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Sue made us swim. All along the edge of the swimming area and back again. REALLY WAVY. Or maybe that's the hangover talking. Don't know. Ingested A LOT of saltwater and felt like puking afterwards, but did it. Much to the chagrin of my string bikini, which kept coming unseated, ifyouknowwhatimean.


Slept. In bed. In the lounge chairs. In the sun. Slept at lunch. Slept at dinner. 

Dear God. I'm not 21 anymore. Hell, I'm not 31 or 41 anymore. Ha.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 4
Sport #1
  • Dancing
  • 3h 00m

Danced so much @ Cabo Wabo cantina that I think I need another cortisone shot in my knee. There was a catwalk. And you know I can't resist prancing around on a catwalk. Danced all night long. Met a guy from Canada that taught us how to 2 step. Or something. I was twirling all over the place in a semi controlled manner. I wore my Mexico hat and it was like people have never seen a woman wearing a hat before. Had a fantastic/sweaty/dancy/crazy time.

Funny, this happened sort of accidentally. We went to Cabo Wabo just for dinner, and we were looking for the gift shop and/or exit when we literally stumbled across the "dance club" part of it. Sue says... "Let's have a drink" and all bets were off.

Home @ 2:30 AM with Sue and Kathryn. Trudy left early.

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 40m

Into town again, and around town before eating dinner @ Cabo Wabo.


Started out like this ^^^^

Ended up like this:

In addition to wandering around downtown and down by the marina, we went whale watching today. Holy crap. Sue kept saying... "I can't wait to go WHALING!" and I kept picturing her, with her harpoon... and the Greenpeace boat... 

  • Walking
  • 1h 00m

At least an hour of walking around into town. Down by the marina, wandering around, etc etc.

  • 40m

Legs. All of the regular exercises...
Romanian Deadlifts @ 110 x 3
Step ups with 25 lbs per hand on a step with 3 risers. x 3 All sides.
Quad extensions
Leg press 3 x 90.
Some core stuff with Trudy.

  • Walking
  • 35m

Walked into town. As far as we felt comfortable for the first time.

Beach. Sun. 

But first we did a little workout. No kidding. 

And we walked into town. 

The workout room here @ the resort is great. All the weights you need + many treadmills/ellipticals/whatever. Did legs. 

We made it. Internet connection is spotty. More later! Ill connect my actual computer tomorrow at the hospitality suite. Its warm here. Nice.

This time tomorrow I will be... in the air, aimed toward Cabo San Lucas Mexico with 3 of my Ironman girlfriends . I could use some sun, and some relief from reality.

I'm doing alright. Really.


Cleaning. Lounging. Packing.

No training.

Here. Entertain yourself with this:


  • Health data: Hours slept: 10

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