Saint Charles,IL 
Moderate or heavy rain shower High 54FLow 32F
  • Temp: 50F
  • Hum: 54%
  • W: 7mph SW
Partly cloudy
High 56F
Low 29F
Partly cloudy
High 58F
Low 43F
Partly cloudy
High 72F
Low 54F
Patchy rain possible
High 74F
Low 56F
  • 45m 12s
  • 3.10 miles
  • 14m 35s /Mi

I did a 5K.

Walked 10 min @ 4.0
Ran 2 min @ 4.9/5.0/5.0

And there it is. No HRM. I was in a hurry and it was buried at the bottom of my bag someplace. Couldn't quickly locate. Gave up.

  • Stair Running
  • 13m 24s

Stairs with Kathy. It's getting easier. Thank God. Knee feels OK too... I took some ibuprofen a couple of days in a row in order to bring the swelling down. Feels about 90% better than it did yesterday. I'll take it.

7:24 AM: Went to bed at a decent hour, but was up in the middle of the night due to a frantic phone call from one of my girlfriends. She was crying so hard she couldn't string together 2 coherent words. I talked to her for about an hour before going back to bed. *Yawn*

1:03 PM: It is so nice outside today, I had the top down on the convertible for the ride into work. I'd forgotten how much I missed "air". And AIR DRYING the fro! My hair dried fully and fluffily in the open air and turned out great, despite its'wet and crispy appearance here in the photo...


February-Leap-Day-Convertible-Weather! Can I get a Hell Yeah!?!??!?!

1:59 PM: I just heard the news... Davy Jones passed away today. I'm so sad. He was my very first crush. I used to walk up to the TV and kiss it when the MONKEES were on. (They were in syndicated re-runs when I was little.) It's just like Al Roker said... "A little bit of my youth just died..." Cry   Sadness. I haz it.  

5:28 PM: Marriage license application arrived in St. Thomas... It's ON!  

I can't believe it's WEDDING WEDNESDAY again!?!?!?!?!

You may not believe this, but I think I'm running out of features for WW. And this has to last until May 12! That's 10 more weeks! 

I shall sparingly dole out my Wedding Wednesday photos from here on out.... One or two at a time.

Today we have Chris and me from our friends Lisa & Craig's wedding, October 2010:

Not certain what I was doing there, but I'm gazing toward the ceiling... for some reason... and wistfully fondling my cleavage. Strange. I like to get dressed up and act peculiar, obviously. The best place to accomplish that is usually at a wedding reception. Can't wait until our wedding reception. Dressing up, peculiarity, and an open bar.... on a Whizzzzz-like scale. w00t! 

  • 50m
  • 2700.00 yards
  • 01m 51s /100 yards

150 warm up sorta. (Jumped in at the very end of this, some stroke, some free)

2 X 50 RA/LA build
1 X 300 build
3 X 100 on 1:45 (getting adequate rest here... I may at some point be able to move these down to 1:40. We shall see)
2 X 50 Tarzan/swim
1 X 300 Pull
3 X 100 on 1:45 without issue.
2 X 50 C/U,swim
1 X 300 Neg Split
3 X 100 on the 1:45
4 x 100 IM (Did as much fly as my arms would allow. They were tired by the end)
50 cool down

  • 30m
  • 2.05 miles
  • 14m 38s /Mi

Walk/run with a very minimal amount of running. Mostly walking. My L knee is feeling weird.

Pushing off the wall in the pool irritates it.

  • 15m

Some PT moves for my knees + hamstrings.

1:53 PM: Oh my it's been a busy day.

Just now getting a chance to post the photo flipper picture of the day... it sort of looks like it belongs in WEDDING WEDNESDAY, but alas, this was not a wedding, it was PROM 1988! Senior year of High School.

L-R the ubiquitious Rachael, my pal Suzi who is a preacher's wife in rural Kansas now, and me. Rachael and I look like we are dressed for our teenaged nuptuials. Suzi looks like a metallic, slender, purple Barney. Hey, it was the 1980's. We were actually at the forefront of formal wear stylings. I'm certain of it. Laughing

8:05 AM: Well, the weight is going in the right direction... that's good! Kiss

Oh, this makes me laugh. Me and Rachael in Mexico. Dancing in the room. Heh. Not sure what I'm doing with my hands and my boobs... looks like I'm adjusting the girls in my bra or something... but... Rachael's face is just killing me. Laughing

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 46m 59s
  • 13.12 miles
  • 16.76 Mi/hr

Watched the live streaming broadcast of the RED CARPET.

Heart wasn't in it, really. Cleaned the whole house today. Refereed several catfights. Just plain unmotivated and tired. But I got a little something in, which is better than a lot of nothing.

My body is sore and tired.


