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Made it to the 5pm lap swim. Didn't count laps at all. I just practiced 25 yards at a time taking apart my stroke and doing some things suggested by the master's swim coach. Every once in awhile I would feel things start to click. Mostly I just floundered around. LOL! Ok it wasn't that bad, but I do need help. But help won't do me good unless I can spend time swimming. Only swam once this week so far. Pitiful!

It has been an interesting overnight.  We have had a repeat performance of last Saturday.  Heavy rain all night long.  Our rain gauge said just shy of 4 inches.  Further west of here, there have been reports of 7-8 inches. New reports of 10-12 inches.  The creek behind our house has flooded as high as I have ever seen it.  Sure to be the talk of the town all day today.

Plan is for a swim at the Y tonight if I can get out of work on time.  Done!  Otherwise, I'll just have to do something else when I get home.  I was hoping to get a lake swim this weekend, but with all the heavy rain, it will probably be Monday at the earliest until the lake is fit to swim in.



Sport #1
  • Stationary Biking
  • 35m

Lunchtime workout: walking on treadmill 10 mins then recumbent bike 1:2 interval program for 35 mins. I set the resistance relatively easy because of my AT.

p.m. walk 2 miles after supper, 37 mins

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 47m

Lunchtime workout: walking on treadmill 10 mins then recumbent bike 1:2 interval program for 35 mins. I set the resistance relatively easy because of my AT.

p.m. walk 2 miles after supper, 37 mins

I worked out at lunch; but after I got home, we some storms blow through and lost power about 6pm.  After supper I was incredibly bored so I took a two mile (roundtrip) walk down the road to see if anyone else had power.  It wasn't much of a sampling though because there are only 6 houses in that one mile stretch of road and one is Amish and another is a dairy farm (generator running) and I don't think two of the families were home yet.

Today turned into a day of slothdom.  Took clothes to workout at lunch, but just couldn't get motivated.  Thought about taking a walk after dinner, but by the time I came home, took care of chickens, cut up a watermelon, ate dinner, strained the homemade chicken broth that had been in the crockpot all day and cut up said chicken that was used to make the broth, I looked at the clock and it was after 10pm.
  • Walking
  • 1h 07m

3.9 mile walk after work. Nice easy pace as I didn't want to push it. I wasn't sure how the AT would feel walking, but no problems! So I think I can add walking to my list of exercises I can do. Well depending on how I feel tomorrow. I'm going a little stir crazy not running, but I think if I can walk and bike, I'll be fine.

  • 1h 57m 46s
  • 28.70 miles
  • 14.62 Mi/hr

a.m. bike commute to the APL. Work for 4 hours. Then p.m. bike commute back home.

a.m. commute: 51:20 / 14.46 miles / 16.9 mph average. Can you say downhill all the way there?!?

p.m. commute: 1:06:26 / 14.24 miles / 12.86 mph average. Can you say uphill and into the wind?!?! Oh, and it really wasn't shorter, but I lost about a quarter of a mile when I was messing with my computer and accidentally shut it off.

The theme of today's ride: THANK GOD FOR SNICKERS BARS!!!!!  My morning commute went just fine.  I was wondering how my legs would feel after yesterday's ride.  Of course the morning commute is pretty much downhill the entire way.  A few rollers toward the end with only one semi-bad uphill.  When I got on my bike to go home, I thought my legs were going to mutiny right then and there.  Well, it was lunchtime and even though I had snacked on a granola bar before I left, I had ZERO energy.  Four miles later was a little store so I stopped and bought a Snickers bar and Gatorade.  When I back on my bike, it was like my legs were totally rejuvenated!  The ride was still hard pushing uphill and into the wind for 10 more miles, but what a difference a little candy bar can make!!!!!

  • 4h 08m 14s
  • 60.47 miles
  • 14.62 Mi/hr

Loop around Pymatuning Lake. Longest bike ride of the season for me. In fact, this might be the longest self-supported ride I have ever done. Usually if I ride this distance it is on an organized tour. Last night though I sat at the computer and planned this route. That was a lot of fun!

The ride started off just beautiful! I love riding on Sunday mornings. There was hardly any traffic. I got to see a red fox crossing the road. I took a very brief pitstop (23 miles?) at the spillway on the lake where the "ducks walk on the fish". Lots of families out feeding the ducks, geese and carp that hang out there.

I actually did the ride in two parts. At 33 miles, I stopped at a state park to take a short snack break. I also wanted to call a friend who lived about 10 miles away from the park to see if she was home so I could stop by. When I turned my phone on, there was a message from my husband that a thunderstorm was heading my way. It wasn't too big, but I might want to take shelter. So since I was at the park, I decided to go under a picnic shelter and eat lunch early. Took a 30 minute nap after lunch and waited for the storm to pass. Sun came out and I was on the road again to finish the ride. My friend wasn't home, so I didn't get to stop by her house and visit.

Funny story to start my bike ride this morning.  I was standing over my bike at the end of my driveway and resetting my computer before I started on the ride.  This woman who was driving a van with a bike carrier on it stops at my driveway and asks if I am ok.  I said, "yes, this is my house.  I am fine.".  Nice lady for stopping, but geez, I thought it was kind of weird since I was in my own driveway.  So I start down the road and start to pass bicyclists going the other way.  Then a lightbulb goes off and I realize my road must be on the route for the weeklong Cross Ohio Bike Tour that starts today.  The woman in the van was a sag driver.  LOL!

Had to work all morning.  Rained hard all morning and sprinkled on and off all afternoon.  We only got an inch of rain that we didn't need because everything was still wet from the last rain.  Really need to mow the lawn, but now it is a swamp once again.  At least we didn't get it as bad as the northern part of the county where there were reports of 7 inches of rain!

Today pretty much turned into a rest day.  I did get my new bike computer on the bike.  Hopefully will test it out tomorrow on a long bike ride.  Might as well have fun while I'm waiting for the lawn to dry out!

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