• 4h 07m 14s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 09m 26s /Mi
Good news...PRed...bad news didn't break 4 (4:07 unofficial).  RR to follow...

Taking off for Duluth in a few hours.  Wish autumn and rabkaman good luck in their 1/2 mary tomorrow.  goodav is doing the full.  If he has a really good day, this could be a Boston Qualifier for him.  I'll have my laptop with me (if I can find my power cord), but may be too nervous or just plain too tired to check in.  Good luck all...Grandma's marathon TOMORROW...
  • 21m 15s
  • 2.44 miles
  • 08m 43s /Mi

Easy 20 min run with 3 quick pickups...just a BIT faster than marathon pace...2.4 miles @ 8:43 pace.  That's it.  The last training run for the marathon.  I feel ready.  The most important thing will be to hydrate, sleep and EAT (carbs that is).  A STEADY 8:47 pace will put me at 3:50 with 10 minutes to spare...I'm getting NERVOUS...
2 days until Grandma's Marathon!  Plan on 20 min of running today with 4 quick pickups...and THAT'S IT!  Hope to get a good night's sleep tonight, sleep in tomorrow and then drive up to Duluth...

  • 24m 58s
  • 7.62 miles
  • 18.31 Mi/hr

Quick spin on the bike to try out the aerobars.  Moved my seat up and forward.  Could definitely feel how the aero position might transfer more power to the legs and cause you to use muscles that might not be so detrimental to the run.  Could see improvement in my speed (18.3 mph over 7.5 miles, and that was with 2 LOOOONG lights), but I 'felt' like I had to push in the high gear at a lower cadence.  During the last half of the ride, went to a lower gear and a higher cadence...I may be a little too stretched out and may need to get a shorter stem...of course this is me just 'hypothesizing.'  Need to get a bike fit before the tri on July 1 with some time in the saddle...3 more days until Grandma's marathon... 

  • 33m 07s
  • 3.78 miles
  • 08m 46s /Mi

30 mins of easy running with five 60 sec pickups.  Guess I didn't run it too easy...averaged 8:46 min/mi over 3.78 miles.  Can you tell I'm going batty trying to keep myself from running?  Daughter has a soccer game tonight, so I won't be going to the MN triclub clinic...May get a quick ride in if I'm lucky...
Slept in again.  I could get used to this.  Depending on the weather, quick spin on the trainer at lunch, or my scheduled 30 min run...4 days until Grandma's Marathon...

Slept in until 6:45 today.  Felt great...swim at lunch?...maybe bike a few miles after work...taper running today, only 30 minutes of running with a few pick-ups tomorrow...5 days until Grandma's Marathon...
Off day!

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