Saint Charles,IL 
Moderate or heavy rain shower High 49FLow 27F
  • Temp: 36F
  • Hum: 75%
  • W: 11mph NNW
Partly cloudy
High 50F
Low 29F
Patchy rain possible
High 54F
Low 34F
Partly cloudy
High 54F
Low 36F
Partly cloudy
High 56F
Low 40F
  • 52m 57s
  • 3.60 miles
  • 14m 42s /Mi

To CVS and back. Got a call that my new supply of blood thinners was ready. Yay.

Chris got all wrapped up in a project at work, so we decided against gong to the pool to swim. I got all changed in a split second and figured I'd knock something else off the list instead, rather than let the decent weather go to waste. So I killed 2 birds with one stone and got this in and also picked up my drugs. Whoopppiee.

(PETA DISCLAIMER: No birds were killed in the execution of this workout)

  • 45m

All the lifting. Went with Chris this time. We do different routines.
Hamstring curls
Quad Extensions
Ab crunches with machine
Hip adductors and Hip abductors.
Lunges with the bosu ball and 3 lb weights
Stand up squat on the Free motion machine
Upright row with the 30 lb kettlebell
Military press
Goblet squats with 30 lb kettlebell

25 weeks til IMWI. I don't know if it's too soon to start a plan or not. One goal for this week will be to ride the damn bike outside. Even if it's just for an hour, or an hour and a half... I would like to get on the CX bike and get outside. Riding doesn't even matter until it's on a real bike outside. To that end. I need to get outside. (Weather permitting)

The forecast looks... dull, to say the least.


Swim and Lift. Typical Monday. I have a phone conference at 9:30, so I will be looking to escape sometime around 11 or noon to lift. Then Masters tonight. I am literally counting the days until the outdoor pool opens up. COUNTING. THE. DAYS.

The rest of the week:

  • Bike 1:00 (outside?!?)
  • Lift
  • Swim
  • Lift again
  • Med Run
  • Long Run
  • Long Bike (Please not on the trainer)
  • Longer swim ( I have conjured up a workout )
  • Retirement party on Wednesday. (Who has a retirement party on a Wednesday?) Wed. will be rest day.
  • Possible turtle races on Friday. (I may bail out of this bc it sort of wrecks my whole weekend... I get home late on Friday, then I sleep late on Saturday... I run out of time to do my Saturday workouts... I fall into a guilt spiral. Nothing else gets accomplished and I mope. This is no good.)

Brunch ^^^

  • 30m 29s
  • 1.93 miles
  • 15m 47s /Mi

Walked to the post office only to discover you can no longer drop parcels off in the self service area on Sundays. Schlepped them all the way home.

Brunch today and then I'm stopping by my Mom's house to say hello. Doing my post office run now. 4 eBay items to mail off. Not the planned workout, but again, better than nothing and a wrap to this recovery week. 

  • 56m 40s
  • -----
  • -----

Completely uninspired. I am filing this under "I tried"

Slightly better than laying on the couch eating fried chicken. Only slightly. 

Dinner last night @ Italian Village... I had a glass of 21 year old Barolo. It was amazing. Then, HAMILTON! Also amazing. Highly recommended. If you like musicals, or if you like history, or if you like rap music and/or dancing, this is for YOU. Funny, sad, dancy, singy, and just plain great. It lived up to all of the hype. I was worried I was going to be disappointed. I was not. I wanted to jump on stage and join them! Ah, if only I could sing. Or dance. Or get to the stage from the Mezzanine level. Ha.

Wayne Brady as Aaron Burr... OFF THE HOOK. 

It has inspired me to read more about Alexander Hamilton. 

If you're on the fence, GO. There are transfer tickets available on Ticketmaster! We paid face value ( transfer tix from my friend @ work ) and our tickets were supposedly partial visibility or obstructed view. They were fine. No problems at all. 

Got home late. Like LATE LATE. Like 1:00 AM late. Or perhaps I mean early. I don't even know anymore. 


  • Bike 2 (1:30)
  • Run 2 (1:30)
  • Run 3 shorter (maybe to post office)
  • Swim 2 (if I can wedge it in)


  • 41m 16s
  • -----
  • -----

2 episodes of Frasier!

