• 30m 12s
  • 3.10 miles
  • 09m 44s /Mi

Run from home at 7pm. Drizzly, gray, kind of cool temps .... it was great!

  • Walking
  • 14m 48s

Walking: 1/2 before run to warm up and 1/2 after run to cool down.

I LOVE when a day starts out sort of down and ends great!  Took the morning off of work specifically to go turkey hunting.  Got up at 4am and the weather forecast wasn't good.  Went anyway.  Got caught in a torrential downpour about mid morning.  Didn't see a single turkey.  Kind of bummed.

THEN .......  I got home from work.  Put the new baby chicks in the barn and did farm chores.  I was feeling so tired physically and mentally when I got home from my backpacking trip on Sunday.  But after three days off, I just couldn't stand it anymore to take another day off.  That is a COOL feeling!!!!  So I went for a run and I felt sooooooooooooooo GREAT!!!!!!!  My legs weren't tired at all.  My spirit was soaring.  There were even a couple of really great songs on my radio headset which is unusual, LOL!  It is just amazing what can happen if you listen to your body when it needs a rest.

I may or may not get to swim tomorrow due to my schedule, but that's ok.  I should be able to get back on track this weekend.

Repeat performance.  Up at 4am to do a couple hours of turkey hunting before work.  Same 20 minute power nap at lunch.  Yeah!  Home at 5:30pm.  Farm chores.  Getting the pen ready for the 50 day old chicks that are scheduled to show up tomorrow.   They are sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
Busy day.  Up at 4am to be dressed and out in the woods by 5:15am.  Turkey hunt until 7:30am and then home to eat, shower and be to work close to 9am.  Lunch at 2:30 include a 20 minute power nap.  Thank goodness!  Got home around 6:30pm.  Did farm chores until dark.  Dinner at 9pm.  Sleep at 10:30pm.
My backpack finally showed up and the airline brought it to my house this afternoon.  Yeah!!!!  I am really tired and have so much to do around the house.  Oh and I am still chasing those turkeys.  So unless I get motivated, I think I am just going to take a few days off from training.  The plan will be to try and fit in a swim Friday at 5pm.  A run or bike at lunchtime this week will just be a bonus.
  • Hiking
  • 45m

Day 5 WWWW 2006 hike

Woke up to a good steady rain. Last day on the trail and I only had a 1.5 mile hike out to my car. Packed up everything in the rain and hiked out into a sea of water on the trail. Made it to the rental car and then off to Atlanta and the flight home.

Home safe and sound.  Had a GREAT trip.  Well except for the trip home where the airline lost my backpack and all my gear inside.  Hopefully it will show up by tomorrow because if not ........       Well let's just say that I broke camp and hiked in a downpour this morning so LOTS of wet gear are in that pack.  I guess the airline will be able to find it by smell in a day or two.

Going to update logs hopefully tomorrow evening.  Right now I am off to bed and going to be up at 4am to go turkey hunting. 

  • Hiking
  • 4h 00m

Day 4 WWWW 2006 hike

Today was going to be a relatively easy day. 3 1/2 miles from Cooper Gap to Gooch Gap Shelter. Since it was Saturday and we would be staying at a popular shelter, I was to go ahead and secure the tent sites we needed and then just wait for the rest of the group to show up. It was really cold and windy in the morning so it took me a little longer than normal to get moving. I think I started around 9am. Took a short snack break alongside a beautiful stream and then made it to the shelter at 11am. I set up my tent, saved a couple other sites and walked up to the shelter to eat lunch. Long story short is I met a father dayhiking with his two sons. A man and woman hiking together came by and the woman had such bad blisters that she needed help getting to a town. The father of the two boys said he had a car parked at a road crossing 5 miles away and he could take them to town. But I had a car parked at a road crossing only 1.5 miles away. So I walked out with the woman and drove her and her hiking partner to where the father's car was parked. Then I hiked back in to the shelter. So I added an extra 3 miles of hiking today.

We had a very enjoyable evening at the shelter. Lots of good laughs!

  • Hiking
  • 3h 00m

Day 3 WWWW hike 2006

I was up, ate breakfast and packed by 8am. Everyone else was still making breakfast when I started down the trail. I hiked about 1 1/2 miles to the next AT shelter and took the side trail to see who was there. I met up with some beginning thru hikers that I had met the day before plus a couple others I hadn't met. I sat there about 90 minutes until I thought I heard voices on the trail. It was my group and I caught up to them (at Hightower Gap) from behind which surprised them.

I hiked on ahead to Horse Gap where I ate lunch and waited for the group to catch up. We were going to camp on top of Sassafras Mountain but the weather was turning bad so we hiked over the mountain to Cooper's Gap and set up camp there. Got the tents up before the rain hit, but had to cook dinner under a tarp in the rain. The wind howled through the gap all night long.

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