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  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Sweaty! Why why why why was this so hard!?

Legs. But mostly like stability legs. Using those little muscles that never get used (by me at least...). This kind of reminded me of Physical Therapy. Functional movements. Stability. Mobility. Blah blah blah.


7:29 AM: I'm going to have to cancel my ortho appointment again, since I'm jetting out to Phoenix for the funeral on Wednesday night and not returning until late Thursday night. Seeing as though my knee appt is Thursday at 11:15 AM, there's no way I can make it. I am going to try to reschedule for Friday or maybe sometime earlier this week. Otherwise the knee gets pushed off til next week.

Not looking forward to this funeral. (Although who actually looks forward to a funeral!?)  I feel like my friend needs to have people around him... and he needs to know that people care. Near and far, he needs to know his friends are there for him. What will he do? How will he recover from this? I continue to be speechless. You see, in my opinion at least, this isn't your run of the mill tragedy. I wouldn't fly across the country if one of his parents passed away. That's sad but not flyyourassouthere sad. But this situation lands on the "far end of terrible" on the tragedy continuum. Wife, gone. Daughter, gone. Daughter gone at the hands of the wife. It makes me sad and sick to my stomach. He needs a hug. (And several years of counseling).   

9:54 AM: Ronsky at noon!


Skipped Booty camp today. Got up late. We were out sort of late with this sampling of good people we've met here on BT and through the great sport of triathlon:

Anne and Matt Baker, Jen and Jon Schmit, Tony & Monica Goggs. Me and the Dumpster.

We did the tasting menu, which was served family style and was a smattering of everything on the menu. Delicious. A little bit of this and that, culminating in a delicious Idaho trout and... something else... meaty. I forget what. Land animal.

Spending today finishing the laundry (we've got 2 bodies between us but enough clothes for an army of athletes and well dressed working women) and cleaning the damn bathroom. Oh, in between, I'll probably watch the Hawks game. 

Yesterday I finally got my ass over to CLOTHES MENTOR and they bought NOTTHATMUCH from my closet cleaning extravaganza. The rest I donated to Savers. After I looked at the inventory @ Clothes Mentor, I was surprised they didn't take more of my clothes, but... no matter, it's all a bonus since I was going to drop it all at Savers anyway. 

I did manage to score this... (which makes the "selling" of clothes entirely futile... more just like an exchange of gently used goods)

$40. So net $20 after I turned in my stuff.  Colorful, in very good condition, and with all of the appropriate registration material, etc. Good for summer. And if I get tired of it, I can sell it back! 

 Let's go HAWKS!  

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  • 1h 41m 49s
  • 20.17 miles
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On the path near my house on CX bikes. To say this was a stressfree ride would be putting it too forcefully. Haha. No stress. No worries. No nothing. Trudy wasn't feeling well, and I just wanted to get out for a little while. A little chilly but not bad. Knee is feeling marginal. Meh. I think this is the longest I've ever had my ass on the CX bike. Felt great.

Me and Trudy in front of the Batavia windmill. This was shortly after I fell trying to get myself unclipped. Apparently somewhere along the way I lost a screw (we've always known I had a screw loose!) from my cleat. This allowed my cleat to twist and turn and pretty much stay inside my pedal, not releasing when I tried to unclip. Quite awkward. I tipped over in slow motion, knocking Trudy over in the process, and landing with my legs splayed out in front of the windmill... with my R foot still clipped in, of course. Had to take my damn shoe off to manually free myself. Stopped at a bike shop along the trail and they wanted to charge me $13.00 for the screw. Negotiated to $5 and they screwed it in and tightened it down so I could get home. Whatever. 

Next week all of my cycling pieces and parts will be in their proper working order. I promise. 

2 new tires arrived yesterday. I have 2 ((MATCHING!!)) wheels in the garage that are just waiting for tires and tubes. *sigh* Maybe next week I can get by without a mechanical failure. Let's see. 

Ended up going out after work with 2 of my girlfriends to enjoy some wine and sit outside... Instead of riding bikes. Knee needs a rest anyway. And I'm riding tomorrow. 