I have an eBay item to drop off at the post office, so I will cross off little "run 3".  Meetings and phone calls all day. I need to make showering a priority. Haha.

Had many crazy action packed and stressful dreams last night. It literally boggles my mind that I am able to rest at all while I'm sleeping.

Early dinner @ The Italian Village and Hamilton tonight!

  • Bike 2 (1:30)
  • Run 2 (1:30)
  • Run 3 shorter (maybe to post office)
  • Swim 2 (if I can wedge it in)
  • Bike 1 (2 episodes)

  • 45m
  • 2.79 miles
  • 16m 07s /Mi

Well will you take a look at that? I actually managed to do something on the list.

  • 18m

Quickie legs. All machines, all in a fury of speed. I am crossing Lift 2 off the list.

9:05 AM: Yesterday did not go that way at all. I got sucked into a maelstrom at work and toiled away until it was time for me to leave to meet Kathy. I am learning so much. It's mindbending. Mind boggling. So I need to add those workouts back to my list. This week has been very meager so far.

Tonight I'm hitting the treadmill @ the office gym. Hope to be home on the 5:34 train. We'll see. Lunch with Julie. Pretty soon I'm going to need to shut down the social life. All this party party does not allow me to leverage my work from home days in the best way possible for IM training.

Me and Kathy...

  • Bike 2 (1:30)
  • Run 1 (45 min) (After work on treadmill!!!)
  • Run 2 (1:30)
  • Run 3 shorter (maybe to post office)
  • Swim 2 (if I can wedge it in)
  • Lift 2
  • Bike 1 (2 episodes of Frasier)

So, here's how this is going to go today:

Bike 1 in the AM before work.
Lift 2 at lunchtime.

Happy Hour/Dinner with my friend Kathy @ 5:30 PM.

7:54 AM: And it's already gone wrong. Didn't get up in time to ride the bike. Will do that at lunch.

The student interviews last night were really pretty awesome. On TV it looks like there's no promise in the future generations... but these kids give me a glimmer of hope.  We interviewed 3 prospective Chicago Scholars... and we had to rank them. 1's would definitely be admitted to the program. 2's were cuspy, and 3's not at all. Essentially I helped give a kid a scholarship + access to mentoring and career placement after graduation. 3 smart kids, but two really stood out and one had that je ne sais quois.

12:16 PM: It's so freaking cold in the basement.

While this will be appreciated in the summertime, in the very early spring (read: winter) it's not appreciated. Not at all appreciated. Fleece. Hood. I have 2 Snuggies on stand by.

  • Lift 2
  • Bike 1 (1 episode of... something; or maybe 2 Frasiers) 
  • Bike 2 (1:30)
  • Run 1 (45 min)
  • Run 2 (1:30)
  • Run 3 shorter (maybe to post office)
  • Swim 2 (if I can wedge it in)

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8

  • Lift 2
  • Bike 1 (1 episode of... something; or maybe 2 Frasiers) 
  • Bike 2 (1:30)
  • Run 1 (45 min) treadmill likely today @ lunch. I have all my crap with me and plans after work. If it doesn't work out, I can take today as a rest day and do it tomorrow. We'll see. Lunch plans on Thursday so that eliminates that slot... Hmmmmm. 
  • Run 2 (1:30)
  • Run 3 shorter (maybe to post office)
  • Swim 2 (if I can wedge it in, I have plans on Wednesday night) 
  • Rest  

I'm going to rest today. I'm in the office despite the weather, due to the fact that Chris and I are interviewing candidates for the CHICAGO SCHOLARS program tonight! The interviews take place right down the street. I've already read the essays from the candidates, and I have chosen a couple of favorites. We'll see how they do during the in person interview. I'm excited! This will be fun!

I just noticed a MISTAKE on my photo collages above! One photo appears 2x! This will not do. I will have to redo one of these photo collages. Ugh.

ZOMG we just scored HAMILTON tickets from a girl here at work who has already seen it, and doesn't want to go out on Friday night to see it again! WOOT!


  • Health data: Hours slept: 9

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