Saint Charles,IL 
Partly cloudy High 61FLow 45F
  • Temp: 42F
  • Hum: 59%
  • W: 8mph NE
Light drizzle
High 61F
Low 38F
Partly cloudy
High 54F
Low 32F
Moderate or heavy rain shower
High 61F
Low 41F
Patchy rain possible
High 47F
Low 36F
  • 3h 09m 24s
  • 47.45 miles
  • 15.03 Mi/hr

Got Spartacus off the wall in the garage and noticed he had a strange noise coming from the back wheel. Rode it around the block and found that the back wheel was out of true, and the noise I heard was the spoke nipple flopping around inside of the wheel. This is the second spoke I've broken on these race wheels. I'm thinking I should save them exclusively for races and stop riding them as daily wheels because they just aren't made for that. (Hence the name... RACE WHEELS... vs. TRAINING WHEELS) (!) Who knew?

Anyway, A quick change and I again had 2 mismatched wheels (not sure if I am able to ride with wheels that actually go together) and we were off. I had my other race wheel in front and a random wheel in the back.

The first 10 miles were pretty much stop and go through town, trying to get W of Randall Road... and trying not to get killed by traffic. The middle 25 miles or so were fast and flat and way out in the far western suburbs... rural areas... then the last 10 miles were directly into the wind. Kind of a bummer, but I don't really care. I am training for a 12 mile sprint bike course. Hahaha. So today I did 4x the distance because I wanted to, and just because I can.

Afterwards we went out to lunch.

Gorgeous day. 72 and sunny. If it just weren't for the wind... but, I suppose the good weather has to blow in from someplace, doesn't it? It certainly does not permanently reside in Chicago.

Rode with Chris and Trudy and Scotty.

Me and Trudy at the Purple Store... the refueling stop on rides down by me now...

They sell Mexican Coke! The stuff with REAL sugar... not HFCS! 

Today we bought a ton of flowers and plants to spruce up the yard... and we planted and arranged them all in a decorative way. Then we went to a Kentucky Derby party. I drank a mint julep (not pictured here) and tried to keep from throwing up. What a vile combination of ingredients. I gag just thinking about it again.

I also wore a hat. Indeed I did. 

My horse lead for 3/4 of the race and then got tired and came in like last or something. Way to go Palace Malice! The entire field sat in, drafted off of him, and then pulled around and passed him with about a quarter mile to go. He was the domestique of the Kentucky Derby! Had the race been longer he probably would have brought feed bags to the other horses. Right. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 40m

Hamstring curls 4 x 12
Quad Extensions 4 x 12
Lunges with 30 lbs 4 x 12
Romanian Deadlifts 3 x 12 @ 60 lbs, 1 x 12 @ 70
Leg press 4 x 12 (80,120,140,160)

  • Stair Running
  • 02m

1 x to 6

8:57 AM: That's the lowest weight I've seen in quite some time... since maybe 2011. I've been eating really well, though, and exercising due diligence by reducing carbs and increasing protein. It has been sort of slowish, I guess, but all told, I'm 7.6 lbs down since I started logging my food on LOSE IT. I am a huge fan of this utility and I think it's proving to be worthwhile! 

Another beatdown by Sir Ronsky today at 1. My arms and core are a bit sore from yesterday. 

Tonight we have a going away party for Agnes' boyfriend Armando... he's leaving the Farm and heading off to greener pastures. So to speak. Glad I'm getting my workout in over lunchtime! 

10:38 AM: Ronsky canceled on me. I may still go lift on my own. Agnes has shamed me into it, and will even write me up a little workout. I shall comply. 

High School Photo Flipper:

The summer after Sophomore Year, so the summer of 1986. In my friend Jackie's backyard, at an impromptu bonfire. The girl in the stripes is Denise, (her claim to fame is that she wrote a longing letter to Boy George and he responded!) and the girl behind us is Jackie, (her claim to fame was her backyard. It was huge) I am wearing a white SWATCH and a pookah bead bracelet, as well as an EXPRESS sleeveless mock turtleneck. I remember that outfit (you can't see the stylish high-waisted white shorts) like it was yesterday, yet I forget my work badge at home a couple of times a week. Why does that happen? 

