• 1h 31m 56s
  • 22.10 miles
  • 14.42 Mi/hr

Bike commute to work and back home.

Bike commute a.m.:  16.5 miles / 1:05:12 / 15.18 mph average.  I had a VERY nice commute this morning.  I felt good.  The weather was nice.  No dogs tried to follow me all the way to work.  It was just very nice.

Bike commute p.m.:  5.6 miles/ 26:44 / 12.57 mph average.  OK, just a little different.  I felt really sluggish after spending most of the day sitting in a training session.  Then I had bumped my helmet mirror earlier in the day and I spent a good chunk of the ride home trying to fix the mirror while coasting along.  I think I MAY have the dang thing close to where I like it.  YEESH!  :)

  • 45m
  • 1500.00 yards
  • 03m /100 yards

5pm lap swim at the Y
Warm up: 100 bs, 100 fs
Main set: 200y X 6 on 5:45, most sets ended up with 35-40 seconds rest, but my very first set had 52 secs rest! That was fast for me. LOL!
Cool down: talking then 100y bs

Seems like forever since I've swam sets at the pool.  The Masters swim coach was there and still trying to get me to join.  I know it would be good for me, but the swim time often conflicts with my work.  I would be able to get there MAYBE once a month.  Probably should just go ahead and do it.  Every little bit helps.

  • 1h 20m 50s
  • 19.20 miles
  • 14.25 Mi/hr

Bike commute to work and back.


I started logging on BT exactly one year ago today!  Here is my first log entry:

[quote]July 18, 2005:  Just started keeping a journal today. I've been doing the walk/run bit for a month or two. Currently I am at 12 minutes of running per session. Today I did 6 sets of run 2 min/walk 2 min plus additional walking before and after.

Pretty cool how far I have come with a goal and the help of BT.

Today's workout:  Bike commute a.m.: 13.6 miles / 57:35

Bike commute p.m.: 5.6 miles / 23:15

Easy spin this morning to work and then again back home.  Felt good with just a little bit of stiffness.  The weather was much cooler today than yesterday so that was nice. 

Sue and I were dissecting the race all day at work today.  We both had so much fun.  I would have never thought about doing something crazy like a triathlon if it hadn't been for her.

There is another local tri in September.  So maybe ............  ???????

Unplanned trip to Columbus and back today.  Seven hours of driving.  :(  Hot here, just like practically everywhere in the U.S..  Still feel good about the race yesterday.   Next two goals: get my achilles tendon healed (decrease run volume, increase bike and swim, do all my exercises and stretching, and all that jazz) and increase my biking to get ready for a century ride.  Hmmmm?  Funny how those two things go together!
  • 32m 21s
  • 9.25 miles
  • 17.16 Mi/hr
  • 28m 12s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 09m 24s /Mi
  • 10m 53s
  • 440.00 yards
  • 02m 28s /100 yards

Just got back from my first tri.  Sue and I had a GREAT time.  We finished only about a minute apart from each other.  Times are off my watch.  Official times will not be posted for a couple of days.  My total watch time was 1:15:41. official time 1:15:43.  The official times are in my race report.  The swim/bike/run times in my log are off my watch. 

Oh and I got 2nd in my AG!  Pretty amazing!  Race report later.  11pm: race report done!  I am tired and need to go to bed.

And now it is the day before.  Spent the day volunteering at an outdoor education event for kids.   Sue picked up my race number for me so I stopped at her house on the way to home to pick it up (and drop off her son who was at the event I was working at).  Came home and finished cleaning out the chicken pen I started before all the rain hit last week.  I got my bike tires all pumped and ready to go, but still have to organize everything else. 


  • 40m
  • -----
  • -----

OWS in Lake Erie.

Sue and I had a very nice swim this evening.  The bacterial count advisories that had been posted the last couple days have been taken down.  (We had a LOT of rain earlier in the week and advisories always go out due to the heavy runoff of water into the lake.)   The big ol' lake was REALLY calm tonight.  Made swimming in it very nice.  Sue's son came along too to help watch over us since the lifeguards aren't on duty in the evening.  There were quite a few other groups of people swimming, or playing, or snorkeling.  Kind of fun!

I had a brief bit of dizziness again on our first leg of the swim.  I got mad and said to myself, "NO!" and then put my head down and started swimming again.  It went away almost as quick as it came and it never came back.  I really started to enjoy the out and back legs of the swim.  It was fun swiming for about 5-7 minutes at a crack without having to turn at a wall.  Cool feeling!

I spent about 40 minutes in the water and while I didn't notice until about the last 5 minutes, I was getting pretty cold being in 71 degree water.  Took me quite awhile to warm up after I got home.

Overall tonight was a positive experience.  I am as ready for Sunday as I can be.  I just hope I don't freak too much with all the bumping of bodies on the swim. 

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