Saint Charles,IL 
Partly cloudy High 41FLow 23F
  • Temp: 25F
  • Hum: 85%
  • W: 14mph NNW
Partly cloudy
High 45F
Low 25F
Partly cloudy
High 45F
Low 32F
Moderate or heavy snow showers
High 45F
Low 18F
Patchy moderate snow
High 38F
Low 29F
Sport #1
  • Stretching
  • 10m

Ronsky extreme painful horrible stretching. Ow.

Sport #2
  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 50m

Sheer exhaustion and torture. A tiny little workout and circuit that had me sweating like... like... nothing you've ever seen before. Lots of plank type moves. I am going to be a plank champion. This was literally awful, though. We talked about my goals, and my one goal for all of these sessions and our time together is to develop good core strength. Obviously, that's not going to happen by itself. So... I will work on it. Work works. It does. I've seen it happen before.

Ronsky at 11. I am not sure what kind of workout I will be able to perform, given my legs are sore, my knees are sore, my arms and shoulders are sore, my neck is jacked up and I'd like to crawl under the desk and go sleepy. But... 11 am it is. We shall see.

Blackhawks game tonight. I hope they can wrap it up tonight. I don't think my liver or my nerves can handle a game 7.

Hawks WIN! (From Saturday night!)

  • 4h 48m
  • 79.74 miles
  • 16.61 Mi/hr

Windier than shit and hotter than hell.

And we were out last night at Rachael's new house, drinking wine and watching the Hawks game. Woke up this morning after about 5 hours of sleep and found myself a bit hungover. Slugged down some Advil and loaded up the car.

Before I knew it my ass was planted on a bike seat and I was 20 miles into this ride!

Sweated out the alcohol, and felt great by the end of the ride. Nothing like a long hot windy bike ride to remedy the after effects of the fruit of the vine. Hah. ;)

Here's the map. Lots of little loopies. The wind was blowing directly from the south. So it blew us all the way north, and then we had to turn around and fight it all the way back. Cross wind weirdness going east and west. I've missed my maps. Had to use the old Garmin today (305) because the 310 has died a slow and beepy death. It beeped 4-5 times, the screen developed condensation from the inside, and then it went kaput. I'm going to send it in for a $50 credit toward a 910. Shazzzam! 

9:05 AM: I'm supposed to be 2:05 into a bike ride, but woke up to torrential downpours and thunder and lightening. Got a text from Trudy that said they were going to hold off til 8, and see if the radar improved. Switched my alarm and woke up around 6:30, texted Trudy and she'd called the whole ride off. So... no 70 miles for me today. If it improves a bit I may get out there and do something... but right now, I'm having coffee. 

Maybe I'll ride the Swedish Days Century tomorrow since I won't already have 70 miles in my legs. It better not rain tomorrow too! 

(I realize this post is fraught with fair weather bike-isms... but let's face it. I'm doing this for fun, not training right now, and there's not a lot of fun to be had out there slogging around in a thunderstorm, soaking wet.)

Just sayin.

Jerks. Fuzzy, warm, purring, kneading, clawing, spitting, screaming urination machines. If I didn't love them so much I'd hate them. Must go search for more pee-spots. I've got a bottle of Nature's Miracle and I'm not afraid to use it. 


  • Health data: Hours slept: 5

Today I rest. I'm sore from top to bottom, stem to stern and my knees are pizzed. Muscle soreness from Ronsky in the core/arms/upperbody/glutes/and just about every place else. Knee grinding and joint aches from some squats yesterday, combined with stiff legged whack ass dancing. That never bodes well for the knees. 

Anyway, riding tomorrow. Riding Sunday. I'm certain I'll be getting adequate exercise in the coming days. 

Meanwhile, I give you photos from last night:

Here's everyone. 

Me and Kathy

I've a tambourine! 

And we danced until the sun went down, the hair went up, and the shoes came off! 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
Sport #1
  • Dancing
  • 45m

I'm only going to log 45 minutes for this. But I'm sure I danced for probably at least an hour and a half total. We danced like lunatics, and ON A SCHOOL NIGHT! Our friend Danielle was in town, after moving to Arizona, she returned for a family wedding. We went to Carlucci's again, on the patio, and this time there was a BAND! A decent band! I was so sore, and so beat up after Ronsky, that this dancing felt like shit! It felt more like exercise than enjoyable dancing. It was sweaty and my feet blistered. Sexy.

