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Thanks everyone for stopping by and taking time to think about the 3 of us.

Markers for Trisomy 18 showed up on our Harmony blood tests.

Trisomy 18 is mostly fatal. Most babies that are afflicted with this genetic mishap spontaneously miscarry prior to birth. Some are still born. Others live hours or days or weeks.

90% of babies (I've read as high as 95% of babies) do not survive their first year. The ones that do are so profoundly disabled and have such intricate and awful developmental problems that they are not able to do the most basic instinctual functions like eating, breathing, and pooping.

Harmony is not a diagnostic tool. It is a screening tool. The only way to properly and fully diagnose T 18 is through either an amnio test or a CVS test. Ultrasounds can help, but they are not definitive.

So, I had a CVS test yesterday. Along with another Level 2 Ultrasound. We got to see our little baby again. She looks perfect. Little face, little arms and legs, moving around actively, good strong heartbeat. I can't believe this could be happening. Of note, the Ultrasound did not have any of the hallmarks of T 18, which may (or may not) be present this early in the pregnancy. Doctor and tech both said it looked normal.

Doctor got me in right away, as I'm (actually we) are out of our collective minds. Sadness. Despair. I've lost 4 lbs. Since MONDAY.

Results should be in tomorrow.

Til then I hold onto a shred of hope that the Harmony test provided us with a false positive.

I know there's nothing any of you can say or do to make this any less terrible. Please just continue to keep us in your hearts. We may need more strength than we ever thought possible.

More information, if you're inclined:

What is Trisomy 18?

What is CVS testing?

Going to spend some time away from here, for a little while. There are some things going on that I can't find the words to write about just yet. Please keep us in your thoughts, and if you're the praying type, please pray.

I realize this is like "vaguebooking" but honestly it's all I have emotional energy for at the moment.



  • Health data: Hours slept: 18

Today = Couch. Laundry. Cats. Couch. Kona.

All very non impact. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 12

Had a scare yesterday at work. I started bleeding. Hard. Heavy. 

Called the doctor, left work, and went into the doctor's office immediately. They got me in for an emergency appointment and yet another ultrasound. Chris met me there. 

Checked the cervix, it's closed. (This is good)

Ultrasound showed baby hanging out in amniotic fluid wondering what the hell all the fuss was about. Baby waved, moved, and was acting normal. Heart beating. Unaffected. 

The doctor believes one of my fibroids (likely one on my cervix) became irritated somehow and began bleeding. A lot. Quite disconcerting, but it's of no immediate consequence, and it's no threat to me or the baby. 

I haven't been that flat out frightened since my Dad passed away. My mouth went dry, and after a brief emotional meltdown, I maxed out and shut down. Too scared to even react.

The bottom line is that I could continue to bleed for a couple of days. This should not be alarming, according to my doctor. I am to call if I experience miscarriage symptoms (other than bleeding... symptoms such as contractions, labor type pains, very heavy bleeding etc etc) otherwise, I'm supposed to reprise my routine of LAYING ON COUCHES WITH CATS. Workout privileges are revoked. *sigh* I never even got to step foot in the gym again. 

We are 13 weeks today, and I am on the couch with Quentin.

It's as if the Universe said... "Worried about genetic testing? Worried your nugget won't be a perfect specimen of unmitigated perfection? I'll give you something to worry about..." message received. Loud and clear.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 11

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