Saint Charles,IL 
Mist High 61FLow 38F
  • Temp: 52F
  • Hum: 41%
  • W: 8mph NE
Partly cloudy
High 54F
Low 32F
Partly cloudy
High 61F
Low 41F
Moderate or heavy rain shower
High 47F
Low 32F
Partly cloudy
High 58F
Low 38F

Traveling to TX for the Phi Mu Reunion. 

That's me, flexing. Heh.

Me and Leo, the cutest dog ever.

Group shot, day 1. One of us "fell asleep" while the sun was still up. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10
  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Abs. And boxing.
We spent the first half hour doing a circuit that involved the Swiss ball and included this:
10 Pike reverse v-ups
10 push ups with shins on ball
15 of these face up leg lifts with my hands on the railing, ball under lower back
25 push up/push off burpees off the ball.
5 18' box jumps (This is a huge box jump PR for me. I am deathly afraid of any and all box jumps and it took much coaxing and positive self talk to get me to jump up on this 18" box. Pathetic. I know. But I did it and had room to spare and good knees-to-chest form. I think I tripped too much as a child. No joke.)
All of that x 3
Then boxing. Many combinations this time, including knees. My forearms are shaking.

9:45 AM: My AMH test came back "normal". This means I've still got eggs and I'm not headed headlong toward menopause in the foreseeable future. I do still get regular periods, so that's also good. I'm not washed up yet.

The next step is to head off to Northwestern and see what Dr. Lin says about about the size and location of my fibroids and see what he thinks about removing them through robotic surgery. Dr. Gallo didn't seem too thrilled about the concept, believing they are too big to be removed via a laparoscopic procedure... so I guess we wait and see and let the specialist help us decide.


Me, U of I, 1989 or 1990. This was at a party at the Sigma Nu house... that much I recall. The rest? A beer soaked vague memory. My hair, makeup, jewelry and nail style has changed very little since the late 80's. Not sure what that says about me. Not sure I want to think about it. Hahaha.

  • 50m
  • 2296.59 yards
  • 02m 11s /100 yards

150 warm up
4 x 100 (50 fist, 25 scull + 25 dps)
4 x 75 (25 dps, 50 build)
9 x 50 (fast, fast, easy)
2 x 300 (200 easy + 100 fast)
200 pull
2100 M

Oh my God. Here we go again. Back to the pool. Of course this never goes well upon my return...

Swimming tonight.

  • 40m

I'm just going to log this under "strength" because it involved lifting, and it did not involve Ronsky. But it was Ronsky-esque. He'd be proud. Knocked this out in about 40 minutes.

2 circuits of my own design:

1. Hanging straight leg raises/hanging tucks x 10
2. Wall ball squat/throw x 15 with 15 lb ball. There are no other balls?
3. Side to side situps with 15 lb ball



1. Lat pulldown 60/70/70 x 15 (that last one was a stretch)
2. 15 burpees focusing on perfect form, with ball, 12 lbs
3. Side arm/leg crunch x 15 with 10 lb weight (up from 7.5 the last time I did this!)



2 x 10 on the Roman Chair. And I was done.

I took a lot of videos... I find it easier to take a video than to try to capture a person with a camera as they're moving. 

So, let's see what I can do here. Mostly photos of the run... 2 videos...

BT'ers on the run:


^^ Dave 


^^ Kristin, mile 19

^^ Jtopin (Jeremy)

^^ cweninger (Clint)

^^ TriDDS (Chris)

^^ trainergirlmick (Michele & cape) 


  • Health data: Hours slept: 8

Let's call this a recovery day, shall we?

Drove back from Madison. Spent the remainder of the day trying to regain control of my life and hair. Back to work tomorrow. Booooooooooooooo.

Today I paid some bills, did some laundry, bought some hair gel and had a beer or two. 

Now, here are some videos... Couldn't figure out how to post THEM, so I took the easy way out and am providing links. Enjoy! More tomorrow. 

Swimstart. Goosebumps.

Up the hill with a drum! Bitch #2

LazyMarathoner on the second bk loop

Amazing Hoyt-like duo on bitch #2

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • Jockstrapping
  • 6h 00m

Ironman Wisconsin. We were up at the crack of doom and in bed after midnight. Seems a little ridiculous to log 17 hours, but it was at least that long, actually more like 19 hours. Feet/back/literally everything aches.

Again, what an amazing event! Makes me want to... sign up. Again. But I know that's not in the cards next year. Maybe 2015. I know there are other locales for races, but I'm telling you, Wisconsin = Ironman to me.

Fo Shizzle.

Lots of Facebook coverage. I need a teeny tiny break from the computer. May upload some photos tomorrow. I need to figure out how to get videos into the blog... hmmmmm.

The fro had deteriorated into this by about 5 pm on Sunday... ever expanding... ever frizzing. Easy to spot in a crowd, though, so there's that. Not 100% fuzz, but... pretty close. Like 98.3% fuzz. 

I've got some more photos... and videos... 

  • 5h 27m 34s
  • 88.75 miles
  • 16.26 Mi/hr

Up and around Lake Geneva, in a slightly different combination of roads.

Managed to skip the whole south shore. That was nice.

Bike Ride with Trudy and Monica!!! 

Twas long. And fun. 

We pulled in at Trudy's house, hightailed it back to our place and I barely had time to shower before we were off in the car up to Madison. 

Buttttttt.... Not before discovering, much to my chagrin, that I was completely out of hair gel. Like NO hair gel in the whole house to tame the Whizzzzz-fro. Not a drop. The cupboards were bare. Zero. Nada. Nothing. I slathered on on some conditioner and hoped for the best. 

By dinner I was in a ponytail. 

Check out my eyelashes! Woot! 

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