Sport #2
  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m


This was hard. I seriously think Ronsky would delight in my passing out. Supposed to be higher intensity cardio-wise than anything we've done recently, which it was... but it was also HARD. I was sweaty and red and accidentally spitting saliva here and there. Dripping sweat and foaming at the mouth.

And then I returned to work.

9:56 AM: We have a skunk (or a family of skunks?) living someplace in very close proximity to our bedroom window. It appears to be a skunk who is overzealous with his or her skunk-smell-squirter thing. I've been awakened the past 2 nights by the pungent smell of skunk-ass.

I don't know what or who this skunk is spraying... but it's definitely in our backyard. PeeeeeYouuuuu.

Yeah. Not really. Nothing loveable at all about l'eau d'skunkass shooting through the window at 4:18 AM.


Me and my pal Suzi @ Rachael's house. This was the winter of my Sr. year in HS. We were supposed to be going to McGreevy's to go dancing (a teenaged nightclub... no joke... full of punk/goth/Robert Smith looking types) but instead, they surprised me with a cake to celebrate my acceptance to the U of I. Rachael and Suzi both worked at the local bakery. I'm LOVING that kitchen wallpaper. Wow.

RONSKY at lunchtime. That's going to be tough. I'm sore. 

  • 55m
  • 2296.59 yards
  • -----

My armsssssssssssssss! They were not happy about this at all. The butterfly just to added insult to injury.

100 warm up (was late, supposed to be 300)
300 pull (take that, ARMS/BACK/CHEST!)
3 x 100 @ T pace... (on 1:45) I made 2 of these. HARD.
50 easy
3 x 100 faster than T pace (on 1:40) Flailing disaster.
50 easy
3 x 100 on 2:10, as fast as possible. Only made these because of the extra rest.
1) 1: 35
2) 1:40
3) 1: 36
4 x 75 Tennessee & easy free/underwater swim/Fly/5 tricep pushups/easy free. KILL ME.
100 cool down
I'm missing a couple hundred. I think there was a 4 x 50 set in there someplace?

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 55m

I was a little bit late. Today was tough, nevertheless. Instead of doing 3x reps, we did 2x reps with heavier weights, and Ronsky was kind of mean about it. He told me to "STOP SLACKING!" but I honestly was not slacking. We went heavier on everything today and I was just having a HARD TIME. Yeeeow.

Core. Shoulders. Arms. Core. More core, and then some more shoulders arms and back.

Sweaty. Hard. Tough. Tough. Tough. Swimming tonight. I wonder how the arms will like that.

Whitney stopped by to see the new house. We took a photo in with the landscaping and foliage.

Chris suggested we try kneeling...

"Kneel by the landscaping" he said. "It will be fun" he said.

I managed to eventually get into a semi crouching position without looking too uncomfortable. I did have mulch stuck to my knees, though. How I wish my ROM was just a little bit better in both knees. It would make things like posing amongst the foliage that much easier and more graceful, not to mention getting into and out of low profile cars and chairs and stuff like that.

Getting up again was a disaster



So, here are the results: As I previously reported, I was just about perfect with my watch! And I was a couple of seconds faster than I thought, so... there's that. I'm 36 seconds off my PR, from 2009. No matter. I am happy with how it went, and I'm happy that I was able to string together a set of footsteps that might be considered a "jogging" pace, not a walk. Kiss

Kiss for luck for the dumpster. He was #10 and I was #235 and we started in number order. So he was off long before I was! 

That's Schmize on the L, Chris on the R and our pal Trudy with the yellow shirt. She's the RD.

And all of us after the race. I am going to burn my horrible unflattering outfit now. kthxbai. 


Laura Parker



SWIM: 13:06.40/// BIKE: 48:02.80 (19.4 MPH)/// RUN: 49:26.40 (12:22 min/mile)

Add in transitions and you get the total time.



  • Health data: Hours slept: 8

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