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Back to work.

High anxiety this morning. I'm not sure why... or what's changed, but I'm crabby and anxious. I'm likely riding a hormone roller coaster and man, does this part suck. Had a less than friendly text exchange with Rachael this morning, but not before I was short and sort of bitchy with Chris.

I feel like I'm having an out of body crabby experience. I can see myself being crabby and downright bitchy, but I am powerless to control it. I'm pretty much hoping people just stay away from me today. Perhaps if I bare my teeth like a rabid dog, I will be able to spend the day alone, before I snap at anyone else.

Prepped this for dinner tonight:


We've had it before. It's a winner.

Maybe I can start cooking  more... most everything that happens in the kitchen is non impact. (Most everything) Hahaha.

4:10 PM: I've not improved. Right now as best as I can explain it... I feel like this: (as eloquently related to my patient husband, about a half hour ago...)

"I am just so crabby and so frustrated right now I just want to cry like a little baby. You know how babies cry and their mouths open up and their little tongues vibrate inside their mouths? And they have no teeth? And their eyes are squinched closed and their mouths are open and their tongues are vibrating and they’re just crying? That’s how I feel right now. I probably just need a nap"

In other news, but also baby related... RONSKY's wife finally had that baby. Meet Giovanni.

4 lbs and 9 oz. Born on Friday. He's no longer all taped up like that... I think he's off most of the machines today. He was a little over 4 weeks early. Everyone's doing great. Kiss

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8

Just another non vigorous day here in Crazyville. 

Been sitting on the couch, filling out paperwork (I got summoned to be on ANOTHER JURY! Why does this keep happening?) and re-watching Breaking Bad. Finished folding the laundry and now I'm headed to the bedroom to put it all away. 

It's non stop excitement around these parts. I'm telling you. 

I'm queezy. I don't feel like throwing up completely, but I feel like I have an upset stomach or indigestion. And as always, a raging headache. 

Molly watching the world outside her window:

See the chipmunk??

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10

Fell asleep last night around 8:30 trying to watch Zoolander. Got up at 9, walked to bed, and did not emerge from the bed until 8:30 this morning. Headache. Feel like I've been shot with a tranquilizer dart. 

Pretty much just like this

I mean, I start out with the best of intentions... watching the movie, being attentive, laughing at the funny parts, and then all of a sudden I collapse into a snoring heap of hair, wrapped in a Snuggie. I think if I watch movies I should watch them before 7 PM. But even that is risky. 

No miscarriage symptoms. No bleeding, cramping, spotting. My boobs are still huge (hey!) and sore (ow!) and I feel like I have mono. So, those are good things. I am choosing to believe that it's just too early to see the heartbeat. I knew it going into the 6 week ultrasound... that the most important things to see were a yolk sac and a fetal pole. Heartbeat would have been nice, but it's not a given this early. So we got 2 out of 3. 

6:57 PM: Just woke up from an hour and a half nap. After sleeping 11 hours last night. I've literally never in all my life been THIS tired. Not even during Ironman training. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 11
8:08 AM: Ultrasound today. Wish me luck. Please.

1:54 PM: 6 week ultrasound shows no fetal heartbeat. There was a fetal pole and a "sac" and all of the other necessary stuff. It's not unusual NOT to see a heartbeat at 6 weeks... so I'm choosing to not be devastated by this news and I think we will forge forward. I will endure another one of the LONGEST WEEKS OF MY LIFE and go back for a repeat ultrasound on Thursday 10/3... At that appointment we should expect to see growth, if not a heartbeat. The waiting is killing me. It's like being stuck in a slow moving time warp.

Everything I've read says that it's sketchy whether or not a heartbeat shows up prior to 8 weeks. Some women have them, some women don't. The ones that don't can still go on to give birth to lovely happy & healthy babies.

Please. Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. Thanks.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 10

Last night we went down to the city to have Chris' birthday celebration. We pretty much stood on Michigan Avenue, held our wallets upside down and just shook them out til all the money was gone. Hahaha.

Dinner on Wednesday night @ Everest. Delicious. Very expensive. Impeccable service, presentation, food. All just top notch. Beautiful view of the city at night. Cost as much as... an entry level bike. But worth it. For the experience if nothing else. How often can that even happen? Not very often. So... I say it's worth it.

Then the next day we hoofed it over to the Art Institute and saw an exhibit called Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity

We also wandered around the museum and saw all kinds of priceless works of art... including the American Gothic:

We saw the famous Renoir:

(And we saw a tourist taking photos of the famous Renoir)

Vincent when he still had 2 good ears:

Marc Chagall's famous stained glass windows:

Then we returned to our cars in the Itasca Metra Parking lot... and we each had a $30 ticket. Yay.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
I was in a car accident yesterday, got rear ended as I was turning off of the expressway ramp. The loser hit me TWICE. I'm not sure how he accomplished that, but he did. 
Poor Rita Gaspar is headed for yet another rear bumper. This may be bumper #4 or #5... I can't keep track. 
I feel fine, and I'm assuming the baby is fine. No spotting, bleeding, cramping or other unusual feelings. I have to believe it would take more than a rather minor rear end accident to hurt a tiny little baby inside its {super tough and very resilient} Ironman mother.
Sad Rita:

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

I am not sure I can continue to fill this space with interesting information... seeing as though I'm  doing NOTHING in terms of workouts. This is a triathlon training blog... I'm neither swimming,  nor biking, nor running. I'm not even walking. I'm... sad and boring.

However I realize that this is for the greater good. Little Parker needs his/her Mommy to sit the fcuk down so he/she can establish a good comfy home in my fibroid riddled uterus.

So that's what I'm doing.

We are creeping up on week 6.5. Here's what's going on inside me right now, in case you're interested....


Many of you have been pregnant before and this is not a newsflash, but many of you have not, and maybe you will find this interesting... if not educational. 

Trying not to peruse too much of the internet as there are horror stories all over the place about miscarriages, bleeding, spotting, cramping, things that can go wrong. I'm pretty much sticking to  Pinterest for inspirational quotes and happy thoughts, so you may be seeing some of those pop up from time to time.

Instead, I am concentrating on taking this process one day at a time. For today, I am pregnant and carting around a lentil sized Parker throughout my non vigorous low impact daily activities.

Raging headache. Sore bewbs. Threw up this morning while brushing my teeth. All excellent signs. Undecided

Happy Birthday to this guy right here. Dumpster. Chris. Mr. Whizzzz. Whatever you'd like to call him, I call him MINE.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

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