• 30m
  • 1000.00 yards
  • 03m /100 yards

The saga of the pool woes continue. Fridays are my second most reliable day to swim so when I was able to get off work a little early to go swim, I was happy. The problem? I could tell from the start of the day that I really needed to take a rest day. But if I want to keep my schedule of swimming twice a week then I need to swim on Fridays. There are no lap swim times I can make on Saturday and the Y is closed on Sundays for the summer.

So the outcome was that I started swimming, but felt totally tired and unmotivated. I pushed through and swam 30 minutes, but just couldn't handle the thought of my usual 45-50 minute swim so I quit. Never did that before.

Tomorrow will be a rest day for sure so I know by Sunday, I will be feeling motivated again.

  • 1h 04m 42s
  • 15.91 miles
  • 14.75 Mi/hr

A.M. bike commute: 5.6 miles/23.5 mins/14.4 mph average. I had a slight detour that slowed me down a smidgen. I decided to take the direct route into work since the sign that said the railroad crossing was closed was taken down. Only it turned out the crossing was still closed. Fortunately, with a bicycle, I was able to get off the bike and walk it around the barricades and over the tracks. I felt sorry for all the cars that were going down the road and then had to turn around and go back. The road closed sign was back up again this evening. Maybe pranksters took it down? I don't know.

P.M. bike commute: Took a route home that I thought would bring me close to the sprint distance of my tri next month (10 miles). It was very close at 10.3 miles. Did the ride in about 40 minutes for a 15.4 mph average. Then turned the ride into a bike/run brick as soon as I got home.

  • 18m 56s
  • 2.00 miles
  • 09m 28s /Mi

Brick workout. 2:18 transition as I drank some water and went into the house to change shoes. Then off I went. First mile: 9:41. Second mile: 9:15. My times were good. I felt like crap. Are these bricks suppose to ever get easier? Or maybe your body just gets use to feeling like crap?

The strawberry jam making is done for the year!  YeeeHaw!!!  It's 11:30pm and I just finished my third and final batch.  It is difficult coming home from work, doing a workout, doing farm chores and then starting a batch of jam after 9pm and fitting in dinner.  But it is DONE!  We still have a few quarts of fresh berries to eat for the next several days.  Yummmmy!

On the training side of life, I have discovered that I LOVE to bike and I LOVE to run, but so far, me no like to bike and then run!!!!!  :)  I am hoping this is just going to take some time.

  • 1h 39m 51s
  • 23.67 miles
  • 14.22 Mi/hr

Bike commute. Morning commute was really nice. I had to take a little bit longer way in because the railroad crossing on my road is closed for a few days. So the morning commute was around 8.7 miles. Average mph was right at 15mph.

Afternoon commute was blech! I planned to take a little longer route and do some exploring on some backroads. Started off ok. Had to slow down for about a mile or two of gravel road. After I got back onto regular pavement, I just couldn't muster any energy. I was fighting a headwind and I was SO hungry. Dang, I knew I should have eaten a snack before I set out. I was just kind of bonking and it was really starting to suck. Fortunately the last 5 miles or so was with a tailwind so that made it a little better. Total route home was about 14.9 miles and only about 14 mph average if that.

Sorry I haven't been getting to my inspires folks!  I have been so busy the past few days.  Just enough to time to sit down and log my workouts and off I go again.  I know you have all been having great workouts so keep it up!

  • 28m 09s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 09m 23s /Mi

Lunchtime run outside. Tried to make this a tempo type run. Felt sluggish at the beginning and end, but really good in the middle.

  • Walking
  • 21m 20s

Walking before and after running.

  • 43m
  • 1500.00 yards
  • 02m 52s /100 yards

5pm lap swim at the Y. Warm up: 100y bs, 100y fs. Main set: 200y X 6 on 5:45. Ended up pretty consistantly having 41-43 secs of rest in between sets. Cool down: 100y bs

Well, I didn't think I was going to get a workout in today because today is STRAWBERRY JAM MAKING DAY!  I picked strawberries this morning, ate lunch, took a short nap and then started getting everything ready.   I thought I had enough canning lids, but turned out I was short.  So since I had to go to the store anyway, I just planned a trip to the Y to swim  (between batch 1 and batch 2).  I'll be up kind of late with the second batch and won't get to the third batch until tomorrow night, but at least I got to swim.

  • 3h 33m 53s
  • 49.16 miles
  • 13.79 Mi/hr

Sunday in June bike tour, Burton, Ohio. I love this ride. It's been a few years since I've done it, but I absolutely love it. I had been debating about doing the 50 mile route vs. the metric century and decided on the shorter route. It was a good decision as I have been a bike slacker so far this season. The area is relatively hilly (well anything is hilly compared to where I live). I think the 50 mile route had something like 1600 feet of climbing and the 62 mile route had 3000 feet of climbing. I could have easily done a flat metric century, but my legs would have been yelling at me if I had done today's route. Right now my legs are tired, but in a good way. It was a perfectly beautiful ride.

It still boggles my mind what some of the sprint triathlons charge for entry fees.  Just for comparison.  Today's bike tour was $26 for same day registration.  Well it would have been $18 if I had done early registration.  Routes of 25, 50, 62 or 100 miles.  Routes were well marked and there were support people everywhere.  Well maybe not everywhere, but I saw them A LOT.   I did the 50 mile route and had two snack stop breaks complete with grapes, bananas, apples, watermelon, granola bars, huge cookies, water and gatorade.  The century route had 4 snack stops.  Then afterwards lunch (or after the first 62 miles for the century riders): rigatoni, chicken, salad, garlic bread, more HUGE cookies, and lemonade.   It was REALLY good.

There is a USAT sprint and HIM triathlon close to me in August.  Same day registration fee for the sprint is $90.  For that price, they better serve a steak dinner!  Actually the entry form/web site information page doesn't even mention post race meal, but I have to believe that there is one.   I am in total utter amazement though.   Even the early registration fee is $65.  I just don't get it.

I think I'll stick with my local YMCA tri for $30.  Gosh, I am in sticker shock.

Rest day!  This is too weird.  I don't have to work.  I don't have to workout.  This hasn't happened in EONS!  Oh, but I do have plenty to do around the house.  MAYBE I can get something accomplished today.  Or maybe I'll just take a lazy day.  Hmmmmm?  Probably a little of both.

I am so looking forward to the bike tour tomorrow.  It is going to be chilly in the morning though (low 40's), but will be mild and sunny during the day.  Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaw!

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