Saint Charles,IL 
Moderate or heavy rain shower High 49FLow 27F
  • Temp: 30F
  • Hum: 85%
  • W: 14mph NNW
Patchy rain possible
High 50F
Low 29F
Patchy rain possible
High 54F
Low 34F
Patchy rain possible
High 54F
Low 38F
Partly cloudy
High 56F
Low 40F

I love coffee. I go to bed at night looking forward to drinking coffee in the morning. Does this mean I have a problem? An addiction? An unhealthy affinity? An obsession with the bean? I don't know. I love coffee. Dear God. I love coffee.

And Chris. Of course. You know. I also love my husband. But coffee? A close second.
I also love the photo flipper, but, I must admit, not as much as I love coffee or my husband.

Me and Whitney. Back when *WE* used to love yellowish, warmish, plastic cupped, pee beer.  Spring, 1991. Cheers!

  • Health data: Sick: 1 Hours slept: 8.5
  • 04m 45s
  • 0.32 miles
  • 14m 50s /Mi

Walking on the treadmill waiting for Ronsky.

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 55m

This wasn't glamorous. I'm still feeling sort of weak, and I (TMI ALERT!!! STOP READING HERE IF POO OFFENDS YOU!) took an urgent water/liquid poop about 10 minutes before we started. I have no idea what is going on with my body, but suffice it to say it appears none too pleased with me, for some reason.

Regardless, I gave this everything I had, and although it was spastic and pathetic looking I got it done.

Lat pull downs
Straight leg raises on Roman Chair
V sits with 10 lb weight overhead.
40/50 lb clean & press
Side plank reach back with 10 lb + 15 lb (these were ugly)
Straight back incline situps
And that was all I had in me today. He took it easy on me, and I appreciated that...

6:48 AM: OK, so it's Ronsky at lunchtime today. Woot. Feeling about 90%. Not really looking forward to Baraboo this weekend... the weather looks like it's going to suck. Frown Bah.
9:39 AM: Freewheeling ride to work today! Crazy. Yesterday was bumper to bumper crawling traffic... today, at the same time, on the same road... I drove like Mario Andretti. (Or perhaps like his younger and much better looking sister, Maria) Hahaha. Not bad. I'll take it. 45 ish degrees and drizzling rain... I bet a bunch of people poked their heads out from under the covers and just went back to bed!

It doesn't have to end up in a landfill to make me happy... I also like to recycle, donate, and now, apparently I also like to compost. Innocent

I enjoy clearing out the crap, I will say that. I see no point in hanging onto a bunch of useless stuff. I like open spaces, neat rooms, and I love to see the garbage and recycling being taken away! Good Riddance!

OK OK, perhaps I do hoard photos. But I will say that I have taken great steps to scan much of my collection into my computer so it doesn't take up much (if any!) extra room!


Me and my pal, Alan. I met him in 1993 at Claim School, which is the 3 week intensive training program that was required of all new hires @ State Farm... backintheday. New employees nationwide were shipped off to lovely Bloomington IL to sit in class all day long to read and learn the policy of insurance that covers the cars we drive. Talk about BORING.

In the midst of this mind numbing (yet totally necessary... I mean WHO reads that little policy booklet when it comes to you in the mail? Someone needs to read it and know what it says!) endeavor, some great friendships were forged. Alan has since left the Company, but we keep in touch on FB. He is from Petaluma CA.

  • Health data: Sick: 2 Hours slept: 9

7:17 AM: Improving even more, I think. I always wake up with a sore throat, but it seems to go away as I'm up for the day. 

Swimming tonight. We'll see how that goes. Must jump into the shower and load up on drugs. Ta-ta!
2:04 PM: Rain rain rain rain rain. Chris' flight home from NY was canceled. Frown


Oh lookie here!

The Shamrock Shuffle, March, 2008. In Chicago. A BT gathering. In addition to the fine folks you see pictured here Trixie, Robyn (TriOK) and Tony Goggs were also in attendance.

L - R me, jowisc, jschmitchicago, StartingToTri, and MissKelly. Chris was at home riding the trainer, in preparation for IM CdA that year. He joined us for breakfast after the race.

  • Health data: Sick: 2 Hours slept: 9

6:44 AM: I'm improving. I'd say I'm like 80% better right now. Eyes are itchy and I'm still congested, but whatever was leaking down into my throat, causing it to feel like I swallowed nails, has apparently stopped leaking. Or perhaps it's just stopped scraping. Whatever. I'll take it.

