Saint Charles,IL 
Partly cloudy High 45FLow 25F
  • Temp: 20F
  • Hum: 84%
  • W: 0mph N
High 45F
Low 32F
High 45F
Low 23F
Partly cloudy
High 40F
Low 25F
Patchy moderate snow
High 41F
Low 36F
Sport #1
  • Dancing
  • 3h 00m

Danced so much @ Cabo Wabo cantina that I think I need another cortisone shot in my knee. There was a catwalk. And you know I can't resist prancing around on a catwalk. Danced all night long. Met a guy from Canada that taught us how to 2 step. Or something. I was twirling all over the place in a semi controlled manner. I wore my Mexico hat and it was like people have never seen a woman wearing a hat before. Had a fantastic/sweaty/dancy/crazy time.

Funny, this happened sort of accidentally. We went to Cabo Wabo just for dinner, and we were looking for the gift shop and/or exit when we literally stumbled across the "dance club" part of it. Sue says... "Let's have a drink" and all bets were off.

Home @ 2:30 AM with Sue and Kathryn. Trudy left early.

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 40m

Into town again, and around town before eating dinner @ Cabo Wabo.


Started out like this ^^^^

Ended up like this:

In addition to wandering around downtown and down by the marina, we went whale watching today. Holy crap. Sue kept saying... "I can't wait to go WHALING!" and I kept picturing her, with her harpoon... and the Greenpeace boat... 

  • Walking
  • 1h 00m

At least an hour of walking around into town. Down by the marina, wandering around, etc etc.

  • 40m

Legs. All of the regular exercises...
Romanian Deadlifts @ 110 x 3
Step ups with 25 lbs per hand on a step with 3 risers. x 3 All sides.
Quad extensions
Leg press 3 x 90.
Some core stuff with Trudy.

  • Walking
  • 35m

Walked into town. As far as we felt comfortable for the first time.

Beach. Sun. 

But first we did a little workout. No kidding. 

And we walked into town. 

The workout room here @ the resort is great. All the weights you need + many treadmills/ellipticals/whatever. Did legs. 

We made it. Internet connection is spotty. More later! Ill connect my actual computer tomorrow at the hospitality suite. Its warm here. Nice.

This time tomorrow I will be... in the air, aimed toward Cabo San Lucas Mexico with 3 of my Ironman girlfriends . I could use some sun, and some relief from reality.

I'm doing alright. Really.


Cleaning. Lounging. Packing.

No training.

Here. Entertain yourself with this:


  • Health data: Hours slept: 10

Check out my second favorite man:

I may go swimming with my first favorite man at some point later today. Stay tuned. 

7:39 PM: Chris had a trail race this morning... I stayed home and vacuumed, got the laundry done, and dusted. I also packed for Mexico! Heading off to Mexico at the crack of stupid on Tuesday morning. No swimming. That's OK. 

Last night was fun. I love Brant, and his fiancee is cute too. He's 18 years younger than me, and the fiancee is 19 years younger than me. We've done the math and I could be Brant's Mom if I got knocked up at Homecoming Senior year of High School. Great. 

Regardless it went well and everyone had fun. We ate and drank well at Wildfire. Yum. 


  • Health data: Hours slept: 10

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