• 58m
  • 2000.00 yards
  • -----

Went to the 5pm lap swim at the Y. I actually had a nice swim today and was consistantly 15-20 seconds fast per 200y than last week. Hmmmm? There were swim team people everywhere though. I think I was the slowest one in the pool or close to it. The girl I shared a lane with was so fast. Everytime she passed me and I tried to take a breath, her wake shot water up my nose. I think I like going in the mornings better when there are people swimming who are slower than me. LOL!

Warm up: breaststroke 200y
Main set: all free, 7 X 200y on 6:00
5:00, 5:03, 5:03, 5:04, 5:03, 5:00, 4:98 (went faster on the last set because most of the other people had left the pool and I wasn't fighting all the chop and waves)
Cool down: 400 yards breaststroke

Sleep deprivation continues.  Opening day of turkey season so up at 4:30am.  Can only hunt until noon here.  Ate lunch, took an hour and a half nap, took care of the critters then off to the Y to swim.  I haven't worked out in three days and it felt really good to back at the pool tonight.  The weather is suppose to be rainy and cool this week so combined with turkey season, my biking might be hard to get done.  We'll see.  Hopefully I can do a couple of runs at lunchtime this week.

PF=1, NS=N  Actually my foot has felt REALLY good for the last 4-5 days.  Not 100% normal, but close to it.  About 30 minutes after swimming tonight, it started to hurt just a little.  It has calmed down a little now (thus I am still going to rate pain today as a 1), but I wish I could make sense of why this dang foot hurts after swimming.  I don't even push off the wall with that foot.  All it does is follow behind my body the whole time.  Does not make sense at all!

Day 2 of youth turkey season.  MARATHON day of turkey hunting.  Up at 2:30am after 4 hours of sleep.  Get ready and drive to pick up the young man I was taking hunting.  Drive to meet up with the two guys that are putting together today's hunt.  Into the woods around 6am and then 12 LONG hours later at 6pm, there is finally one very happy excited young man who harvested his first turkey ever.  Then a couple hours of all the things that follow a successful hunt (checking the turkey in, pictures, retelling the story, dressing the bird, etc.).  I finally got home around 8:30pm or so and had only eaten a sandwich for lunch all day.  I was HUNGRY!  Eat dinner and collapse into bed with the alarm set for 4:30am to get up for tomorrow's opening day of regular turkey season.

PF=1, NS=N

Just a VERY brief visit here to keep my log up to date.  It's 9:00pm now and I have been up since 3:30am.  Went turkey hunting this morning.  Only saw hens.  The young lady I took hunting had to go to a 4-H meeting at noon so we only hunted this morning.  Tried to talk her into going out in the afternoon, but she wanted to go home and ride her horse.  I went out to do some scouting in the evening and saw three jakes (young male turkeys) put on a show in front of where I was sitting.   Fun to see them all gobble at the same time.

Guess I should go to bed since I get to get up at 2:30am tomorrow for day two of youth turkey season.  :)

PF=1, NS=N

Today's workout got totally busted.  I brought my stuff to run at lunch.  Right before lunch one of our drug reps called and invited me out to lunch.  Well heck, can't pass on a free lunch right?  Had vague hopes of exercising after work, but had to go set up a hunting blind in preparation for tomorrow's youth turkey season.  I am taking two different youths hunting this weekend so the whole weekend might be a wash as far as working out.  If the opportunity arises though, I will try and fit in a run at least.

Well, off to bed.  Have to get up at about 3:30-4am tomorrow and get up at 2:30-3am on Sunday.  Gotta love turkey season!  LOL!

PF=1, NS=N

  • 47m
  • 1700.00 yards
  • -----

Up at 4:45am to do farm chores, drive to the Y to swim and then straight to work. This is the absolutely only time I had available this week to get my second swim in. I am sure it will not become a habit. I was sooooooo tired all day from having to work late (mowing and farm work) yesterday and then up early. But it was nice to have the option to get the swim done early.

Similar workout to this past Monday. Warm up: 50y breast, 50y free. Main set: 200y X 6 on the 6:00 .... 1.) 5:15 2.) 5:20 3.) 5:20 4.) 5:20 5.) 5:15 6.) 5:13
Cool down: 400y easy mix of breaststroke and free

Now off to do more mowing!

PF=1, NS=Y

  • 59m
  • 14.43 miles
  • 14.67 Mi/hr

Bike commute today. Took the 8.8 mile route into work. Beautiful morning! Bright sunshine! Dang cold! Brrrrrrrrr! Temps were in the mid 30's. Didn't get warm until almost to work. Took the shortest route (5.6 miles) home. Winds kind of gusty, but not real bad until the last 1/2 mile stretch to my driveway.

PF=1, NS=Y

  • 18m 41s
  • 2.00 miles
  • 09m 20s /Mi

Went for a run from home after work. Didn't get started until after 7:30pm so it was almost dark when I got back to the house. I felt really good tonight. This run has put me in better spirits because I was feeling kind of blah and unmotivated yesterday. Maybe I feel better today because I slept good last night (with a little help from Benadryl for my spring sneezies).

  • Walking
  • 30m 49s

Warm up: Walk 1 mile with my sweetie. He turned around and went home, while I continued on.
Cool down: walk 0.9 miles

PF=2, NS=Y

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