Thought briefly about getting up to go swim this morning.  Decided a little sleep would be best.  Getting up at 4-something a.m. every day this week was starting to get old.  I won't be able to sleep in at all this weekend either.  Up early to hunt on Saturday and race on Sunday.
  • 41m 57s
  • 4.27 miles
  • 09m 49s /Mi

6pm Well I almost got through the run without getting soaked. It was just sprinkling off and on during the run. I got to the spot where I start walking to cool down and the rains came. I was soaked when I got home. Reasonably warm though with temps in the 60's although the hot shower felt good after my stretching session.

Sport #1
  • Stretching
  • 15m

Walking as warm up/cool down.

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 15m 25s

Walking as warm up/cool down.

Day 4 of turkey season.  I had so many turkeys around me that I lost count.  Gobblers, jakes, hens, everything.  Squirrels, another chubby racoon and all sorts of little birds were going about their business around me.  I had two gobblers and six jakes in range, but they were too tightly bunched together to shoot.  They eventually wandered off, but I spent a good hour and half watching the show.  Amazing!

Up at 4:20am to turkey hunt a couple hours before work.  Then had an all day surgery day scheduled.  Was thinking about swimming tonight, but I am just beat.  I haven't been swimming in a week.  Next opportunity will be Friday.  Maybe.
  • 39m 12s
  • 4.10 miles
  • 09m 34s /Mi

7:00pm Start at oil well road for "home 5k" route. Add Old Kyle out and back.

Perfect evening for a run! My legs have been a little stiff and sore since the race on Sunday. It felt REALLY good to go out and run.

Sport #1
  • Stretching
  • 10m

Walking before and after run. A little on the light side. Need to do better, but it was getting dark and I wanted to eat dinner.

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 12m

Walking before and after run. A little on the light side. Need to do better, but it was getting dark and I wanted to eat dinner.

Day 2 of turkey season.  Heard some.  Only saw one way way WAY across the field.  Had to leave the woods at 7:45am to go to work.  Had a racoon wander up and I really thought he was going to crawl in my lap.  Sitting in the woods in camo is cool!  I decided that I really didn't want a mangy racoon in my lap so when he got about 2 feet away I moved my head.  Poor racoon was scared out of his mind and took off running and never looked back.

10 minute power nap at lunch.  Felt good enough to go for a run when I got home from work.  I'll probably be up at 4:??am to hunt for a couple hours before work tomorrow.  Then take a couple days off.

Opening day of turkey season.  The month of serious sleep deprivation begins.  My husband got a nice 2 year old tom at 8am.  I saw three hens the whole morning.  Kind of boring, but still nice to be out in the woods in good weather.

Race report is up.

Bad start to a week of working out or not working out as the case may be.  Skipped morning swim to go hunting.  Figured no problem making the 5pm lap swim.  Had to dress out my husband's turkey after I ate lunch so I got a late start to mowing the lawn.  Promptly got the mower stuck in the mud.  Had to wait for hubby to help me get it out.  I HAD to mow the lawn though because the weather is suppose to be cold and rainy the rest of the week.  If I didn't mow, the next step would be to get my neighbor's baler and make hay.  LOL!  Swimming just had to take a back seat.  I'll probably go out hunting for a couple hours before work tomorrow and skip another swim.  Hard to juggle two hobbies simultaneously.


  • 46m 20s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 09m 16s /Mi

Race day! Beautiful weather! Good friends! Course that traveled through a nice scenic neighborhood. Doesn't get much better than that.

46:20 is off my watch. Sue and I had the goal of a 9:15min/mile pace so we just missed it.

What a fun run today!  Sue and I are both in the 45-49 age group now.  We came in 9th and 10th in our age group (out of 12).  The winner was 38:??, second place 39:?? and third place 40:??.  Speedy, speedy women in our age group!  Hard to believe that a 9:16ish pace put us at the bottom of our age group.  My hat goes off to those other women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, Sue and I had fun and ran almost the whole race together.  I sprinted up the hill toward the finish because I wanted to beat an older guy in front of us.  LOL!  Sue was just a few seconds behind me.

Oh the other cool thing.  The first place overall female winner came in third overall.  She was smokin' fast!

The Maple Festival Pancake tent had an extraordinarily long line.  We were all hungry so Sue and her family left to go to a birthday party and eat there.  DH and I went to a Perkins and I ate pancakes there.  Yummy!

Race report later.........................

Rest day today before the race tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be the first time I have run 5 miles since I got injured last year.  I ran 4.25 last week with no problems at all so 5 shouldn't be bad.  I hope.  There will be some hills though which I don't really have around home.

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