Saint Charles,IL 
  • 28m
  • 2.41 miles
  • 11m 37s /Mi

Forest Preserve after work. Out and back, rather than being an overachiever and going all the way around. :)

Forgot my HRM strap, but I do have other Garmin numbers which I will upload when I get home.

Running tonight. A short one. Was going to do it this morning, but I had really weird dreams all last night and didn't sleep particularly well. Can do a short run @ the forest preserve after work. No biggie.

Up on the watershed
Standing at the fork in the road
You can stand there and agonize
Till your agony's your heaviest load
You'll never fly as the crow flies
Get used to a country mile
When you're learning to face
The path at your pace
Every choice is worth your while...


  • 38m
  • 2200.00 yards
  • 01m 44s /100 yards

200 easy free (3:16)
100 back
200 fist + PB
50 pinky/ 50 index
50 OK
100 catch up
4 x 100 IM (took 'em easy, and my breast stroke kick sucks rocks)
1) 1:50
2) 1:49
3) 1:49
4) 1:50
4 x 150 Hard Pace (aim for 2:27, :10)
1) 2:18 Whoops?
2) 2:18 ??
3) 2:19 (Tried to slow down)
4) 2:18 ??
Any slower than this and I didn't think it qualified as "HARD PACE"
150 cool down

Chatted in the pool again? Why is it the moment I decide I'm going to be more social, opportunities arise? Strange.

Discussed bikes and wheels with Dan-the-bike-man for a while. Bikes & wheels, wheels & bikes. Me likey.

9:51 AM: Been feeling sorta melancholy lately. Well, maybe not melancholy... more like just generally "off". I'm a bit sad because at some point along the way I lost the "joy" and "fun" of training and racing. I think it happened gradually, because I can't look back and say... "That's when this all stopped being fun..."

Here's an example: During my file survey the other day... Monday... One of my peers came into the office that day after doing the Chicago Triathlon. The sprint. Her time was 1:40 ish. Everyone in the room congratulated her on a job well done and told her how great she had done, and I did as well, but in the back of my mind I was thinking... "I wonder what her bike split was... I know she's a strong swimmer... where'd she lose time?...I wonder how fast she is per mile on the run..." It was at that point that I realized the fun had been vacuumed straight out of me. I have become results oriented, and when you've got a skill set like I do, (decent swimmer, decent cyclist, downright lousy runner) that's a dangerous place to be. I have no right to comment on anyone's performance, anymore than anyone has a right to comment on mine. At some point, just being involved in this lifestyle became NOT ENOUGH. Not only for myself... but for others, too! I was judgemental!

I was already thinking about it on my long run the other day... that's why I stopped to pet dogs and save turtles and look around a bit. I need to regain some of the wonder of just DOING it. Not doing it at a certain heart rate, at a certain speed, within the parameters of a certain race plan, or in order to beat a certain person. I need to make like NIKE and JUST DO IT.

How can you not laugh at that? Laughing
In the photo flipper:One of my favorite photos of all time... Me and Amy and our friend from our step aerobics class Julie at the lakefront fireworks on July 3, 1996:

  • 42m
  • 3.64 miles
  • 11m 32s /Mi

Ran around in a circle @ the forest preserve after work. :)

Very stiff getting started... but I loosened up well. Man, those first couple of minutes are rough, though.


Running tonight. Probably at the forest preserve near work. We don't have as much daylight as we used to have, so if I want to get this done before dark, I'm going to have to do it near the office. Laughing

Yesterday's inviting 6 AM pool... You can't really see the fog. It was cool.

Look at the sun just rising... I can't believe I'm going to have to go back to swimming inside in just one short WEEK!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 50m
  • 2200.00 yards
  • 02m 16s /100 yards

Gorgeous morning to swim @ the outdoor pool. The air was a bit cooler than the water, so there was fog hovering over a perfectly calm pool. Very inviting. Had the whole place to myself for the first 10 minutes or so... before my pals Steve and Trudy showed up. And then the chatting began. Ultimately, I had to cut this a bit short to meet my "on the road" goal.

300 easy
100 backstroke
5 x 100 IM (took these easy also)
1) 1:50
2) 1:55
3) 1:54
4) 1:55
5) 2:00 (?)
2 x 500 light pace free
1) 8:43
2) 8:37
200 swim (3:31)
100 cool down

Started to run out of time because Trudy and I were chatting between 500's. :)

  • 20m


Of the miscellaneous variety

Fitness ball situps
Hip lifts off edge of step
Gluteal kick backs... etc etc

5:29 AM: Swimmy on the docket today. Was going to try to do it at the lake, but I need to be out of the water, dressed, and in the car driving by 7:30 this morning. The lake makes those logistics a bit unpredictable. Am going to go to the pool instead. Will try the outdoor pool, but I don't know if they are open this early anymore. Anyway, in the pool, if I start getting short on time I can just get out and get ready. Not swim all the way back to shore, wipe sand off my feet, walk back to the car, drive to HBFC, take a shower, etc etc....So here I go... 

