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So, yesterday, I was talking to my Mom on the phone and she asked me how I was feeling. I paused for a moment and asked her... "Why?"

Yes. I forgot I had surgery.

So I will therefore declare myself healed. Doctor's appointment tomorrow to get the final clearance to get back at it in terms of exercise, but for all intents and purposes, I think that's it.

Here is a list of some other things I've forgotten recently:

  1. Chris' half marathon this weekend.
  2. Dinner with my friend Trudy.
  3. My blood pressure medication.
  4. My lunch.
  5. The book I borrowed from a friend at work.
  6. My work badge to get into and out of the building.

My brain is halfway engaged. I am not certain what the other half is doing, but obviously it's not remembering things. Perhaps the other half of my brain is working on "crazy dreams".

I've had several whack ass dreams lately, in addition to the close up kissing of Jared Leto. The other night  I had a dream there were no available desks for me to sit in at work, so I had to sit at the desk of this one management person. He wasn't there. He had just gotten a new computer and it was rounded and clear, and it sort of looked like those old Apple Macs.

Anyway, I was sitting at his desk with his new/old computer when he came in, and told me "it's fine if you sit at my desk, but I've got a contagious bone disease, so you have to drink this silicone powder if you want to continue to sit here." And he plopped this HP printer cartridge of "silicone powder" onto the desk and told me to open it and "drink" it. I didn't think that was a good idea, so I got up and stormed off.

There were a bunch of other work people involved in this dream in different capacities, mostly just watching this scene unfold.


  • Health data: Sick: 1 Hours slept: 8

7:56 AM: We got about 4-5 inches last night. (OF SNOW!) 

Our weather forecasters were correct in their prediction of 1-17 inches, since 4 and 5 fall right in that range. It's also about 22 degrees outside, which is clearly between 0 and 100. 

We have a delayed office opening, too. So... that's good. Perhaps the powers that be are learning a little something. 

10:29 AM: Ironically, the drive to work this morning wasn't that bad. Not much longer than usual. Not many people on the road. There was one crazy snow plow driver weaving all over the place, though, plowing snow INTO the streets and intersections, like he was GOD DAMNED DONE WITH THIS BULLSHIT and just didn't care anymore.

 Molly says... "I want to walk around in the backyard! What's going on with all of this mushy wet coldness!!?!?!!?"


  • Health data: Sick: 1 Hours slept: 10

6:49 AM: So... it was 53 degrees yesterday! Glory be! Chris opened the windows in the house and I drove home from work with the top down! It was amazing to breathe non-recirculated, non-frozen air. (I take the top down @ 51 degrees... so we just made the cut off!)

My joy is short lived, however. We are supposed to fall victim to yet another WINTER STORM later today. I can scarcely contain my excitement. 4-6 inches locally, with some areas lucky enough to get up to 10 inches of heavy, wet, craptacular snow! Yay! And to think, yesterday I was full of springtime hope as I glimpsed the muddy, flattened, brown mat that used to be our "lawn".

9:56 AM: I have a doctor's appointment on Friday. I'm hoping I am released to do all of the things I'm not doing right now. Like exercise, lift heavy objects, walk upstairs, and maybe even that s-word...



Swim. (What were you perverts thinking?)

4:43 PM: The latest ridiculousness I have heard regarding tomorrow's storm is that we will get 1-17 inches of snow. ONE to SEVENTEEN. And it will be between 0-100 degrees.

  • Health data: Sick: 2 Hours slept: 8

Back to Life. Back to Reality.

 I decided to come back to work a week early. I was going nuts at home. Short of watching the COMPLETE WORKS OF JARED LETO there's really nothing else for me to do at home. I suppose I could have cleaned all of the hardwood floors, but I'm supposed to be RECOVERING!

Plus, Chris is working from home today, so I would be nothing but a distraction for him... Mostly because I like to talk to other humans when I am around them.

Working is actually easier than cleaning the floors and trying to keep quiet around Chris. So here I am.

And there's Jared. 

  • Health data: Sick: 2 Hours slept: 10

Had a High School sophomore's dream about Jordan Catalano last night. No kidding. He's infused himself into my sub conscious.

Had coffee with Trudy in the AM.

Plowed through 8 more episodes of Jordan & Co.

Watched Cosmos.

Went to bed.

That's at least 9 hours of TV viewing, people. I rested, rested, rested.

  • Health data: Sick: 2 Hours slept: 10

Found MY SO CALLED LIFE on Amazon Prime and paid to get it on "instant play".

Watched 11 episodes.

Fell in love with Jordan Catalano. (again)


  • Health data: Sick: 2 Hours slept: 10

10:32 AM: OK! Today! Today! Today is more than the show I watch in the morning! Today is the day I actually get my shit together and do something (ANYTHING) productive. 

Let's try this again. 

  1. Dry Cleaner
  2. Change sheets
  3. Oil Change I hadn't had an oil change since July. 8,314 miles. Shameful. I use synthetic oil so that's BETTER, but generally it's just BAD. I need to be nicer to Rita Gaspar. Also had tires rotated and coolant flushed. So, I overachieved a bit. Forgive me Rita.
  4. Laundry
  5. Ulta! Hairgel! Mascara! I am afraid. My gel appears to have changed formulas. STACIE!?!? Have you tried this new formula? It now says something about BLUE AGAVE. Ugh. No! No! Please. No! I bought it anyway. We'll see.
  6. Shower. I smell like armpits. 
  7. General tidying up. 

Watch me go.

In the meanwhile, take a look at Orbit. And draw him like one of your French girls. Wearing this. Wearing only this:

1:53 PM: Here's some exciting news... the last one of my steri-strips fell off in the shower today. I am now completely free of all gauze, tape, bandages, strips, and the like. The only reminders of my surgery are 3 tiny little scabs my abdomen, a bruise on my L hand, and my missing belly ring. Oh, and glue. Scrub as I may, I still have some tape glue remnants on my skin. Baby oil would probably take it off, if I had any. 

I don't think I'm swollen, but common sense would tell me I am. Even in my swollen state I'm thinner than I was. Now, I didn't do this for weight loss or for my figure, but it's a very nice side effect. I can suck my stomach in, and it's FLAT now. As it should be. As it was! Fibroids are different for everyone, and due to the fact that mine were (are) largely OUTSIDE the uterus, my most annoying side effect was a constant feeling of being FULL and an abdomen that could best be described as "bulky". That, and the fact that they swelled up and went down in accordance with the estrogen in my body. Very annoying. 

Other friends of mine have had fibroids inside the uterus. Those fibroids can cause horrible bleeding and cramping, because they're actually in the lining of the uterus. Or INSIDE the uterus. 

What a wayward organ, the uterus is. When it's good... it's miraculously good. When it's bad... it's just awful. 

And that's all for UTER-CHAT today. Carry on! TGIF! 

  • Health data: Sick: 2 Hours slept: 8

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