• Walking
  • 1h 00m

3.9 mile walk after chicken chores and before dinner.

Good ankle day today.  Walked for the first time in almost 2 weeks.  Everything ok so far.  I made an appointment with my primary care doctor so I can get a PT referral.  I found a local PT who is also a sports trainer.  Basically what I need is a plan for how to get back to running and keep this from happening again.  Hopefully he can help me accomplish my goals.

  • 1h 25m 56s
  • 21.86 miles
  • 15.26 Mi/hr

Bike commute a.m.: 16.24 miles, 1:02:09, 15.68 mph average. I had a much better commute this morning compared to yesterday. In fact, I felt REALLY good. Perfect morning for a bike ride.

Bike commute p.m.: 5.62 miles, 23:47, 14.18 mph average. As good as the ride in to work was, the ride home was just as bad. I had a severe headache when I left. Whacky day. See below.

I absolutely LOVE 98% of my clients.  I guess it is good in a sadistic sort of way, but why do all the seriously whacked out clients come on the same day?  At least I (hopefully) get them all over with in one day.  And here is a public service announcement.  PEOPLE!  IF YOU ARE GOING TO BRING YOUR PET IN FOR A SECOND (OR FOURTH) OPINION, PLEASE BRING THE PREVIOUS MEDICAL RECORDS!!!!!!  Two VERY complicated skin cases back to back that had been treated by several other veterinarians.  No medical records were brought in either case.  In both cases, no one knew exactly what their pet had been treated with, for how long, what time frame, if it worked, what diagnostic tests had been run.  Ugh!  How do they expect me to decipher a medical history that is all jibberish!  One of the clients I am sure had been doing meth or something for most of his adult life.  It was really hard to keep him on the same converstation I was having.   No wonder I had a headache when I left work.

  • 1h 33m 34s
  • 23.28 miles
  • 14.93 Mi/hr

Bike commute a.m.: 16.24 miles, 1:03:48, 15.27 mph average. Very surprised my average was this high. I felt tired and sluggish. Stressful day yesterday and I didn't sleep well at all last night. The morning was absolutely beautiful, but I didn't really start feeling good on the bike until mile 14.

Bike commute p.m.: 7.04 miles, 29:46, 14.19 mph average. Felt pretty good, but had to run into town and pick up a few things at the grocery store first. A little stop and go traffic slowed down the average some.

Made a yummy dinner tonight.  I went and picked a young yellow squash from the garden.  Sautee'd the squash and some onions in olive oil for a few minutes.  Tossed in some leftover cut up chicken and a little balsalmic vinegar then melted a little shredded cheese on top.  Never did that before and it was really good.  That and a bowl full of freshly cut up honeydew!  I love summer and all the fresh produce!

Bad day today.  Had to go into the clinic on my day off to do surgery on a dog that had swallowed a plastic bag.  The bag had been there awhile and cut holes into the intestine and severely damaged part of it.  The surgery went well, but so much contamination had already occurred.  The dog died later in the day.  I am bummed.
  • 3h 19m 24s
  • 46.96 miles
  • 14.13 Mi/hr

Rode my bike to the clinic to check on the hospitalized pets. Then made my way to south county to visit a friend of mine.

Had a nice ride today.  Decided to take it very easy since I just gave blood yesterday.  The ride was kind of long, but I didn't push it at all.  The only bad part was the last 16 miles was a straight shot north into the wind.  I was prepared for it mentally though and just took it nice and slow.  I also rode through a couple brief rain showers.  Nothing too bad though.

Going to pass 1000 miles (in 2006) on bike this week.  Having a hurt AT is sure helping me rack up some bike miles.  I guess that's the one (and only!) good thing about this injury.

Get up, feed chickens, do my ankle exercises, go to work, eat lunch, nap, give blood, grocery shop, feed chickens, make dinner, feed dogs, eat dinner, take a drive to scout a new bike route, eat some melon, surf the net, go to bed.
  • 1h 41m 41s
  • 26.03 miles
  • 15.36 Mi/hr

Bike commute a.m.: direct route. 5.63 miles, 22:01, 15.34 mph average.

Bike commute p.m.: 20.4 miles, 1:19:40, 15.36 mph average.

Got my bike commute done with no rain coming down!  Looks like rain tomorrow so I'll probably drive into to work.  Might decide to give blood after work if turns into a really really rainy day.

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