Guess what? I made another appointment with the ortho. This time I'm keeping it. Give me the injection. I want to feel the sweet relief of cortisone. This knee is killing me.


Figuratively, of course. 

I must stop dancing. I was doing fairly well until I cut loose in Mexico, dancing for 3-4 hours, and executing fancy, swirly, squatty, strutty, awkward, and gyrational (if that's a word) movements to music. The knee is not ok with that. At least I eeked another month out of the original shot. Not sure if that's good or bad. It just is. 

Hey! Hey! Hey! But guess what? My shoulder has somehow healed itself. No more restricted ROM, no more pinched type pain. Feels pretty ding dong good. Still a little sore, but much improved. Not sure why or how. But, I'll take it. Having a bum upper extremity is easier than having a bum lower extremity. Neither one is much fun... but if given the choice, I'm going to choose arm issue vs. leg issue. 

That is all. 

TGIF. I could use a weekend. 

Keeping in touch with my friend as much as I think is appropriate without being weird or annoying. We had a couple of text exchanges after the phone call on Tuesday... and I sent one message yesterday that said "Hi. Thinking about you." And that's been it. I ordered a gift card from a local restaurant in Mesa and I'm going to send it to him with a sympathy card as soon as it arrives here. He needs to eat and I'm sure he's not super excited about cooking at the moment. I think he needs space... to breathe and think... more than anything... right now. But I'm keeping in touch, loosely. Waiting to hear about funeral/wake arrangements. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 45m

Misc legs and upper body and shoulders etc. Half hearted. My knee hurts.


The outfit I was wearing a couple of days ago whilst atop that rented mule was by Danskin (like the triathlon!) and was, apparently, sweeping the nation.

You see me sporting it a couple of days ago below.

Here you see our very own Michele (trainergirlmick, on the R) and her friend Barbie wearing the very same combo, even down to the blue Keds on Barbie!:

And my sister wearing it... some years later.

Obviously I have always been associated with the pinnacle of fashion. I've got my finger on the pulse of modern style. Or... possibly... not.

  • Trainer Ronsky
  • 1h 00m

Boxing. Tweaked my R calf attempting a kick. I wish I were less uncoordinated, and just maybe a bit more graceful and light on my feet. I am certain this all looked absolutely spastic. I was trying to release anger and tension but instead looked like I was having a seizure while simultaneously flailing around with boxing gloves on my hands. It sort of worked, though, and Ronsky listened and let me hit him, correcting my form and stance over and over and over and over again.

That man has the patience of a saint.

10:04 AM: Ronsky at 11. Possibly swimming after work, or maybe just going home and relaxing a bit after work. I've been getting home late every night this week... Monday I had a mani/pedi and got home at almost 9. Yesterday I worked til 730 and after stopping @ Old Navy to pick up a pair of flip flops, I arrived home again at almost 9 PM. I'd like to eat dinner at a decent hour tonight and chill.

It's been a weird couple of days. Got some terrible news in regard to a friend's family. He called me yesterday morning and through tears told me. Tragic. Unimaginable. I've been thinking about him and the strength he's going to need to just crawl out of bed for the next couple of months...maybe years. I've been thinking about him and wondering what I can do to help, from a distance, since he's hundreds of miles away. I've been thinking about him and it's bringing up my own feelings of sadness and grief. Had a good long cry this morning, mostly for him, but a little bit for myself and Chris too. Life can be so cruel and unforgiving. Life can be so full of happiness and wonder, but there are 2 sides to the coin, and it's that flipside that rips your heart out and can leave you at a loss for words.

Here is the story.

Please please please keep my friend in your prayers. He's been through the wringer. This event is the horrible culmination of years of caring for his daughter with a debilitating disease and also providing for his wife, who developed an equally debilitating and progressive disease of her own. Hopelessness. Despair. Frustration.

8:02 AM: I didn't swim. That is all. 

12:23 PM: Knee feels great. Swelling is going down. A mystery. But I'll take it! Advil ingestion = 0.

In the Photo Flipper right now is a photo of me riding a rented mule.


  • Health data: Hours slept: 6

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