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Partly cloudy
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Patchy rain possible
High 59F
Low 41F
That's the hope, at least. 
To that end, I sit softly, walk gingerly and do nothing but breathe and lay around for training.  
This is a very exciting triathlon blog. Wink
I may get my first chance to be a designated driver tonight. We're going out for happy hour after work and I'm thinking I'll probably end up driving my drunk friends around. For a little while, at least... until I start to fall asleep. Then I will force them into the car and make them go home at like 8:35 PM.
We get prescription cat food delivered 2x a year. It's the full supply and it lasts 6 months.

Our shipment arrived yesterday, and Molly has not let it leave her sight.
I went to bed last night and she was sitting on the box.
I woke up this morning and she was (still?) (again?) sitting on the box.
She is nothing if not food driven.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

7:17 AM: I fall asleep around 9 PM... It's like I get hit with a tranquilizer dart. You know how they do it in zoos to like, lions? They shoot 'em with the dart and then clean their teeth and poke around with them... as veterinarily (is that a word?) necessary? Yes. That's how I feel. I doze off and start drooling and snoring. It's an all encompassing exhaustion that is almost creepy. I'm sleeping 9+ hours a night, and I can barely keep myself awake at work. 

4:45 PM: 1 week down. Like 35 or so to go. So far no spotting. This is good, way better than last time. 


Oh look! It's Amy again! And Whitney! 

Here we are @ Kam's... a U of I bar... tailgating in the beer garden @ 10 am before the Illini game. We were in a "football block" with Phi Delta Theta, (fraternity) and apparently I didn't buy the football block "favor", which was that blue and white rugby shirt. I was wearing an orange and white number that I'm certain I borrowed from someone. Lots of hair. Check out my friendship bracelet. I actually did wear it until it fell off. That's what you're supposed to do, right? Well, that's what I was told. Cool

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
That right there is the non vigorous, low impact mantra for today. 
Enjoy your hump day, everyone. Vigorously humping! Or whateveritis you find yourself doing today.

Me and Amy, October 21, 1995. This was her 25th birthday party at my condo. I got her that delightfully jingo-istic USA TEAM AMERICA sweatshirt. I wanted one for myself too, but it was freaking expensive! And it was big enough to fit a 7 foot tall man. Clothes were so... huge back then.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8

7:22 AM: The cats are smothering me. I must smell different. They can't get close enough and if they're not sitting directly ON me, they are licking me. It's all cats all the time here. 

Chris is on litterbox duty, though. Not advised for pregnant women to hang around all that cat poo.

1:30 PM: I just taught a CPCU class for the first time, that's something different... I am usually taking a CPCU class. Honestly it's been years since I've done either. Whew. Sweaty armpits and tricky material. Standard deviations, bell curves, probabilities. Glad that's over. Now waiting to hear back from the doctor regarding my bloodwork. So many tests, so little time.

5:14 PM: Levels are perfect for my Last Menstrual Period. That's a relief. Now, the next hurdle is making it to 9/27/2013 arriving intact with a tiny Parker inside of me @ the early ultrasound.

Check this out: Photo from Bitch #2 taken by my friend, the multi talented Ali Engin. Ali started out as a triathlete, but after a pretty terrible achilles tendon injury, he pursued sports photography and has become a first class awesome sports photographer. 

You can certainly spot the afro. That's me, of course. Next to me in the dark blue is Schmize. Next to me in the light blue is Irish Peter. The kid banging on the drum is an elite runner from my old digs, and the winner of many a March Madness Half Marathon. 

I don't know where Chris is??

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
12:03 PM: Headed out to the doctor... for a blood draw... to make sure all the levels are as they should be.

1:08 PM: The blood, again, is drawn. I asked for advice/guidance from the nurse and she told me the following, given my age and history:

  • No sex (Sorry Chris)
  • No vigorous exercise.
    • No bike riding
    • No swimming
    • No running
    • No weights
    • Walking (non vigorously) is OK.
  • 1 caffeine beverage per day is OK. No more.
  • No alcohol.
  • No cigarette smoke. First hand, second hand, or otherwise. 

I am to call and come in if I encounter bleeding, cramping, sharp pains or anything else that appears ominous or questionable.

These are not limitations that everyone has when they are newly pregnant. Just me as a  "geriatric" with my fibroids, my hypertension, and my history of miscarriage.

I am basically to wrap myself in bubble wrap and set myself aside for a couple of months....

That seems straightforward enough.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8

Traveled back home from Houston.

Fell asleep on the flight. Actually took a nap during the party.

It's hard to be the only person at a reunion who's not drinking....

Yes. You read that right. In the middle of a fibroid/fertility crisis, and less than 12 hours after having that conversation with my doctor, I found out I'm pregnant. My period was late, and it's usually ON TIME or early... I figured I ought to pee on the stick, just to be sure, before I fly out to Houston and drink for 2 days straight..

And shock of all shocks... It was positive.

I'm not sure how this will all play out. My fibroids are large and they're certainly THERE so that part of the equation has not changed. I don't know how that's going to work out. It's early. I'm old. It is what it is.

However, I think I'd rather be honest about why I'm not working out, why I'm taking it easy for these first several weeks and why I'm not riding my beloved bike(s) anymore.

Anything can happen. I figure the more people we have out there rooting for us, the better.

Doctor (blood draw only) at lunch tomorrow. Early ultrasound on 9/27.

Holy Shit. There goes 'Cross season! Wink

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

DAY 2 

Phi Mu Reunion


Everyone except Tristan!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10

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