branches" of the path went. I wound up running through the parking lot like 3x.

AHR seems high, and that's not what it said on the actual Garmin device. Hmmmmmm.

Fixed it. It showed up correctly on Training Peaks, too... ??? Weird.

Recoverite + Ice bath = Awesome

I'm really sore and creaky. I feel like the Tin-Man, seizing up. Been sleeping like crap lately because my legs are uncomfortable. My body does not like all this rest. When you are old and arthritic like I am, I suspect it's best to keep things moving. Hmmmmmmmm. But then I don't get my mental break. And, of course, I need to RECOVER... so... I don't know. It's a conundrum.

At any rate, all the rest is over today with a 1:20 run. And then marathon training picks up again. Am also thinking of doing that 30K TT on Saturday with Chris. Laughing Need to talk to my coach.

10:36 PM: The men's 4 x 100 free relay just made me scream out loud and then cry a little bit! Yay! My cats (and neighbors) must think I'm nuts!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10

I have a full Saturday REST DAY! Still in mental/physical recovery mode from Steelhead. I know I laugh about it, but Steelhead was quite a disappointment for me. Not the end of the world, but a disappointment nevertheless. The weekend itself was a blast, though, so I'm certainly glad I did the race. I just wish it would have been an actual triathlon. And despite all of the levity it has caused around here, I also wish I would have taken my visor off in T1. Seriously. Wink

Anyway, am going to spend my rest day today cleaning toilets/bathrooms/kitchen. And vacuuming all carpeted surfaces. And playing with Molly & Quentin. Maybe I'll do some laundry if the mood strikes. 

Then tonight is my family birthday dinner @ Wildfire with my sister and Mom and BIL and dumpster. 

Here are a couple of photos from last night...(Jana's party)

This is our Crystal Lake/LITH Healthbridge triathlon/Master's contingent.

Me, Katie and Trudy.

Me, Lisa, Jana and Katie.

  • 29m 31s
  • 2.54 miles
  • 11m 37s /Mi

Nice run today. Shoes felt good. Will wear these for long runs. Actually will probably just wear these all the time. I've always liked the Adrenalines. These felt decent.

Now! Off to work!

6:35 AM: Up early for a 30 minute run. My first since this weekend! Woooo Hoooo. Then Jana's party tonight. Laughing Was going to swim this morning, but decided I needed rest more than additional swimming. Jana is still going to be here on Tuesday for the OWS. Will do that instead. She leaves Tuesday night. OK! Here I go... with the Adrenaline 7's! I'll give a full report when I'm finished. (I liked them. There, is that complete enough?)

In the Photo Flipper Today:

A cheerleading photo! This was March of 1986 when our boys basketball team went to state. This was our squad, before the game @ the University of Illinois Assembly Hall. Rachael, Allison, Michelle and I were Sophomores on the Varsity squad that year. It was such a cool experience.
I fell in love with the U of I on that trip and decided I was going to go there. And I did. Laughing

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