• 1h 32m 40s
  • 22.10 miles
  • 14.31 Mi/hr

Well my bike computer died today. RIP. It was old, but it is still sad. So all my stats are with my watch and gmap program.

Bike commute a.m.: 5.6 miles. Direct route in this morning.

Bike commute p.m.: 16.5 miles. First part of brick workout. Boy it was REALLY breezy out. I knew I was in trouble at one point when I was sailing along at 18 mph going uphill. That ain't good when you have to turn the corner! LOL! I've been trying to do easy spinning the last few miles before getting off and running, but that is hard to do when the wind is full force in your face and you are struggling to maintain even 10 mph. I was spinning a high cadence too, but the wind was buffeting me all over. Maybe next week's brick I can try again to lighten up a little on the bike toward the end.

  • 20m 16s
  • 2.10 miles
  • 09m 39s /Mi

Brick workout part two. Transition at 3:29 was longer than most, but I really had to take the time to pee. Also I was getting REALLY hungry so I grabbed a piece of candy and a drink of water before changing my shoes then heading out the door.

Again, my pace was perfectly fine by me, but I felt like crap. Of course I had a tough windy bike ride home, I'd been on my feet all day doing surgery and probably wasn't hydrated/fueled enough. This should all be different for a morning triathlon. I hope!

  • Walking
  • 07m 20s

Walk 0.45 miles: cool down after brick

I am happy with the way June turned out.  Almost 6 hours in the pool is good for me and the crappy pool schedule.  Went over 200 miles biking in a month for the first time since last year (here's hoping July will be even better!).  Ran over 37 miles which is a PB for a month for me.  My PF is not gone, but it is the best it has been since it started last fall.  Most days I barely notice it which is good.  I'm still having the experience where my foot feels better after I run.  In fact last week I was getting a little recurrence of pain and then did my 10k race on Sunday.  Ever since the race, the pain is almost totally gone.  Doesn't make a lick of sense to me, but I ain't complaining!

My first tri is two weeks from Sunday!  I need to get some OWS practice in ASAP.  I am planning on going to the lake this weekend.  Praying that the endless stream of afternoon thunderstorms stays away so I can get a swim in.  I am very excited about the possibilities for July especially with biking and running.  Tomorrow will most likely be a rest day and then I am off work and on play for the following four days!

  • 2h 05m 51s
  • 30.59 miles
  • 14.58 Mi/hr

Bike commute a.m.: direct route. 5.6 miles/approx. 23 minutes. An absolutely beautiful morning for a commute.

Bike commute p.m.: 25 miles. I was a little worried about the weather as there were thunderstorms around all afternoon, but fortunately they all went away by the time I was ready to leave work. Did a little exploring on some roads I had never ridden on. Did some practicing drinking while riding since I was on quiet country roads. Had to pee at about mile 15, but didn't find a spot until mile 23. Those were 8 painful miles. LOL!

Well I think I have a half mary plan ready to go.  Actually I start  started this week!  I looked at a lot of plans and settled on the one on Runner's World site based on the FIRST marathon plan.  It was originally written as a 10 week plan, but I didn't like some of the big weekly mileage jumps at both the beginning and the end, especially with my history of injury.  So I modified the plan and made it 17 weeks long being sure to add in a recovery week about once a month.  Now the weekly mileage increases will pretty much stick close to the 10% rule.   This should work perfectly.  The Inland Trail half is in 19 weeks.  The plan is 17 weeks.  This way I have an extra week to take off for vacation in October and an extra week because I will miss my long run when I do my century ride.  The other change is that for the next couple weeks until my tri, I am going to replace the short mileage track workouts with short mileage bricks.  After the tri, it is to the track!

  • 35m 28s
  • 3.50 miles
  • 10m 08s /Mi

Went for a run with Sue over at her house. It was very nice to have company and we even got to watch a thunderstorm getting closer and closer. We beat the rain!

Today was one of those days when my workout plans kept changing.  Rained during the night and having extra poultry chores in the morning for the next several weeks, I decided not to get up early.  I thought I might be able to get my run in at lunch, but that didn't work out.  I worked until 6:30pm and still had three goals: RUN!, go grocery shopping and take care of the chickens.  I decided that chickens were my first priority so I did that first.  Took longer than expected as I had a few minor problems to deal with.  By the time I got over to Sue's house to run it was past 8:30pm.  We ran and finished around 9:25pm, I got to the grocery store about 9:40pm, store closed at 10pm so I had to shop quick.

Hectic evening, but I got everything accomplished!