I was swimming a lot back then. My hair was shiny-fried from the chlorine. 

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

I think Trainer Ronsky is going to be a winner!!!! :) Holy Crap! This was hard. It was lifting and corework and sweaty and in a circuit. Yay!

He took the time to explain each and every exercise and then also took the time to quiz me, to make sure I understood what he'd just told me. (Key, if you know me... hahaha) The whole point, says he, is that at some point I should be able to follow a workout he writes on my own. I should know where all the machines and equipment are, and I should be able to pick it all up, with good form and do it myself. The point is not to have him train me forever, but for him to launch me so I can train myself! At least most of the time.

We shall see. He's crazy and hyper and a little strange. I like him. He's growing out a Mohawk.

We took all of my measurements today too. I didn't ask to see what they were. I will be able to tell when and if I'm shrinking. Clothes don't lie.

9:38 AM: 11 AM trainer beat down. I'm excited to start with this new guy... his name is RON, but he has everyone call him Ronsky. He's very high energy. Like crazy high energy. I'm hoping he fries me... both physically and mentally for an hour... so I can return to work in a refreshed and renewed state. We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed. I really want to finish off my sessions with a good experience! I have 30 more sessions to go, and I want them to be good ones!
4:16 PM: The office makes me sneeze. So. Much. Dust!  


July, 2003. At a happy hour, right after my first sprint triathlon. GOD that was TEN years ago. Can you believe that? I still have the skirt I was wearing in that photo... you can't see it, but I know what it was. The people at work were calling me IRONWOMAN because I did a sprint. They were all super impressed. I find it sort of funny now... but, it's a good thing to remember. What we do might not be exceptional or particularly exciting in the world of TRIATHLETES (pro/elite/other) but in terms of what the public is doing on a regular basis, we're way ahead of the game, guys. Happy Thursday to you. 

  • 45m
  • 2296.59 yards
  • 01m 44s /100 yards

Arrived late. Missed 300 swim + 200 pull.
the remainder of the workout was:

20 x 100


5 x 100 drill
5 x 100 on 1:45 (ow)
5 x 100 on 1:45 with fins and paddles
5 x 100 25 hard/50 kick/25 hard

100 cool down

Weird workout in a weird end lane.

  • Stair Running
  • 04m

2 x to 6 in quite impractical footwear.

9:55 AM: It's so beautiful outside. SO SO SO beautiful outside. I don't want to be sitting inside working. Not. At. All. 

Swimming tonight, at the much less dank and depressing DELNOR pool. 

Need to figure out where people swim outside in St. Charles over the summer. DelNor does not have an outdoor facility...? 

2:01 PM: Lunch with Agnes and Chrissy outside at the restaurant next door. Damn! I did not want to come back to this terrible fluorescently lit cave of an office. I want to lay outside in a swimsuit and keep my tan going!


Our Phi Mu reunion... first year... 2005. I can tell it's 2005 because those are my old RayBans, and I wore them the whole weekend that and ended up with these little raccoon circles around my eyes. That's my friend Amy (from yesterday's entry as well) She claimed she didn't want to be photographed outside of the water... so she submerged her entire self underwater and we took a picture of the top of her face only. Haha. The 2 girls in the background, enjoying a Corona on a floatie, are Chandra and Ann, two of our "sisters". 

I was reminded, after sending this photo to Amy today, that we dubbed her the "bobbing head" all weekend. Hahaha. I find that funny. Laughing

  • 45m
  • 2296.59 yards
  • 01m 57s /100 yards

I did most of Chris' swimmy from this morning.

The XSport pool is dank and dark and depressing. And BUSY. I busted in and shared a lane with a guy for the first 30 minutes or so. There was another girl standing around waiting... she refused to share a lane. So even though she got there first, I was almost finished with my workout by the time she even got into the pool.

I don't understand why people think they need a lane all to themselves?


