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500 M Benchmark Row. I did about 3 seconds better than the last time I did this... which is shocking; and was good enough for FIRST PLACE among old women, 50+. LOL (So far...)

My heart rate was HIGH the entire class. I could not recover, even when I took an extra walking recovery here and there. Too much stress from all angles.

10 minutes in RED. That's unprecedented. My poor broken heart. 

Trying this again. 10:15 AM OTF. Today is the 500 M benchmark row. I am sure I will not do as well as I could have given the immense amount of stress I have been feeling lately, and the shitty sleep I have been getting. I have been crying a lot too, so I'm probably dehydrated.  

The debate last night made me physically ill. Or maybe ill is not the right word. It stressed me to the point where there was a physical external manifestation of my stress. I was shaking as I listened to two grown men call each other names on National (Worldwide) TV. We had to turn it off. There's just too much going on. 

Molly and Kevin, circa 2007. The old BT interface. My old computer, used computer desk, and my first iPod. Molly looks obese. 

Set the alarm for 5:30 AM today in order to go to the 6:30 AM OTF class. Slept through the alarm. Did not go to class. $12 out the window. 

Had to call the VCA and cancel Molly's follow up appointment for 10/7. That was hard. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7

Goodbye Molly. You were my favorite. You taught me everything I needed to know about cats, about unconditional love and about life in general. I have never met anyone (or any THING) more precocious, ferocious, protective, loving or clever. You made me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. You picked me, and for that I am forever grateful.  My little Mol. "I lava you". 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6

Today was a downward slide. We will be bringing Molly in tomorrow to have her put to sleep. 

She has a heavy cream goatee. We let her eat whatever she wanted today. She didn't want much, but she did have the fat off of a NY Strip Steak and a couple of (small) dishes of heavy whipping cream. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 6

So today, I got all dressed for OTF and I stopped to pick up Molly so I could give her her daily meds. As I did, I realized she was sitting on a wet blanket, and she was covered in urine. I held her in my arms and she peed all over me and all over the kitchen as I walked around with her. It appeared as though she lost bladder control, not just during an "episode" but... all the time. This was concerning. 

I changed my clothes, canceled OTF, packed her up, and we went to the vet. They didn't have a lot to say, other than her breathing is very labored and her heart was failing. They cleaned her up. When I picked her up and held her I could feel her heart racing... not just beating fast, but beating HARD. Struggling. With force. 

We decided that we'd stop giving her all the pills... it was stressing her out, and she was having so much trouble breathing that she was panting when I tried to administer them, so when I put my finger in her mouth I was almost choking her. 

She spent tonight hanging with me. We'll see how she does tomorrow. 

I was ridiculously over my calories yesterday... and most of this week. I need to buckle back down. Yesterday was a "holiday" so it was literally ANYTHING goes. 

I fear Molly is deteriorating. Although I realize I have been saying this for the past 5ish months... I am (and have been!) genuinely concerned. She *is* still eating steak, but I haven't seen her poop in a couple of days and her personality appears to be just running out of steam. She's under the bed in the basement now. I'm here too, in my office, trying to work. 

Trying to lure her out with a piece of steak. 

I am 2 hours into a mediation... Molly is upstairs. I am sitting here in front of my computer, business on the top (plus accessories!) and Lulu on the bottom.  Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh. 

I am now 4 hours and 53 minutes into this mediation and I am about to punch someone in the face. That is all. 

5 hours and 43 minutes in... I made a final time limited offer set to expire in 17 minutes. This offer will not be available at 6:01 PM and it will not be available on Monday. Sitting... and... waiting. 

Mediation Failure. I am so disappointed I could cry. I need wine. 

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
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ESP again! Inclines on the treadmill. Power Rowing. Endurance Sets on the floor with Bosu Ball. Chris got 19 "splat" points so the coach had to do 19 burpees for his birthday!



 Monday -- REST; maybe a PLOG? 
  Tuesday -- OTF 6:30 AM
  Wednesday -- Bike Trainer/Outside? 
 Thursday -- OTF. Chris Birthday 
 Friday -- Bike + Truffle Shuffle. (Maybe rest?) 
 Saturday -- OTF 11:00 AM 
  Sunday-- Gravel Ride or Road Ride? (Chris DRI-TRI @ OTF)


Happy Birthday to Chris... @coredumpster right here on BT. Literally my better half. 



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