  • 45m
  • 1600.00 yards
  • 02m 49s /100 yards

5pm lap swim. Pretty nice swim tonight. Purposefully left my watch in my locker and just wanted to swim. Warmed up with 100y bs. Then did 1000 yards free nonstop. Longest distance so far. Yippee!!! Then did a hodgepodge of bs, ss, fs for the final 500 yards.

I felt really good during the longer free set until about 900 yards. That last 100 yards I was getting VERY tired.

Race report is done.  Still smiling.

  • 59m 36s
  • 6.20 miles
  • 09m 37s /Mi

Run for the Hills 10k, Willoughby Hills, Ohio

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!  On a day when there a quite a few BT'ers doing a HIM or IM, I am flying high with my own personal goal of completing a 10k.  This is the longest distance I have ever ran in my entire life.  So cool!  My goal time was 1:05:00 and I knew there were some hills so I was even going to be happy with 1:10:00.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I rounded the corner toward the finish line and saw the clock at 59 mins and some odd seconds.  I can't believe I broke the one hour mark.  I even got third in my age group (out of 5), but only because one of the ladies in my age group had the courtesy of placing in the top 3 overall.  LOL!  That was nice of her to do that so I could win a medal.  HeeHee!  It was a pretty small race, maybe 100-some people?  I'll know more when the official results are posted.

I'll do a race report later, but I am going to write down some comments and my splits in case I need to clear my watch.  I know I am a new runner and know zippo zero about pacing, but me thinks that something was very screwy with their mile markers.  They had volunteers at each mile giving out the total time.  My watch was accurate within 1-2 seconds at every single mile mark, but you will see in a minute how screwy things look.

  1. Mile 1:     11:20     This is kind of slow for me and made me start questioning the mile mark right off the bat.  But ok, I didn't do a whole lot of warm up and was just starting to get in the groove, so maybe.
  2. Mile 2:     7:57       This is REALLY screwy.  I have never ever ran a sub 8 minute mile.  It was a nice long downhill the entire mile and I knew I was going faster than the first mile, but that fast?  Nah!
  3. Mile 3:     10:03     Ok, this is a more normal pace for me.  Actually, after going downhill for so long, it took my legs awhile to readjust to the flats and then the road started to go uphill a little toward the end of the mile.
  4. Mile 4:     9:19       Screwy stuff again.  This mile started with a HUGE UPhill that was probably 3/4 of a mile long.  I didn't really have too much of a problem with the hill, but I was going a lot slower than before so something ain't right.
  5. Mile 5:     10:58     This is the mile I probably felt the best overall.  I was pacing myself behind this guy and was feeling so so good.  So why is this so much slower.  Hmmmmm?
  6. Mile 6.2:   9:55      Passed the guy I was running behind and then passed a couple of other women.  Started to pick up the pace by increasing my cadence.  I was hoping it wasn't too soon, but I probably could have gone a little harder as I had plenty left at the end.

Today turned into a rest day of sorts.  I REALLY wanted to get a bike in this week because my miles are way down this week.  Between having to work extra hours because the other vet in the office was on vacation and several days of serious electrical storms in the evening after work, getting any workout done was quite a challenge.

Today I had to work in the morning.  Then my next batch of 50 day old chicks were delivered today so they needed tended to.  Then one of the 6 1/2 week old meat chickens developed ascites which is a kind of heart condition that happens sporadically in the fast growing meat birds.  Nothing wrong with the meat, but these birds don't live long with the condition so I butchered that bird today.  The rest of the birds will be butchered in 2 1/2 weeks.  Then I cut grass.  More afternoon thunderstorms predicted for the next several days so I am just trying to get things done.

  • 50m
  • 1800.00 yards
  • 02m 47s /100 yards

Noon lap swim at the Y. Warm up: 100y bs, 100y fs. Main set: 200y X 5 on 5:45. First 3 sets I had about 45 seconds rest, 4th set 37 seconds and 5th set I just kind of petered out and finished with 27 seconds left. Decided to not do my planned 6th set after that. Instead I did a relaxed swim of 100y bs, 100 fs and repeat 3 times to finish out the mile.

Well after work had interferred with all my attempts to swim this week, I rearranged my schedule and told the staff that I was going swimming at noon today "come hell or high water".  LOL!  I got it done!  Can't believe it's Friday and this is the first opportunity I have had to swim.  Oh, yeah, I can believe it.

Tonight is a night of relaxation.  It's the hubby's birthday and I am making steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, salad and ice cream cake for dessert.  Oh and I think I'll have a beer or two since I am not on call until tomorrow!!!!!!

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