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OWS in Lake Erie.

Sue and I had a very nice swim this evening.  The bacterial count advisories that had been posted the last couple days have been taken down.  (We had a LOT of rain earlier in the week and advisories always go out due to the heavy runoff of water into the lake.)   The big ol' lake was REALLY calm tonight.  Made swimming in it very nice.  Sue's son came along too to help watch over us since the lifeguards aren't on duty in the evening.  There were quite a few other groups of people swimming, or playing, or snorkeling.  Kind of fun!

I had a brief bit of dizziness again on our first leg of the swim.  I got mad and said to myself, "NO!" and then put my head down and started swimming again.  It went away almost as quick as it came and it never came back.  I really started to enjoy the out and back legs of the swim.  It was fun swiming for about 5-7 minutes at a crack without having to turn at a wall.  Cool feeling!

I spent about 40 minutes in the water and while I didn't notice until about the last 5 minutes, I was getting pretty cold being in 71 degree water.  Took me quite awhile to warm up after I got home.

Overall tonight was a positive experience.  I am as ready for Sunday as I can be.  I just hope I don't freak too much with all the bumping of bodies on the swim. 

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Walked at lunchtime today. 4.3 miles. 14:39 pace.

I didn't quite know what to do for exercise today.  I forgot to set my alarm to get up early to bike commute so that was out.  I knew I had a lot of farm stuff to do in the evening so after work would be a challenge.  I didn't want to run and risk messing up my achilles tendon before Sunday's tri (it has been doing better but not 100%).  So I decided to go for a nice 1 hour walk at lunch since I had a little extra time.  I had a really nice walk on some roads I haven't been on before.  Found some really pretty new homes going up.  It was warm and muggy out though.  Ended up taking off my t-shirt and just had a sports bra on top (and shorts on the bottom!  :)  ).  Hope I didn't offend anyone in the neighborhood by walking around in a sports bra.

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8pm swim at the Y. No counting laps tonight. I just swam. Most likely the last swim before Sunday's tri unless I happen to squeeze one in on Friday. I felt good tonight. Getting a little nervous about Sunday's swim though.

4 days and counting until my first tri.  I have been calm, cool and collected up to this point, but the reality is starting to set in.  This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!  (I hope, I know it is!)

  • 36m 21s
  • 3.50 miles
  • 10m 23s /Mi

Ran after work on the gravel road near my house.

  • Walking
  • 33m

Warm up: walk 1 mile
Cool down: walk 1 mile

Trial run after 1 week rest.  Achilles felt a little tight during the run.  Didn't affect me really, but I think I am going to have to keep the run miles light for awhile yet.  Did a lot of stretching when I got home and then iced it down.  Will see how it feels tomorrow.

Had to run right after a thunder shower tonight.  Temps were in the mid70's and humidity around 90%.  I hate that.  'nough said.

On the fun note, my neighbor has his heifers and dry cows in the pasture by the road.  Every time I go by, the girls all notice me and follow me down the fenceline.  It's pretty comical getting followed by a herd of cows.

The new bike computer showed up.  :)  Now all I need is some time to put in on the bike.

Rest day (ha ha).  Achilles was a little tight first thing this morning, but so was every other muscle in my body after yesterday's adventures in lawn and chicken care.  Didn't take long for everything to loosen up though and feel good.

Today is chicken butchering day.  DH and I will be having about 10 people over this evening to butcher the first batch of meat chickens.   Then pizza and beer afterwards.  We do this twice every summer so that we can pack our freezers and enjoy homegrown chicken all year long.

  • 2h 04m 14s
  • 30.50 miles
  • 14.73 Mi/hr

Still no bike 'puter. :( Stats taken with watch and gmap.

Had to go into the clinic this morning to check a sick dog. Biked in the 5.6 miles to the clinic, took care of the dog and then left from there on my bike ride.

What a beautiful morning for a bike ride!  My Sunday morning bike rides are few and far between since I took up running.  Sundays have now become my long run day, but since I am laid up from running, the bike got to go for a ride.  And on the achilles tendon front, right now it feels perfectly normal.  Didn't notice any stiffness when I got out of bed this morning either.  :)  If things stay good, I'll probably go for a light jog on Tuesday so see how things feel.

Marathon weed whacking afternoon.  Plus I stripped two of the chicken pens.  Arms are tired.  Back is tired.  Whole body tired.

  • 46m 17s
  • 11.28 miles
  • 14.62 Mi/hr

Had to work this morning so I rode my bike. Direct route to and from. Bike commuted three times this week!!!!! Yippee!!!

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2nd OWS practice in Lake Erie.

Alright!  MUCH better OWS experience today.  Went back down to Lake Erie to swim.  Was able to do a lot more freestyle and felt pretty comfortable.  Still have to learn sighting better.  Did not have any of the dizziness or sea sickness that I felt the last time.  Thank goodness!  Sue and I unintentionally ran into each other at one point.  I think I whacked her on the head.  We both stopped and started laughing.  Good practice for next weekend's tri!

Did a lot more research on the Achilles Tendon thing going on.  I have a plan!  Cause and treatment very similar to the plantar fasciitis nemesis of mine.  Found some good material on grading of the injury and when exactly I can start running again.  I have VERY low grade symptoms so should be able to do some light jogging next week.  Treatment:  LOTS of stretching, ice, yada yada.  Also the night sock that I used for my PF is suppose to be beneficial for this too.  Started that last night.  I feel much better about being able to manage this.  Everything I read said no problem with biking (and of course swimming is ok too).  So I look at this as a way to improve my biking!

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