11:41 AM: Today I will:

  • Vacuum entire cathouse. (The Palace, it no longer belongs to me. It belongs to the cats. *sigh*. Fur. Everywhere. Despite vigilant vacuuming.) 
  • Pick out a recipe for Thursday dinner. 
  • Fold & put away all of the laundry. 
  • Ride the trainer. 
  • Dust
  • Put all of the errant stuff away. There is lots of errant stuff. Must all be put away! 
  • Obtain last lingering addresses for invitations, and get them ready to mail. 
  • Order MORE invitations? I may have miscounted the list? 
  • Work on gift registry. (Chris added some things... need to see what he's done!) Surprised

And that will about do it. 

Once I accomplish all of my tasks for today, I will earn this:

The seal of approval.  Kiss

1:54 PM: Anyone remember that cat urine odor from Thursday? Well, yeah, I found it. Some FCUKER (Sorry, Lent, I know, but I couldn't think of another word to adequately express my displeasure) has been peeing in front of the litterbox. Not in the litterbox, but directly in front of it. On the patterned throw rug I bought. So it's nearly impossible to see... but not so impossible to smell. Ugh. I love these cats, I really do... but my advice for those of you looking for a pet would be to "GET A DOG!" Really. 

  • 2h 30m 09s
  • 10.45 miles
  • 14m 22s /Mi

So I went to Cary to do the course. For what reason? Still not sure myself, but it gave me something to do for 2.5 hours on a cold Saturday in February.

Not registered for the Cary half marathon, and at the pace I'm going, I'd never make the cut off anyway... just trying not to get fat. (!!!!)

Gaze upon my map:

  • Stair Running
  • 13m 24s

With Kathy! There we go! Stairs 2x this week! My calves are barking! (Or mooing, I suppose...) Calves... Cows... Moooo.

7:20 AM: So we got some snow last night.

It's heavy and wet and it stacks right up! 

Check out the railings! 


The drive in to work.... Route 31

It is what it is... winter in Chicagoland. We usually have A LOT more snow in the winter, so a little bit of snow doesn't really phase me that much; Especially since it's going to be warmish later in the week and it will probably all melt anyway.

Opted out of swimming this morning because I couldn't sleep due to snowplows throughout the night. Then, when I woke up, the streets had been plowed, leaving great big piles of snow at the end of the driveways. I couldn't have gotten out of the driveway if I'd wanted to. Good thing I didn't REALLY want to.  Undecided Went back to bed for another couple hours of sleep. 

I'll walk tonight after work @ X-Sport. Need to get my pink square for today. I'm doing pretty well this week. 

  • 42m 12s
  • 11.66 miles
  • 16.58 Mi/hr

Cadence of 63? I thought I was making an effort to move my legs around in circles even FASTER than last time... guess not.


Watched an episode of Parenthood. I'm almost caught up.

9:16 AM: OK, well it turns out I didn't mail the Marriage License Application until February 9. So, 2 weeks would be tomorrow, and if it really did get onto the "slow boat to St. Thomas" like our wedding coordinator said, then I think we're still OK, and I will refrain from panicking and sending it all over again. I shall also refrain from saying the F-word today. Yesterday was a miserable failure, so today has to be better. I had this marriage license glitch, and then I had a less than stellar interaction with a remote colleague... both of which necessitated the use of multiple F bombs, clearly.

I have my post surgical appointment today... so the doctor can peek inside my uterus and see the results of the D & C. Hopefully what she sees is a delightfully clean and receptive womb, ready to start churning out a baby, come May. I finally feel like I'm 100% back to normal... (whatever that means) so that's good. Here's to hoping I look normal on the inside as well. When I get back from the doctor's office, I'll treat you all to the Photo Flipper. Stay tuned.

Oh, and during lunch? I'm going to ride the trainer in the basement for at least 45 minutes, maybe an hour! I'm on a good roll here, and I want to stick with it.

3:18 PM: Uterus checked out, so that was good. Been really busy here today... both in terms of work and in terms of errands and tasks. Mailed another bunch of invitations (they are going in groups, I can only lick so many envelopes at a time...) ran to the bank, set up a payment plan with the doctor's office, (getting "sick" ain't cheap, even with good insurance. What a crock of crap!) dropped off the dry cleaning, and made myself an awful sandwich. (PANNINI FAIL!) Working a full day today from home and intend to ride the trainer at some point. Am hoping to get off the hook for making dinner, though... because I still need to address more invitations, search for the source of a cat urine odor, and set up my payment plans on auto-pay with the bank. This woman's work is never done.  Wink

 Hey, here's that photo flipper photo I promised you 12 hours ago:

Me in the front, desperately gripping a glass of wine in one hand, and my friend Kathy in the other. March of 2006. I was supposed to meet Chris at Masters and swim with him at 6:00 AM the following morning, but I got home late (or early, as the case may be) and was unable to drag myself out of bed until at least noon. I didn't even make it to breakfast. My head hurts just thinking about it.

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