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Swim lesson. According to the coach, I did one of my 100y sprints in 1:55. Really? That would be a PR!

Next lesson is not for three weeks. Let's see what trouble I can get into in between. LOL!

  • 47m 17s
  • 11.32 miles
  • 14.36 Mi/hr

3pm Too cold for biking but I went anyway. 39 degrees. There is just someting not right about riding down the road with snow in the roadside ditches. My legs were really stiff the first few miles, but then loosened up. I couldn't feel my feet when I was done in spite of wearing my warm smartwool socks. I should have put on shoe covers, but I don't have any. I typically refuse to bike in temps in the 30's, but I really need to start getting bike time. With the cold weather, the theme of today's ride was be kind to my knees. Tried to keep cadence 90-95+ the whole time. That meant lower gears and slower speed, but my knees were happier that way.

  • 20m 16s
  • 2.20 miles
  • 09m 13s /Mi

Brick run. 2:20 transition. Into the house to switch shoes and get a drink of water. Then off and running. Should have pee'd too. Oops. Ran from home to the RR tracks and then back to the state route then walked home from there.

Typical brick with legs feeling like lead. I had the added pleasure of running on feet that felt frozen. Wait, I couldn't feel my feet. Whatever.

Sport #1
  • Stretching
  • 20m

Cool down: walk 1/2 mile

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 07m 21s

Cool down: walk 1/2 mile

It's official.  Tomorrow's race has been postponed until April 29th due to the possibility of snow on the course.  I'll leave the race as scheduled for now, but I have a decision to make since the new race date is during turkey season.  I don't miss turkey hunting days for just any ol' reason.  I can trade the race registration for another upcoming race so I may do that.  I need to think about it a few days.

I took advantage of getting off early from the WITO event.  Came home, ate lunch, short nap then off to do a short bike/run.  Just trying to get in a workout before the weather goes all to hell.

11:30am  Just found out the RD MAY postpone the race on Sunday if the weather is bad.  Mostly because of safety and it is a hilly course.  Final decision to be made tomorrow. 

Rest day.  My brain is telling me "I want to run!"  My body is telling me "no, no, no!"  Better listen to my body.  This will mean two rest days in a row because I am working at the Women in the Outdoors event tomorrow.  That's ok. 

Just to see how often this changes:
4/13 6am forecast for Sunday  Periods of rain and snow. High near 39. North wind between 9 and 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New precipitation amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.
4/13 4pm forecast for Saturday night:  Occasional rain and snow, becoming all snow after midnight. Low around 32. North wind between 10 and 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible.   Forecast for Sunday:  Rain and snow likely. Cloudy, with a high near 42. North wind around 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible.

  • 35m
  • 1250.00 yards
  • 02m 48s /100 yards

6am lap swim.
Warm up: 100y breast, 100y free
200y kick
200y pull (100y normal, 100y armpit drill)
50y free X 6 w/20s rest. :59, :56, :57, :56, :57, :58, then one more, but I stopped at the wall for a couple secs to say hi to my new lane sharing partner 1:04
50y breast
100y free X 2 with 30s rest. 2:07, 2:09
Cool down: 50y breast
sucky feeling swim. I was tired and grouchy. Decided after 30 minutes that I really wasn't having a productive workout so I quit. The next workout will be better.

Someone make me stop whining!!!!!  :) 

We've all been in this position.  Just a crappy feeling workout today.  Cumulative effects from going to bed later than normal last night, stress from putting together the upcoming Women in the Outdoors event this Saturday, stress from work, stress from not wanting to do a biathlon on Sunday in 30 something degrees and rain/snow.  Today is just a small blip on the radar screen.  All I need is a good night's rest and some sunshine.  The amout of sleep I get I can control on my own.  The sunshine, well, I'll just have to wait awhile longer.  :)  :)

  • 39m 07s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 09m 47s /Mi

6:15am Start at Home 5k route, but instead of going straight, turn and do Old Kyle out and back.

It took a couple of miles to get warmed up (about 28F degrees out), but after that, lots of happy running thoughts! Birds singing. Sun shining. Good stuff!

Sport #1
  • Stretching
  • 15m

Walking as warm up/cool down.

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 14m

Walking as warm up/cool down.

Who is the funny person who changed the weather forecast for Sunday?  It WAS going to be around 50 with a slight chance of rain.  NOW it is going to be in the low 30's with a rain/snow mix.  Oh what a fun day for a biathlon!

I did NOT want to get up when the alarm went off this morning.  I am so glad I had a lot of external stuff pushing me to get up and do my run this morning.  The weather is going to turn bad this afternoon and my schedule is tight.  Once I got going, I felt GREAT, but oh, those first moments out of bed can be hard sometimes.

  • 1h 05m
  • 2300.00 yards
  • 02m 50s /100 yards

6am lap swim.
Warm up: 100y breast.
1000y free. (2:20, 2:21, 2:27, 2:26, 2:29, 2:36, 10:07 for 400y = 24:46)
100y breast
500y free (2:20, 2:25, 2:30, 2:22, 2:26 = 12:03)
100y breast
500y free (2:25, 2:26, 2:26, 2:28, 2:24 = 12:09)
100y breast

One of the really nice guys at the pool (and a beautiful swimmer!) told me I was dropping my elbow too low underwater. Dang I thought I was doing better at the high elbow thing! Well, he was watching me at the end so I hope it was just some fatigue setting in. I was tired! My lats, triceps and deltoid are where I feel the tiredness (in that order). My times showed it too. I guess that's what happens trying to swim back to back long (for me) swim days.

I'd love to swim on alternate days, but if I want to swim 3 days a week with the pool's stupid schedule, then there will be at least two days back to back every week.  Not ideal, but it's the way it is.

Should have one more swim this week on Thursday.  My next lesson is this Sunday.  Yes you got that right.  I'm going to race a biathlon in the morning and swim lesson in the afternoon.  Yes I am nuts!

  • 55m
  • 1975.00 yards
  • 02m 47s /100 yards

Warm up: 100y breast.
500y free 11:09 (forgot to get splits, 2:14/100y average)
50y free X 7 w/ 20s rest between. :58, :59, 1:00, 1:00, 1:00, 1:00, :59
50y breast
50y pull
150y pull, armpit drill
50y breast
200y kick
100y free with fins X 4 with 30s rest between. 1:31, 1:33, 1:32, 1:31 (I like fins!)
125y breast

Don't know why my 50y times are a little slower than 2 weeks ago? My 100y times are staying the same. My 500y times have improved a lot. Oh well, keep plugging away.

Good pool workout today.  I was pooped when I got finished!

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