• 41m
  • 1500.00 yards
  • 02m 44s /100 yards

I know this may sound weird, but I actually had a nice swim this morning. AND I even had to share a lane with "the flopping lady". She swims really slow (I thought I was slow), uses flippers and just sort of flops all over. She is a very nice lady though and we only ran into each other a couple of times. Not too bad.

I left the watch at home today and decided to just swim. Warmup was 100y breaststroke as usual. Then I just swam. I swam 1000 yards of freestyle straight without stopping. Whoo Hooo! A new personal best. Then I did a 400y mix of breast stroke, side stroke and freestyle.

Someone on some forum somewhere made a comment about hand entry into the water that just seemed to make something click for me. I'll find out if was just a fluke or not the next time I swim.

  • 2h 44m 46s
  • 37.38 miles
  • 13.61 Mi/hr

Bike from home to the southern part of the bike trail. Then head north on the bike trail to Clay St, east and south to Jefferson and then home.

Today's bike ride was all about getting back to my roots.  My primary biking background is in touring.  You know, lollygagging through the countryside, stopping at points of interest and just enjoying the scenery.  So that was the goal of today's ride.  Nice and easy and enjoyable.  Didn't get started until afternoon because it rained all morning.  Was still raining when I set out, but just drizzle really.  I knew the winds would be a problem because there was a strong breeze out of the north with gusts to 20+ mph.  Didn't matter, I was out to have fun!

Started off with the wind at my back.
Mile 6: oh no I have to pee already!  Fortunately found a convenient oil well road to duck down.
Mile 12: yeesh, I have to pee again, but open farmland and nowhere to go.
Mile 14: reach the bike trail and ride a ways down to a likely pee spot.  I see someone coming so I have to wait.  Get attacked by hoardes of killer mosquitos.  Finally the other biker passes and I can pee and get on my way.  Biking into the wind now.
Mile 17: stops raining, sun starting to come out, going into a headwind, but doesn't seem bad in the woods where the bike trail runs.
Mile 20: Reached a parking area and thought it would be a nice spot for some gatorade and a granola bar.  I had a nice chat with another biker that was just finishing his ride.  I used the portapotty there even though I didn't really have to (never pass up an opportunity!).
Mile 21: Leave the bike trail and have to now deal with an extremely annoying crosswind.
Mile 24: Reach the state route and know I have to make a jog to get to the next side street.  Ended up jogging to the right instead of left.  Decided to take a road I had never been down and it turned out to be REALLY pretty!
Mile 28: Had to ride on about 1 1/2 miles of gravel road.  VERY slow going, but not too bad as gravel roads go.
Mile 31: Stop at the clinic where I work and pick up the milk and lunchmeat I had left the refrigerator there.  Head home with the wind still swirling from the side and front.
Mile 37: Done!

  • 36m 40s
  • 3.50 miles
  • 10m 29s /Mi

Now THIS is what I have been trying to do on my weekend runs. Slow down and find a nice relaxed pace that I feel like I could hold forever. I seem to always be pushing it for some reason. Today was so nice and relaxing. I ran the gravel road which is slower than the asphalt road anyway. The rain had just stopped so the road was nice and soft. It was a most beautiful run.

I decided to not do a longer run because of the race last Monday and the brick on Thursday. I do not want to increase my weekly run mileage too much. I am still being cautious with the foot. Of course if you include my warm up and cool down walk, then I did cover 5.5 miles today.

  • Walking
  • 33m 10s

Warm up: walk 1 mile (16m 36s)
Cool down: walk 1 mile (16m 34s)
How's that for a consistant pace?

  • 50m
  • 1700.00 yards
  • 02m 56s /100 yards

5pm lap swim after work. Warm up: 100y bs, 100y fs, 100y bs, 100 fs
Main set: 200y fs X 6 on 6:00. Until I get back to swimming regular again, I am just not able to maintain my sets on 5:30 like I had been. With 6:00, most of my rest periods were between 37-47 seconds.
Cool down: 100y bs then lap swim was over and I had to leave the pool.

  • 29m 02s
  • 7.60 miles
  • 15.71 Mi/hr

Bike around the shortest block. First mile or so I took pretty easy then picked up the pace to a steady effort.

  • 19m 46s
  • 2.00 miles
  • 09m 53s /Mi

My first brick. About a 1 minute transition off the bike. Then run down the road for one mile and turn around and run back. First mile 9:50. Second mile 9:56. Ugh! Not "ugh" to the time so much as I was getting slower the second mile when I was starting to feel just ever so slightly better.

  • Walking
  • 15m

Walked about 0.9 miles to cool down after my brick.

I did my first brick today.  Yeah me!!!!  I probably should not have done it after my day at work today.  Boo me!!!!  Still it was an interesting experience and something to build upon.

Work today consisted of a marathon surgery day.  Marathon for me anyway.  14 spay/neuter surgeries for the local APL and a c-section/spay for a client's cat.  The first two were older dog spays and they always take so much time.  Then some younger dog spays, some dog neuters and some cat spays.  Except for a brief break at lunch, I pretty much just stood at the surgery table from 9am until 5:30pm.  When I got home, my legs and feet hurt from just standing all day long.

I couldn't quite decide if I wanted to go for a short run or a short bike ride so I decided to do both and I did my first brick tonight.  The bike was about 2.5 miles short of my sprint tri distance, but I think enough to get the idea.  My legs felt like crap on the run and didn't start to loosen up at all until about 1.5 miles into the run.  They never did feel normal at all.  I hope this gets better with practice.  About 6 weeks or so until my first tri.

Oh one other thing.  I have been debating whether or not to wear my running shoes the whole time or change from bike shoes to running shoes.  I use toe clips so either is an option.  I used my running shoes for the biathlon and never had a problem with them on the bike.  Tonight however, my left running shoe kept catching on the crank arm.  Weird because this did not happen at all at the biathlon.  I'll have to try again and see if the same thing happens.  If it does, I will probably take the extra 30-60 seconds or whatever to change shoes in T2.

  • 23m 29s
  • 5.62 miles
  • 14.36 Mi/hr

Morning bike commute, direct route. Very nice warm morning. I had originally thought about doing an all out "see how fast I could ride the distance" type ride, but I had to be at work early and I really didn't feel awake enough yet for an all out effort. Will try again some other day. Maybe some evening?

  • 30m
  • 1200.00 yards
  • 02m 30s /100 yards

8pm swim at the Y. I absolutely HATE swimming at this time of day; but in renewed resolve to try and get back to swimming twice a week, well I am just going to have to suck it up some weeks. Plus the 8pm swim is 45 minutes instead of a full hour so I have to make sure to get there on time or my workout gets shortened (like today). Tonight I just swam a haphazard pattern of sets. Mostly free, but some breaststroke. Mostly 100 yards, but some 200 and one 400y set. My arms just always feel weak. Definitely did not have my heart in it tonight.

  • 1h 04m 25s
  • 16.67 miles
  • 15.53 Mi/hr

Bike commute home. I drove my car to work this morning and will drive it back home tomorrow night. This evening however was a chance to unwind from a long day's work. Took the long way home (the direct route being 5.6 miles). Temps had only dropped a few degrees (into the mid 80's) when I left work, but it felt good. This is much different than running where I feel like I am going to die after about 2 miles.

The nice thing about this evening's ride is there was no wind. I didn't even feel like I was pushing very hard at all and I averaged as good as I ever average.

An even better thing is that the brownies I bought at the local grocery store today fit in my rear trunk bag so I could get them home tonight!

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