And then a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day at work. 

5:40 PM: I am still at work. Leaving soon. I was able to re-do yesterday's catastrophe ***and*** get a significant amount accomplished on today's survey files. My eyes are melting. Must go home.
In preparation for our 20 year High School reunion, I've been perusing and scanning lots of old images so they can be uploaded onto the reunion webpage. I'm quite obviously the perfect person to be the class archivist. (archvier?) Here are a couple of my favorites thus far:

Lunchtime antics. Love the tray. And I've got my mouth full.

Homecoming bonfire, 1987. Nice guy flipping everyone off in the background. (In reality, he is a nice guy. One of the nicest, actually... not sure why he had a sudden urge to gesture profanely?)

And below we have me and my friends April and Melody:

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7.25

6:31 AM: I am up early and must be the picture of efficiency as I need to be out the door and on the road by 7:30. You'd think an hour would be enough time for me to get ready, wouldn't you? But I like to dawdle. No one wastes time like I do. I have a longish commute today to another office for an all day (2 day actually, today and tomorrow) survey.

In other news: I have decided to stop wearing my SUPERFEET. I wore them for about 6 months, and while I originally thought they curbed my knee pain, I no longer believe that. The knees still ache. Plus my feet were starting to hurt in places they've never hurt before. I think they may have rolled my feet too far to the outside, causing some sort of weird-outside-of-the-foot foot strike. I wore my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 5's yesterday for my run and had my best long run experience yet, as far as comfy feet. No Superfeet, no Yanks. Nothing fancy. WHERE can I get another pair of these discontinued shoes? WHERE!?  Frown
6:41 PM: Here are some ((highly anticipated, I'm sure)) updates...
  • Brooks has answered my email regarding the availability of any GTS 5's. They are not available. They don't have any. They don't know where I might get any. They are, after all, about 3 years old. They encouraged me to try the new GTS 9. Poo. I do have to give them kudos for caring about my inquiry, though. The representative even signed the email... "Happy Running!" How delightful! 
  • The survey was a smashing success. I diligently persisted all day long, reviewing and evaluating the handiwork of others. I wrapped up my day's work and went to save my ((rather long and involved)) spreadsheet prior to leaving and... I managed to overwrite 8 hours worth of surveying with a BLANK document. Yes. You read that correctly. A BLANK document. As in, a document that's blank... devoid of my day-long diligence and persistence. Apparently I handled it well, according to the IT gal. *Sigh* So now I've got twice as much to do tomorrow. 
  • I'm having a glass of wine right now, getting ready to watch the latest installment of Intervention. I am going to have a nutritious and well rounded dinner. I am going to get a good night's sleep. I am going to do two days worth of work in one day tomorrow. Watch me.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 2h 26m 27s
  • 12.08 miles
  • 12m 07s /Mi

Forgot my HRM strap. So I have no HR numbers. BLAH!

Decided I was going to try to make this as enjoyable as possible. Since I can't learn to run well, I'm damned well going to learn to enjoy running poorly.

So I looked around alot, pet all the dogs I could find, and I saved a baby turtle from certain death.

And I ran over 12 miles on a hilly hilly course. This will be great for practice runs for March Madness next year.

Recoverite + Ice bath

Our animals. Don't get along.

My cat Molly will not stand for Taetum in the house. She goes absolutely nuts and she won't let us get any sleep! And Taetum is restless... I think it's all the drugs she's on... so she is fidgety, and she gets up and walks around alot in the middle of the night... and Molly antagonizes her the whole time. It's exhausting. Quentin just sleeps through it all... while Molly is quite possessive and bratty. 

Bottom line: I got about 3 good hours of sleep last night. Bummer. Lots of the laying around, but not much of the sleeping.  I have a 2:30 run today. Not really looking forward to it. I also am ((again)) in dire need of groceries. Going to the store after my run is never fun. Frown Waaaaaaaaaaah. Woe is me.


Pity party. Over. 

Now, to get on with this marathon thing. 

  • 1h 48m 37s
  • 29.82 miles
  • 16.47 Mi/hr

Kelly and I had a **VERY** leisurely ride on the flat route I usually take during the week. We rode and chatted and chatted and rode.

VERY humid outside. HOT! STICKY! GROSS!

  • 35m
  • 1859.14 yards
  • 01m 53s /100 yards

Swimmy. After the bike ride. We ate lunch first.

300 easy swim
(there was supposed to be back and breast stroke, but my knees don't like breast stroke much)
4 x 100 IM (:30)
3 x 300 on 5:13
100 cool down

Was supposed to be 4 x 300 and a longer cool down, but I was fairly tired and I've been swimming a lot lately... pulled the plug a bit early.

Kelly is coming! We are going to ride our bikes and go for a swimmy. I also have some corework to do from yesterday.


So I finally found time to do this:

Yup. Groovy.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10

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