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Saturday: CATURDAY!

Couch + Kona + Cats.


Kristin qualified for BOSTON!

Today at lunchtime, I went to return a dress I bought @ Old Navy because the seam unraveled upon my first wearing of the item. (Cheap-o! I don't know why I bother. Why do I bother buying crap at Old Navy!?)

I parked my car, and noticed somebody had parked a BMW across 2 parking spots, like right in the middle, taking up both the spots and making their own car sort of crooked across the two. An ass-wipe move when parking is limited.

I tried to squeeze myself into the second half of the second parking spot, but I couldn't fit without making myself a partner in crime, and screwing up parking for another couple of spots.

So I parked in a normal spot, a couple spots down, and prepared a note to stick on this person's windshield. It read:




I got out of my car and debated the pros and cons of putting this note on this person's windshield. I didn't do it. I figured doing that made me a douche-bag too! And I need only good karma these days. Now. Forever. So I crumpled up the note and stuck it into my pocket.

When I got back out of the store, the d-bag was gone and order had been restored to the parking lot. Without my intervention. I will let the universe take care of the rest.

In unrelated news, I hit and killed a squirrel on my way into work today. That was terrible.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9


Up at 4:30 AM, rode into the city (Chris drove) and I barely stayed awake for the journey. We parked the car and hoofed it all over the city. Stood at mile 2 and froze our asses off. We met Monica there, and she waited to jump in with Lisa and MEH. 

We looked for Kristin, never saw her. Looked for people from swimming, never saw them. Looked for Chris' chiropractor, never saw him. Looked for a guy from work, never saw him. Looked for Nicole, never saw her. We saw Lisa and MEH from afar. It was one of the WORST spectating jobs I've ever done. We moved from mile 2 to mile 12.9 ish and again, saw no one. Well, we saw lots of people, but we didn't KNOW any of them. 

(I have been corrected! We did, for a split second, see TONY! He ran right past and I can see his face before me, still...he did not have any hair gel in his hair! His hair looked crazy!)

Increased security meant we had a hard time getting to the finish line... so we didn't see anyone finish. 

Basically we went all over the Chicago Marathon studying the crowd, looking for people we knew, while half heartedly clapping and absent mindedly ringing a cow bell for a group of exercising strangers. 

I have some photos will post later. All is well, it's just that Saturday I was busy sleeping all day, and yesterday I was busy hiking all over downtown Chicago. (While trying not to hork...I was burping an awful lot yesterday...and while trying to coordinate locations and times and ETA's with people... none of which I ever saw.) 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8

Kristin's parents picked her up around 9 AM... At 9:01 I was horizontal on the couch, watching TV. Kona started at noon and I watched it all day long, or until I fell asleep. Moved to the bed, slept for 2.5 hours, then woke up, watched the end of Kona, had a bowl of Cheerios and went to bed. Yep. Happy Saturday. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 15

10:57 AM: So, today in addition to feeling nauseous, I am also on the verge of crying. Right now, for no reason. Nothing is particularly sad at this moment. I am just... about to cry. That is all. Not sure why. I am blaming hormones.

My clothes don't fit. Apparently everything I own is very form fitting, and none of it fits my form any more. Of course my form has expanded in recent weeks, and will continue to expand for months to come. I walk into my closet, look around, and walk out. Maybe today at lunch I'll go top shopping. I've already gotten a couple of decent items from eBay. I don't need MATERNITY tops, but I could use some tops with just a little more... "blousiness". If that's a word.

I think it's a word.

I am going to cry.

3:08 PM: Double cheeseburger with extra pickles and a medium fry from McDonalds for lunch. I have thus far managed not to barf. The more carby and processed, the better. This is horrifying. I simply cannot eat my regular diet. It makes me gag on a good day, and dry heave on a bad one. The thought of a chicken breast is nauseating. The thought of a chicken breast on a bed of lettuce. NO FUCKING WAY. Unbelievable. The whole thing. From start to finish.

Kristin flies in tonight. She's had to change her flight to a later one... so we will figure out dinner on the fly. (HORK)

Except now I'm going to laugh. This is why I love my dumpster:

Not the only reason, but one of the many....

Yes. The most interesting uterus in the world. Haha.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

7:10 AM: Ultrasound today again + first official appointment. 10:30 AM. w00t!

12:03 PM: All continues to be proceeding well. Today we saw the tiny little spine and the tiny little heartbeat again. I am amazed at the fact that we have created (what the medical world tells me will be) a human being. A human bean. For God's sake. Really? *I* did this? *WE* did this? Chris and me? It looked like a baby turtle on the ultrasound today.

I really never expected it to work! I am amazed. Flabbergasted. Grateful.

The WhizzzzzDump bambino is as big as a kidney bean. My R sided fibroid is as big as a softball. The doctor told me to expect to get large. Expect to get uncomfortable. It will be like carrying twins. At least. Can't wait.

We have a referral to Maternal/Fetal Medicine... which is the high risk doctor that works in affiliation with my ob/gyne. They will ultrasound the hell out of me, monitor everything that happens and make sure the Whizzzzzbod doesn't run amok.

Officially 2 weeks more pregnant than I have ever been before. Long ways to go, but we never even made it to our first appointment last time. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

In the photo flipper:

"Slipper Friends" and Rachael's great big pregnant belly. She was still over 2 months from delivering here. I look so slim! I don't feel slim or fit anymore.

I've got a long way to go, though, so I can't start falling off the fat ledge just yet...

2:45 PM: Exhausted. Mildly nauseous. It would do me good to crawl into my car and take a great big nappy. But alas. I'm at work. And they pay me to... not nap.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

"My name is Laura and I have a lot of hair. See below."

Cheers. With water. I made it through the entree, but just barely. Haha

Really feeling sick today. Not throwing up, but I have been questionable from the moment I woke up. I have been able to tentatively eat the following:

  1. 2 blueberry waffles with butter
  2. A carton of raspberries (small carton)
  3. A Fage Greek yogurt
  4. 2 chocolate chip cookies.

I couldn't even drink my beloved coffee this morning (DECAF!) because the thought of a hot liquid made me sort of gag. No coffee this AM. Just couldn't do it. Drinking lots of water, and wondering what the hell I am going to be able to choke down for lunch. McDonald's doesn't even appeal to me today.

A personal pan pizza from the Target Cafe is the processed shit storm lunch for today, thankyouverymuch. Carbs? YES. More than 400 ingredients? YES. I'll take one. I walked into Target feeling queezy and walked out feeling less queezy and no longer hungry. So... whatevs. I wanted Chipotle, but wasn't sure I could do it. Walked in and took a whiff and walked right back out. This is terrible! (But good. Terrible, but good. If you know what I mean! This is that time of life when FEELING BAD = FEELING GOOD.)

8:06 PM: This has been the worst day for "morning sickness" so far. How about all day long sickness? How about almostpukeinthecarafterwork sickness? How about 2PM gaggingbutnotthrowingup sickness? I am not complaining, because I've accepted this as part of what has to happen. I'm just documenting. One day, God willing, I'll be holding an adorable mini-me or mini-Chris and none of this yack will matter. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

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