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Last night we went down to the city to have Chris' birthday celebration. We pretty much stood on Michigan Avenue, held our wallets upside down and just shook them out til all the money was gone. Hahaha.

Dinner on Wednesday night @ Everest. Delicious. Very expensive. Impeccable service, presentation, food. All just top notch. Beautiful view of the city at night. Cost as much as... an entry level bike. But worth it. For the experience if nothing else. How often can that even happen? Not very often. So... I say it's worth it.

Then the next day we hoofed it over to the Art Institute and saw an exhibit called Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity

We also wandered around the museum and saw all kinds of priceless works of art... including the American Gothic:

We saw the famous Renoir:

(And we saw a tourist taking photos of the famous Renoir)

Vincent when he still had 2 good ears:

Marc Chagall's famous stained glass windows:

Then we returned to our cars in the Itasca Metra Parking lot... and we each had a $30 ticket. Yay.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
I was in a car accident yesterday, got rear ended as I was turning off of the expressway ramp. The loser hit me TWICE. I'm not sure how he accomplished that, but he did. 
Poor Rita Gaspar is headed for yet another rear bumper. This may be bumper #4 or #5... I can't keep track. 
I feel fine, and I'm assuming the baby is fine. No spotting, bleeding, cramping or other unusual feelings. I have to believe it would take more than a rather minor rear end accident to hurt a tiny little baby inside its {super tough and very resilient} Ironman mother.
Sad Rita:

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

I am not sure I can continue to fill this space with interesting information... seeing as though I'm  doing NOTHING in terms of workouts. This is a triathlon training blog... I'm neither swimming,  nor biking, nor running. I'm not even walking. I'm... sad and boring.

However I realize that this is for the greater good. Little Parker needs his/her Mommy to sit the fcuk down so he/she can establish a good comfy home in my fibroid riddled uterus.

So that's what I'm doing.

We are creeping up on week 6.5. Here's what's going on inside me right now, in case you're interested....


Many of you have been pregnant before and this is not a newsflash, but many of you have not, and maybe you will find this interesting... if not educational. 

Trying not to peruse too much of the internet as there are horror stories all over the place about miscarriages, bleeding, spotting, cramping, things that can go wrong. I'm pretty much sticking to  Pinterest for inspirational quotes and happy thoughts, so you may be seeing some of those pop up from time to time.

Instead, I am concentrating on taking this process one day at a time. For today, I am pregnant and carting around a lentil sized Parker throughout my non vigorous low impact daily activities.

Raging headache. Sore bewbs. Threw up this morning while brushing my teeth. All excellent signs. Undecided

Happy Birthday to this guy right here. Dumpster. Chris. Mr. Whizzzz. Whatever you'd like to call him, I call him MINE.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

I'm feeling good... if feeling bad means I'm feeling good. You know? I am tired. TIIIIIIIIRED. And I'm feeling faaaaaat. And inactive. Chubby, moooshy, and slovenly. But... my low impact life of non vigorousness has only just begun.

I'm hoping that I will be allowed to do a little bit of something maybe in the second and third trimester. After we can be a little bit more certain about things sticking.

Went to my co-worker's 50th birthday party last night. For the Bears game. Watched the Bears beat the Steelers. I don't follow football, really... so I mostly just hung out with Agnes, ate pizza, drank water, and took photos.

Me and dumpster.

Me and Nicky (the birthday boy) and Agnes. Agnes and I had to buy "BEARS" attire to wear to this thing.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

8:58 AM: Sooooooooooo. I went to bed at 10 PM last night. Slept til 8:20 this morning. Took an hour nap yesterday, and didn't do anything exciting or strenuous. I haven't been this tired since Ironman training. When I'm driving, I have to check the stop lights twice, to make sure they're actually green before I go through them. I am yawning left and right. 

Chris has a half marathon this morning, and I am not there. I slept. 

Some photos from my sober adventure Friday night:

Agnes and I split a cheese/meat tray. She's always good to split a snack. 

Here we are, the 4 of us, Friday night. 3 single ladies and me, the married preggo. Kiss

My hair is apparently expanding... much like it did in the 1980s. It's like a... black hole. Engulfing everything that dare cross its path. See how it's moving in on Nora's face? 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10.5

Last night:

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10
That's the hope, at least. 
To that end, I sit softly, walk gingerly and do nothing but breathe and lay around for training.  
This is a very exciting triathlon blog. Wink
I may get my first chance to be a designated driver tonight. We're going out for happy hour after work and I'm thinking I'll probably end up driving my drunk friends around. For a little while, at least... until I start to fall asleep. Then I will force them into the car and make them go home at like 8:35 PM.
We get prescription cat food delivered 2x a year. It's the full supply and it lasts 6 months.

Our shipment arrived yesterday, and Molly has not let it leave her sight.
I went to bed last night and she was sitting on the box.
I woke up this morning and she was (still?) (again?) sitting on the box.
She is nothing if not food driven.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

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