Canceled on Ronsky. A Ronsky workout at less than 100% will just be bad for me. We can reconvene on Thursday. I haven't been eating much since I've been sick... nothing sounds good, and I haven't been hungry. So it's not like I've been eating like shit for 4 days and gaining a bunch of weight. Back on the bandwagon today. Logging food on Lose It! 

In other news, I watched "THIS IS 40" last night, after everyone talked about how LAUGH OUT LOUD HILARIOUS it was. I didn't find it funny. Like at all. Paul Rudd was cute, but their relationship/marriage was... bizarre. The way they handled conflict was... wrong. He lied about their finances, and she was such an idiot she didn't know what questions to ask. The highlight of the entire movie (and their relationship, according to this theatrical masterpiece) was a weekend getaway (right after he learns they are financially broken) where the two of them eat a marijuana cookie. I understand how that could be fun, but... I don't know. Maybe it's because I don't have kids, but THAT is not 40. That movie made 40 look and sound and seem PATHETIC. That movie is why people curl up into the fetal position before their 40th birthdays. Myself included. Look what's in store for you! A dead end job! Bratty kids! Financial ruin! Your tits in a squeezy machine! ANN TAYLOR LOFT! A doctor's finger up your butt! Generalized exhaustion! Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? (For the record, I like Ann Taylor Loft from time to time!)

Having been on the other side of 40 for nearly 3 years now, I am here to say that that movie is nothing like 40. Sure, there's mammograms, prostate exams, and the occasional colonoscopy, but it's by no means pathetic. We are only as old as we believe we are. Watch your money, watch your health, love your partner, and you can avoid turning out like that stupid movie, with fancy cars and a fancy house, but unfulfilled in every other way.  I'm sort of mad that I spent $5.99 on it, on demand. 

^^^ Thank you Pinterest. 

Oh, and you know what else sort of pizzed me off about the movie? The way he rode his bike toward the end... Paul Rudd's character has a melt down at his 40th birthday party, so he hops on his road bike and rides like a lunatic into and out of traffic in a fit of generalized douchebaggery. He ultimately gets doored after swinging a wide turn. This is why people hate cyclists. The whole movie just perpetuated stereo type after stereo type and it just... irritated me. 

Out of devastation can come miracles! This made me cry like a colicky baby. Right here at work. 

  • Health data: Sick: 2 Hours slept: 7
12:18 PM: Went to bed last night around 9:30 and slept until 11 AM. Got up, took some Mucinex and Advil, and now I'm sitting on the couch contemplating a nap. Might go to an Urgent Care to see if I have a sinus infection. The only other time I've felt this shitty was when I have had a sinus infection. It also feels like a truck is parked on my face. Called in sick to work. Frown

1:30 PM: Not sure I could be a stay at home wife. Although I probably wouldn't be sick the whole time... but... this is boring. Sitting here, hanging out with cats, watching BRAVO. Oh, I'm also surfing PINTEREST for motivational quotes and whatnot. I think I may occupy myself with a nap. 

5:55 PM: It seems I'm at home when terrible tragedies hit... on Mondays... the Boston Marathon bombing and now this awful tornado in Oklahoma. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. 

In happier news, I received a letter today telling me there is "no sign of cancer on my mammogram". I'll take it. 

  • Health data: Sick: 4 Hours slept: 14

11:15 AM: Not feeling that much better. I made it to the Cocktails in the Park fundraiser last night, after taking 4 Mucinex pills + 4 Advil + a Zyrtec. I had some vodka and I felt almost human. Today I'm coughing and sneezing and congested again... clogged and itchy ears + sore throat. This does not please me at all. 

Considered a little bike ride... just to get things moving, but being outside in the pollen and the allergens will probably just make things worse. I can't breathe. 

2:27 PM: I've closed up the house and turned on the air and I feel marginally better. I've got a productive cough and I sound like shit. I hate being sick. I am a whiny baby. I want to ride my bike. 

Here some pics from Cocktails in the Park last night....

Me and my friend Kathy... I realize I don't *look* sick... but a little eyeliner and some drugs do work wonders. Trust me on this. 

Here we are at the S'MORES table. 

And Chris and me, in front of one of the many windmills. Batavia is the Windmill capital of... the world maybe. Windmills galore. 

  • Health data: Sick: 4 Hours slept: 13

10:35 AM: I'm sick. I feel achy, feverish, sore throat, and plenty of phlegm. I'm pissed. Missed the bike ride this morning. Slept 12 hours. 


11:47 AM: I'm going back to bed. 

  • Health data: Sick: 4 Hours slept: 15

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