300 swim
300 kick
300 pull
4 x 25 fast
2 x 250 (200 mod + 50 fast)
50 easy
4 x 150 build by 50's
50 easy
200 cool down
2100 or so. I don't even have the patience to add it up anymore. ;)

  • Stair Running
  • 04m

2 x to 6

9:37 AM: I had a personal trainer appointment all set up for today at noon, and he canceled on me. We have rescheduled for Friday at 1 PM and on Friday we will come up with a firm schedule. It might end up being like 2x a week vs. 3x, though. That's OK. I just need a schedule I can plan around. 

So, I have to come up with something to do today, so I think I'm going to do Chris' swim workout from this morning. He got up and went swimming while I stayed in bed and slept. *Yawn*

The plan is to flee the scene here at 4:30 PM, (working thru lunch) and head over to X sport to be in the pool by 5. We shall see. I'd like to be out of the pool by 6. These are ambitious plans... you know how I get sucked into work's vortex.

1:30 PM: Overheard in the elevator today (going down, only!) "Gray is my favorite color"  Really?

5:20 PM: Just a little late. Leaving now! 

In other news, let's do the April Monthly Recap, shall we? To see where I'm at in regard to the goals I set back in January. 

The goals were as follows:

  1. Get to a more acceptable weight.
    1. Daily movement/exercise. This continues to improve. I have signed up again with a personal trainer and that was going great throughout the month of April. She has left XSport, though, and has recommended someone else. I am taking her recommendation.
    2. No more bad breakfast. I have eradicated bad breakfast entirely. Instead, every morning, I have some combination of egg whites, turkey or chicken, salsa, and a bit of skim cheese. On a tortilla. A Whizzzzzz-wrap if you will. I still have coffee, but I make it at home. I went to DD once in the past month. I bring healthy snacks to work, and I am sticking to a diet that is less than 50% carbs. I am slowly seeing results. A diet switch like this isn't like a crash diet. I am probably not going to drop tons of weight straight off the bat. So... I shall continue to eat well and see what happens. 
    3. Control weeknight wine.  This is going well. Finally, and will help with ^^^
  2. Stop buying clothes. Disaster. I look cute as hell, though, so there's that. 
  3. Do whatever the doctor says in regard to getting pregnant. Waiting for my period, which is due on Friday. If it comes, I am making an appointment with the doctor again to see if I can get to a fertility doc. If not, I am peeing on a stick and making an appointment with the doctor, as I would be classified as a high risk pregnancy, and I get appointments from moment one. 


My friend Amy (Laps23) and me in Miami, May of 1993. We went there to visit her ex boyfriend, the dude in the middle. It rained the whole time we were there. We went to see a movie and went to get a tattoo. (I chickened out at the last minute, Amy got a shamrock) We did go windsurfing once, and that was super hard. 

Let's hear it for high waisted white shorts! Woooot!

  • Stair Running
  • 04m

2 x to 6


  • Oil change?
  • Sweep floors
  • Work
  • Run after work? 
  • Go to WalMart at lunch to get hair gel. (Must. Control. Fro)

Today's Random Photo Flipper Photo is...

Me and my pal Chrissy... out LATE in October of 2011. This was a multiple Vodka-Redbull evening. We waited outside of the UNDERGROUND club in Chicago... It was a mob scene because supposedly Enrique Iglesias was there hanging out with his friends. It was probably at least 2 AM by the time we got in. The door man was a jerk and he looked each person up and down and either let them in or not. It felt a bit like sorority rush.

Honestly, though, Enrique Iglesias could have been checking our IDs himself and we wouldn't have realized it or recognized him, given our intoxication situation. Of course Agnes was there too. Luckily we stayed downtown, so we didn't have to drive. Our only concern was telling the cab where to go, which is harder than it sounds. One casualty that evening: (Aside from my toes, which were numb for 3 days afterwards) The belt to my black trench coat.  Ahhhh well. 

We were celebrating my engagement and the end of Ironman!!! WooooHooooo!  

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